40 is the precious time of anyone’s life and if you are friends with someone who is about to turn 40, consider yourself lucky to be in their circle. Now since they are hitting their 40s, you need to give them something which will signify how much you value the relationship with her.

Well, there is nothing to go crazy thinking about what you are going to gift your lady because we are here with some fantastic ideas that will surely make her jump out of joy. So no longer guessing and raking your brains out regarding the gift ideas for 40th birthday female, here’s what you can give her.

Some Amazing 40th Birthday Gifts For Her

Let us browse through some of the gifts that are going to be suitable for every kind of woman. Be it a professional woman, a mother, a housewife or an artist; there is something for everyone. Let us take a quick look at the list of 40 gifts for a 40th birthday that can be immensely hand for any 40th birthday.

1. Leather Folio

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 1

Who doesn’t like giving and receiving gifts which are actually useful? Yes, you can gift the lady of your life a very useful leather folio. If she is a professional person, she is totally going to love the gift. It is perfect for any office goer or entrepreneur who wants to keep their papers in the perfect condition.

These are also suitable for carrying tablets in a secure way without any damage. The best part about this gift is that they are available in a wide range of colours and styles so you can choose one which you think is going to compliment her the best. She is totally going to love your thoughtful gift.

2. Pajama Set

40 gifts for 40th birthday for women trousers

This one is a strong contender for the unusual 40th birthday gifts. Even though this might initially around weird, but this is actually one of the cool gifts you can gift her. If you know someone who comes back home exhausted after a long day, then she is definitely going to enjoy this uber comfortable and warm pyjama set.

These PJs are completely handmade and are stretchable, so if you are unsure about her size, you still got nothing to worry about. They can also be bought in a variety of colours and worn as night dresser or can be worn any time of the day that she desires.


3. Grooming Kit

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 2

This is a classic gift item that you can never go wrong with if you want to gift that special lady of your life. One among the 40 presents for 40th birthday for her. This trial sized toiletry kit is straight out of her childhood dreams. Yes, and they are all celestial themed.

These kits from Aesop or any other brand usually includes a face and body cleanser, a post-shaving lotion which can be actually useful after waxing, an exotic body wash and moisturiser. Some of the options even come with a hand cream for those delicate palms.

You can always choose from a variety of flavours, choose the one that you think will complement a mature lady of her age the most. And gift it to her. This is every woman’s prized possession that always is great for gifting.

4. Professional Yoga Mat

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 3

This is the age when the women should actually start to take care of their health more. Among the 40th birthday gift ideas for sister, yoga is a really ideal one because a high-quality yoga mat can make a lot of difference in her daily yoga schedule and practise. This mat is known to give him comfort and extreme support.

Some of the mats even come along with the no-slip feature which ensures that there are no accidents while she is performing her daily yoga. These mats also come along with a lifetime guarantee so if you need to replace; you will get a brand new one for nothing. Also if you have a sister who is not into yoga, 40 is a brilliant age to start taking care of their body and performing yoga.

5. Cooking Stuff

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 4

If you know someone who absolutely loves cooking, then there is no better gift for them than cooking items. If you have a high budget, you can gift them a microwave oven. Or if your budget is not that high, you can gift them other useful things like a sandwich maker, coffee maker or even a toaster.

All of these things are extremely useful in our daily lives, and the chef friend of yours is definitely going to appreciate you giving them. This is a really cool gift for the 40 year old woman who has everything. This way you are gifting her household stuff which needs to be renewed from time to time anyway. And none of these things will go to waste.

6. Jewellery Set

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 5

Have a really close friend who is hitting her 40s? It is true that women and jewellery are inseparable and that is why this is a good gift if you want to make her feel special. Consider giving your significant other a necklace or earrings on her 40th birthday. If you are high on a budget, then you can opt for gold jewellery, but if your budget is low, then you can opt for traditional artsy jewellery.

She is definitely going to love the fact that you decide to give something so precious. If she is your soul mate or best friend, then you can give them a locket with their picture or name inscribed in it. How unique is this idea? Amazing isn’t it? You should definitely stick to this plan if everything else is not an option.

7. Craft Supplies

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 6

Know of some artist that is going to have their 40th birthday soon? There is no better gift than giving them something this is well aligned with their hobby. With a lot of creative people around it won’t be difficult for you to go to a craft supplies store and buy tonnes of items that you think will be suitable for them, the best part of this idea is that they are not just applicable for women.

It is time you show gratitude to that artsy person in your life and give them the things that will make them happy the most. Art and craft supplies provide immense joy to the people who are committed to it. Giving them the supplies can also mean that you are encouraging them to start the second phase of their lives in a different way, far away from the 9 to 5 job that they have been doing for so long.

8. Musical Instrument

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 7
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What is a better age to learn an instrument that in your 40s when you are completely relaxed and have no tension in your life. You can finally sit back and relax after rushing for the last 40 years of your life. This is the time to pick up any instrument and learn how to play it. a good idea for women or men for 40th birthday is a keyboard or a flute.

Violin is another classy instrument that is instantly going to bring out the musician that was suppressed so long inside them. Encourage them to pursue their dreams and be creative; this is the least you can do for your best friend, sister or significant other on their 40th birthday. Trust us they are going to remember this favour for the rest of the living days in their life and thank you in their old age.

9. A Bottle Of Classic Wine

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 8
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This is also a generalised 40th birthday gift ideas for men and women as with a bottle of wine you can never go wrong. You can give them the finest bottle of port wine aged to perfection just like they have. Gifting wine for 40th birthday also signifies that some things get better with age, just like wine and they themselves.

This is an important message for anyone who thinks they are old because they have hit the 40s. so if you need to make someone realize that it is just the second phase of their life them wine is an excellent gift, and this is another item which you can never go wrong with.

If the person doesn’t like wine, then you can also give them champagne to mark the auspicious occasion of them turning 40 and your relationship with them. Bond over old memories sipping on exotic quality imported wine.

10. Shoes

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 9
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Jimmy Choo’s are every woman’s best friend. Gift the right pair of shoes, and she is going to remember you forever. Be it a football fanatic young at heart or the ex-fashionista. It is time to remind them that they are still young in their hearts. So gift him or her that perfect payer of playing joggers, spikes or high heels.

They are going to love it. If you don’t know the size of their feet, then you can buy them a gift card from the popular shoe store in your area. You don’t need to go to the expensive side. Just remind them how much you love them by this well thought of gift and watch how they are going to cherish it for the rest of their lifetime.

11. Amazon Echo

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 10
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For someone who is turning 40, they are likely to have a lot of questions in their mind. Amazon echo with Alexa in it is likely to do a good job and answer all their questions without them having to head to the browser and type it. Also good for the lazy lady in your life.

12. Gold/ Silver Coins

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 11
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This is a valuable asset that you can give apart from the jewellery that you thought. The gold and silver coins have an antique as well as resale value of their own, and they can even wear it as an ornament. So it is a win situation for you.

13. Amazon Prime Membership

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 12
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Not all gifts need to be physical in nature. You can gift them a yearlong subscription on amazon prime so that they can shop and watch unlimited videos on it. How amazing will it be to give your friend something that will come handy for them?

14. Money Plant Bouquet

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 13
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Plants make every household beautiful. And when it comes to gifting your 40 year old friend, then nothing is better than giving those plants which they can decorate in their garden or terrace. Money plant is a good option, and they have the underlying theme of richness and wellness.

15. Books & Novels

Books & Novels For 40th Birthday Gift

For the nerdy friend that is also a bibliophile, with books you can never go wrong. Gift them their favourite biography or fiction novel and they are going to hold it close to their heart. Books make for amazing gifts.

16. Perfumes

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 14
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A 40 year old successful lady needs to have a signature fragrance that speaks of her status. Therefore, perfumes are a great gifting option. You can never go wrong with that bottle of Chanel perfume that you think goes the best with her personality.

17. Dinner Set

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 15
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Every woman loves a good old fashioned dinner set. Give her matching utensils that look classy or modern as per her preferences. She is going to love it and bring it out every time she has her guests over.

18. Kindle

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 16
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This is very different from gifting her books. Kindle is the thing of the next generation, and you have the privilege of introducing your friend to the joy of digital books. Yes gift them Amazon kindle and let the download and read any e-book they want. This way you won’t have to know their book choice as well.

19. Personalised Mirror Jewellery Box

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 17
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Every woman loves something in which they can keep their jewellery completely safe. How about giving them something that has their name written on it, so there is no chance of losing it. Yes custom jewellery boxes are a thing now, and you can decorate it as per her preferences, completely custom made.

20. Keep Calm Mug

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 18
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Do you have a sister who is going to freak out because she just turned 40? Yes the keep calm you are only 40, and mug will keep her feeling young even though she might have completed another decade. Gift it with her pictures printed on the mug; she is going to remember how young she is every morning she takes a sip from it.

21. Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses For 40th Birthday Gift

For the classy lady that you know, wine glasses make for a timeless gift. Give her crystal cut wine glass that looks beautiful and fits perfectly in hand. If you want you can also top it off with a bottle of wine and wish her for the coming years.

22. Silver Plated Photo Frame

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 19
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Who doesn’t love hanging memories in a wall? Yes, the silver plated photo frame looks extremely tasteful on every kind of wall. So gift her a picture with yourself from the young times and let everyone bask in the sweet memories that are easily forgotten.

23. Scented Candles

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 20
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Home décor items always make for a lovely gift. Also if you know you’re stressed out 40 year old lady, then she deserves to calm down. These scented candles with her favourite fragrance are going to blow her mind and set her in a relaxing mood for what is about to come.

24. Makeup Items

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 21
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40 is just a number, and no one is ever too old for makeup stuff. For a lady of her age, you can gift her a nice MAC lipstick that will match her fierce personality. Or a pink blush to add to the glow of her skin. Everyone loves to do makeup, so let your 40 year friend do the same and feel young again.

25. Flower Bucket

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 22

Nothing beats a bunch of well thought of lilies that your lady will cherish forever. Flower buckets are timeless, just go to the local florist and pick her favourite flower, make sure to go extra on the décor because 40th birthday indeed is special, and hand it over to them. They will be surprised at your gesture.

26. Chocolates

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 23

Some imported chocolates to set the mood? Yes, chocolates are every lady’s first love, and nothing is going to take it away from her even if she is 40. Gift her a box of custom imported chocolates that you both can cherish together in between the gossip.

27. Custom Bracelet

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 24
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How about a sleek platinum or silver bracelet with her initials or name written on it? Perfect for daily wear. Get her the bracelet as per your budget, but this gift is going to be one that she will definitely love and wear around all the time. After all not everyone has a bracelet with their name written on it, make her feel special with it.

28. Leather Watch

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 25
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For the woman in your life who is always on time. Gift her Swarovski embellished watches that are a rage right now. Or if you want to keep it simple, then you can go with original leather watches that look good and feel even better. There are a wide range of brands and styles for you to pick from if you decide to give her watches.

29. Bags

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 26
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A woman can never have enough bags for herself and her 40th birthday; get her the thing that she loves the most in the world – bags. Exquisite branded bags are readily available everywhere, so get hold of that amazing clutch or a classy side bag for she is going to cry out of joy when she sees what you have bought for her. With bags, you are safe.

30. Waffle Maker

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 27
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What a unique gift for the perfect desert lover lady. Yes, some people love to eat, and for the dessert freaks, there is nothing better than getting a waffle maker on her birthday. Now she can indulge in her guilty pleasures whenever she wants. The waffle makers are also time saviours when she is running late.

31. Portable Water Heater

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 28
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Know of someone who loves to travel around the world in her late life? Well, the portable water heater is then going to be a pretty useful gift for the globe trotter. Easy to use and carry, she can heat the water no matter wherever she is. This is one of the most useful gifts that you will come across in this list of 40 gifts.

32. Movie Ticket For Two

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 29
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Even though this is a very intimate gift for the love of your life, this fails proof. Buy her two tickets of the movie she has wanted to watch for a long time. Or you can even surprise her with her favourite concert tickets, and she will never forget her 40th birthday for the rest of her lifetime. Make it magical.

33. Cd/ Vinyl

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 30
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For the lady who loves to listen to music, vinyl is a true treasure and what is better than finding the right vinyl of her favourite artist? Yes, you can give her, her favourite smiths’ record and that is going to be her most prized possession. The music collection is for building, and she will cry happy tears when she sees how thoughtful you have been with choosing her gift.

34. Photo Cushions

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 31
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40s is the best time to sit back and relax. And there is nothing better for relaxing rather than a good old fashioned cushion. Now you can twist this cushion and print her picture and some sweet message for her 40th birthday. So every time she sits with the cushion she remembers the fond memories.

35. Dress

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 32
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Know of something she wanted to buy for a long time? You can gift her that dress and win her heart. Yes, dresses are the all-time favourite gift for the ladies, and you can stun her with a gorgeous evening dress that looks straight out of the runway. Make sure you know well about her size as well as brand preference to not go wrong with that.

36. Apple Watch

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 33

For the tech-savvy woman in your life the apple watch is going to change the way in which she does her things. If you have a decent budget, they gifting her an apple watch will not only upgrade her technologically but will also help her a lot in her day to day activities. So keep this in mind the next time you want to gift the gadget geek something cool for her birthday.

37. Flight Tickets

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 34
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Want to surprise her with a vacation? This is the time you can do it for her. Did you miss travelling with your sister a lot? How about you surprise her with flight tickets on her birthday to her dream vacation. Make sure you plan it well enough from beforehand and drop hints so that she has nothing else coming up during the vacation time.

38. Sunglasses

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 35
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Not just for style, needless to say, they are extremely useful too. You can gift them branded sunglasses which she can wear everywhere in the scorching summer heat. They make for good gifts as most of the women love to wear shades. Be sure to choose something that will complement her face and make her feel younger than ever.

39. Teapot

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 36
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Oriental teapots are a rage right now and not only are they useful but they also look extremely beautiful. She is going to fall in love as soon as she sees the delicate artwork on the teapot. Even though it is fragile and you have to be extra cautious while handling with the pot, you can surely give it to her on her 40th birthday.

40. Chandelier

Best 40 Gifts For 40th Birthday Woman Special 37
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This extremely classy room décor item is for the special one in your life. Chandeliers look magnificent and will captivate her as soon as she sees it. She will want to hang it from the ceiling. Choose a delicate design that will complement the theme of her house and get ready to surprise her with this fascinating gift. Choose the length and the size correctly as per the height of her ceiling, and she is going to remember you forever for the beautiful gift.

So these were the best 40 gifting items with which you can never go wrong. So if you are in confusion stops thinking about it so much and just get them something from this list.  None of these options are too expensive and are all in good taste for someone who has just turned 40, and now time to make it the best birthday of their life.


Your quest for the unusual 40th birthday gifts is over. This concise and well thought of list is going to be your companion every time you are stuck on what to gift your friend, sister or significant other. Also, don’t forget to give them a hug along with whatever gift that you choose from this list.