True friendship is priceless, and we should nurture it with great care and pride.

No matter how we are and wherever we are, the butterflies in the stomach starts to fly when the birthday approaches. Everybody wants the birthday to celebrate differently changing the everyday lifestyle and being the best friend, it is our responsibility of to see smile on our friends face. Even some small gifts for friend’s 30th birthday can make the birthday memorable.

No matter how much one hates to let know everybody about his or her birthday, they feel beautiful and happy when someone wishes a happy birthday on their special day in life.

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Many may argue that it is just another day in their life and they are not looking forward to celebrating the birthday or get any birthday gifts, but they become thrilled from inside when the near and dear ones arrange all of a sudden surprise party or some beautiful gifts are presented t their friends.

Everybody loves to get birthday gifts and definitely if it comes from the best friend forever. With time and growing up one gets many friends but only a few become best buddy irrespective of gender.

1. Gifting Sling Bags Or Backpacks

Gifting Sling Bags Or Backpacks - 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Friendship is above gender bias, and some best friendship starts from the early childhood and grows up with a deep feeling between each other sharing and caring the beautiful moments of life. And when that particular best friend of your experiences the 30th spring of his or her life, you should make it memorable for your friend with some beautiful and unique gifts.

If your best friend is a girl, gifting a branded sling bag or if he is a guy gifting a tough backpack to go for the toughest treks is always a good idea while choosing the 30th birthday gifts best friend can have from you.

2. Wine Glasses And Coffee Mugs

30th birthday gifts best friend - Wine Glasses And Coffee Mugs

You can gift some beautiful crystal wine glasses or a set of coffee mugs with personalized message age on it. Your best friend can be of no blood relation or maybe your daughter or your daughter in law, but you should make the day memorable and sweet for them with some surprise gift to their 30th birthday.

3. Surprise Your Friend With Spa Voucher

best 30th birthday ideas for best friend- Spa Voucher

One may gift best girlfriend a one day spa & salon voucher that take care of all beauty aspects on the 30th birthday change her looks completely and boost up the confidence. Almost everybody is busy these days over the phone, and it gets discharged often. You can gift these aspects to your friend and think these as some of the best 30th birthday ideas that you can present to your best friend on the birthday.

4. Go For Perfumes

30th birthday gifts for friend - Perfume

As discussed there is no gender bias to be a best friend or have a best friend. They can be a male or a female; however, some of the choices of the gifts may vary according to gender. The 30th birthday gifts for friend should not be weighed according to the price tag attached to the present but should be measured in terms of emotional attachment one has with the best friend. Surprise your friend gifting some of the work’s best brands of perfumes that all love to have in their closet and use them to charm others.

5. Gifting Watches

traditional gift for 30th birthday - branded watches

You can go for the traditional gift for 30th birthday of your friend and can go for the branded watches to make your friend recognize the long association or the traditional jewelry set if your best friend is of the fairer sex and you can afford to gift them such items.

6. Cravats

10+ Unique 30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend 1

If you are in a live-in relationship with your best friend and is a male, it is best to gift him a silk tie or a cravat that reflects your commitment and attitude towards him. Not always every gift has a meaning, but the joy of gifting and the acceptance is the best part.

7. Go For Gift Vouchers

gift for friend's 30th birthday- gift voucher

While selecting some modern gift for friend’s 30th birthday, one can gift the vacation vouchers that the friend can avail suitably or some cruise ship booking voucher so that your best friend can enjoy and cherish the 30th birthday for a long time.

8. Sunglasses Or The Boldest Beachwear’s

Sunglasses Or The Boldest Beachwear as 30th birthday gift

You can also gift the best pairs of sunglasses that your friend had loved to have for a long time or can gift the trendiest sportswear’s and the beach outfits that she had thought for many times but never had that courage to buy on his own.

A little boosting up from a best friend like you will build up the confidence of your friend and allow your friend to be a bit daring devil on the 30th birthday.

9. Gifting Precious Ornaments

10+ Unique 30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend 2

If you are thinking to gift your daughter or daughter in law on their 30th birthday, you can gift them something of your possession on which they have often expressed their interest. After all your daughter or daughter in law is not only your best friend but also the part of your intimate family.

You can gift the diamond necklace that you had got through legacy to your daughter as the 30th birthday gift for daughter or can think of many other precious items.

10. Gifting Pens And Books

10+ Unique 30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend 3

When it comes to birthday, and the thought of gifts, age is just a number. All feel happy and childish on their birthday be it 20, 30 or even at 40 years of age. While you think for 40th birthday gift ideas for best friend, gift an expensive pen or a full volume of novels that your friend wished to have in the childhood days. It is said one is reborn at the age of 40. So, one should always gift some unique item to their best friend to celebrate the occasion.

11. Gifting Cosmetics

10+ Unique 30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend 4

Men will be men and gals will be gals always. No matter what is the age, every girl would like to have the most famous brands of cosmetics on her dressing table. The gals always want to look beautiful and gorgeous whereas the guys still want to see the girls in a romantic mood. Nobody can change this psychology how much one tries to do so. It can be one of the best gifts for your best friends on their birthday depending on gender.

11. Gifting A Carton Of Drinks

10+ Unique 30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend 5

Every guy are thrilled to have a carton of alcoholic beverages and enjoy life. The 40th birthday gift ideas for best friend should be something different, and the gift should be such that, on receiving it from you, the friends start to remember the early ages and the pranks they made.

12. A Surprise Visit At Midnight With Cake And Candle

Midnight With Cake And Candle - 40th birthday gift ideas for best friend

Have you ever thought of visiting your friend right at the moment when the clock strikes midnight to wish him or her the first birthday wish? Well, you can definitely surprise your best friend knocking at the door at the wee hours of the night with a birthday cake and candles to celebrate the auspicious day with a bang. Your surprise celebration of the birthday will be a memorable gift for your best friend for years to come.

Birthdays come and go, but it is always special to gift your best friend whoever it is with some gifts and cherish the smile on that face. Gifts can be very simple like a bouquet and a birthday card or maybe some articles like the wrist watches and branded cosmetics and pens, and they can be expensive enough like the jewelry sets and the financial certificates, but anything is sure to bring tears of happiness to your best friend and loved ones in appreciation. Friendship needs no age to celebrate the birthday or to share or care for each other. It is a bond that cannot be described with words, but the warmth can only be felt when experienced.

One should always remember the birthday of the friend and gift something no matter how small it is and enjoy the friendship. With money, you can buy many things but it is impossible to find a true everlasting friendship that can be cherished forever, and one should always gift something to their friend on their birthday.