Buying gift for your sister is not that difficult task because you have been seeing her since your childhood. You are likely to know all about her tastes and choices so you can perfectly analyse what she would love the most as her gift. If you still want to browse some birthday gift ideas for sister turning 40, then we have got some cool options for you which are never heard of before so you can take her completely by surprise. So stop the guessing game and take a look at what can be some of the most creative birthday ideas for sister.

1. Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants- 40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Sister

Do you have a fitness freak sister? If not then 40s are the perfect age for them to start taking care of their body by performing yoga. So yoga pants are a really cool choice for a gift for your sister.

Tell her that you are concerned about her well being and want her to lead a healthy lifestyle by performing yoga, the pants are completely non-sticky and lets the body breather which is also good for all the stretching. Expect zero itching or discomfort in these extremely comfy pants which can actually be one of the most unusual 40th birthday gifts for her.

2. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle 40th birthday gift ideas for sister in law

This is for all those guys who have a nerdy sister. Kindle is the future of books, and this gift would definitely make her eyes light up with excitement. This can also be used as the 40th birthday gift ideas for sister in law who is a bookworm and loves to read.

latest Kindle model 40th birthday gift ideas for sister in law

The latest Kindle model is completely waterproof, so it has got extra protection and comes along with a massive storage feature, so it is the undeniably best gift for every reader. It is also really cheap so if you want to buy it make sure you do. There is no greater gift for a bibliophile than a book or a reading device and Kindle fits the bill completely.

3. All In One Cookbook

Confused regarding what to do for sisters 40th birthday? Well, it is really easy with such a good gifting option near your hands. Have a sister who loves to cook and is always in the chef mode? This all in one handy cookbook has got all the recipes for her to try out in her spare time. It is every foodie’s dream to eat exotic cuisines, and with this book, she can now make them herself whenever she wishes to eat.

You can also encourage her to start a new cooking business in her 40s if she is really good at it. If you think that this is too small a gift to give your sister, then you can pair a couple of cooking devices along with this gift that you know she needs.

Cookbook-what to do for sisters 40th birthday

It is going to be one of the best gifts that she receives in her birthday, rest assured; she is going to love it.

4. Fujifilm Instax Mini

40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Sister 1

This is for the sister that loves to capture memories. If you are looking for funny 40th birthday gifts for her, then this is one of the funny yet a deep gift that you can give to your sister. The Instax mini is an adorable and portable Polaroid camera that will let her capture the memories and print them immediately in the Polaroid films.

Funny 40th birthday gifts for her - Fujifilm Instax Mini

This way she can make the memories immortal. This camera is great for the adults who are not really tech savvy but also loves to preserve the memories sweetly. So for a 40 year old sister, the Instax mini is like the ideal gift that you can give her in her birthday.

5. Moisturizer Set

Moisturizer Set as a gift for 40th year old sister

Every sister deserves to be pampered. Especially when her age is 40, she needs to take intensive care of her body and skin. This is why you can get a moisturizer set as the 40th birthday celebration ideas for sister. Make sure you get the body products from her favourite brand, and she will be more than happy.

You can build a gift box with all the beauty products; for example, you can add perfume to the gift box to amplify the effect of the moisturiser. Other toiletry products are also a good choice if you are seriously thinking of building a gift box. Just make sure that you choose the same flavoured items to make a seamless gift box.

6. 2019 Planner

Planner- 40th birthday gift ideas for her

If you are in search for the 40th birthday gift ideas for sister funny then you are in the correct place. One of the funniest things that you can give her is a 2019 planner. Even though this is actually a handy gift, are you also wondering why this is supposed to be funny?

planner Gift for birthdays

Because you can print whatever you want on the cover of the planner. So if you need to get some revenge out on your sister, then this is the right time to do it. Print funny quotes with things writer like the laziest sister in the world or I am very busy.

If you want to take it a notch higher then you can print embarrassing pictures of her that you have from her childhood as the cover of the planner. She will be amused when she gets this gift from you.

So these were some of the common gift items which your sister will find really useful and at the same time love them. All of the gifts listed above have some significance or the other and have an underlying meaning, so if you want to be a good brother, then you can try gifting one of these items. Trust us because, with these gifts, there is nothing that could possibly go wrong. At the end of the day, you are the one that knows your sister the best to choose the item from this unique list that you think will fit her the most.


In this article, we have listed some useful and unique gift ideas for your sister who is turning 40. So you will no longer need to rake your brains out to get the unusual 40th birthday gifts as it is all listed in here. Some of the creative birthday ideas for sister are 2019 planners, moisturiser set, Polaroid cameras, cooking recipe books, Amazon kindles, and yoga pants. Apart from these, there are numerous other gifts which you can give her to make her birthday really special. So go and make the day memorable for her with these gifts.