Academic Excellence Scholarship 2020
Academic Excellence Scholarship 2020

SOF took this initiative of The Academic Excellence Scholarship for circulating the importance of qualification among students. This scholarship depends on the brilliance of a student. Fresher students get to apply for the AES, and Selections are on the bases of academic results in GPA and scores of SAT or ACT.

Non-resident students get this help for shaping a bright and glorious future. Here is a list of information below.

Sponsors of The Academic Excellence Scholarship

The university office of scholarships and financial aid is the sponsor of this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria For Academic Excellence Scholarship application

This scholarship is for non-EU students. There are different levels of awards according to the ability of students. Who achieves more gets a grant of more worth. You get what you deserve policy works here.

  • The applicant must be a non – EU student.
  • Applicant must be in the first year of college
  • Applicant must have an offer from University to study; the proposal could be conditional or unconditional by the 30th of April of the present year.
  • Applicant must choose a full – time course, be it undergraduate or postgraduate
  • Applicant must have a transparent fees report by the 30th of April.
  • Students with full funding scholarships or a hundred percent tuition fees sponsorship can not apply for this scholarship.

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How To Apply

  • The only way to apply for this scholarship is through an online application.
  • The applicant must apply by the 30th of April of the present year.
  • No need to use consecutively, with one form you will get consideration for every award for which you fit in the eligibility criteria.

Apply Now

Students with courses that can not apply for The AES

  • Students doing online learning courses pr studying from a distance course
  • Students joining in part-time study courses
  • Students going for Hull York Medical School or International Pathway College
  • GEMMA, CASPER, or Mundus MAPP
  • Students from Kaplan International college.

These are the pathways not eligible for using the Academic Excellence Scholarship.

Additional Scholarship

There is another Scholarship named vice chancellors scholarship. Ten of this scholarship is available all around the world to help deserving candidates for higher education. This award is only for the students with the highest achievements. The learning has two parts.

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Scholarship For Undergraduates

The top five students with AAA at level A and IB with 36 points or International equivalent will get 5000 in European currency per annum for the next three years.

Scholarship For Postgraduates

Five of the students with a First class in their undergraduate degree on international equivalent will get an amount of 5000 Euro.

There is another additional Scholarship named Great scholarships for any three most achieving students who belong to Turkey, China, and Indonesia.

Selection Process

A board of senior faculties of University calls for a meeting where they select the most deserving candidates. The final result of the applications will be out by June.

To avail the scholarship, selected applicants must accept the scholarship offer and choose this University as their firm choice within the two weeks after the declaration of the successful awardees.

Otherwise, they will lose their award to some other candidate.

Terms and Conditions To Apply

  • One cannot keep their scholarship once they defer the place in University. In such a case, they can apply for the award again in the next year
  • Departmental scholarships available at York University can combine with both the Academic Excellence Scholarship or vice Chancellor scholarships until and unless it covers their total fees for a hundred percent.
  • The Academic Excellence Scholarship cannot associate with the vice chancellors award.
  • External funding may combine until they cover less than the total fees of an awardee.


Academic Excellence Scholarship is an International Scholarship that will help students from all over the world & rewards them depending upon their nationalities & Countries such as:

Countries                                                    Rewards

Latin America                                               £5,000

South Aisa                                                   £5,000-£10,000

China                                                           £2,500-£5,000

India                                                           £5,000-£10,000

USA & Canada                                             £2,500-£5,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

A) What is the minimum GPA score to avail the scholarship?

You must have minimum GPA of 3.5 to apply for this scholarship.

B) What are the other rankings eligible for the AES scholarship?

For ACT, score must be at least 25 and for SAT, score must be at least 1200 and rank within the top 10 of a class, higher the scores, higher the chances to get the award.

C) How Many Students Get This Award?

This award covers 100 percent cost of attendance for 1.5 percent students and 90 percent cost of attendance for 2.7 percent of the students in bachelor degree programs.


The Academic Excellence Scholarship helps the student who comes across the world with great expectations for getting a higher education and is gems with their merit, brilliance, and excellent performance in recent studies.

University of York understands the difficulties one can face while studying in a different place, and they support talent over anything.

There is no way of partiality; whoever deserves the best, will get the best.

But if someone loses their offer by not responding within the two weeks after getting it, the award offer will be declined for that awardee, and another reserved candidate will understand that scholarship.

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