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Who are We?

Articlenama is one of the well-established multi-category content-rich websites that have sections and blogs for a wide and versatile audience. The quality maintenance along with the complete coverage on the topics we publish are the main attractions of our platform.

By including most frequently looked after searches on the internet in one single page as well as by providing quality content, we have acquired pageviews of more than half million. We work within some particular niches of the content creation industry to organise content and information that can pacify the hunger of knowledge of our viewers.

Why you should advertise with us?

The answer to this question lies within these following points:

Our Audience

You will get an exposure of our targeted and dedicated audience that comprises of 53% male and 47% women in demographics. More than 50% of our readers come from 18 to 24 years age group and a big section from 25 to 34 years age group that is believed to be the most active audience on the internet. The approaching percent of male and female readers on our site shows the neutrality as well as the balance of our contents with the audience viewpoints.

ArticleNama Demographics

Multinational Approach

Along with the Indian audience as the main centre, Articlenama has a good multinational viewership. More than 15% of our readers come from other countries that ensures our future sponsors, a multinational advertising through our website.

About 4% of our total users belong to the United States and almost 1.80% and 1.13% from Nepal and Bangladesh respectively. The statistics are continuously rising with adding of new users.

This is the insight of the national as well as international users of our site.

ArticleNama Location

Overall Traffic

Articlenama Pageviews for Last Four Months

With over 5 lakh pageviews and almost the same number of unique visitors in past three months, Articlenama can help you reach an affluent and literate audience with integrated advertising and promotional programs.

This is why we invite sponsors to access resources for advertisement. We believe in a bull’s eye vision of focussing on a highly desirable and passionate audience that can boost the sales and purchase of any appropriate product or commodity we have on our site. Also, we are working really seriously to lower our bounce rate.

We have 84.1% new visitors that shows the scope of growth of our site in the near future. About 15.1% of previous visitors have also returned to Articlenama to have the quality content and verified information. Articlenama has also managed its number of sessions per user quite balanced.

Articlenama Audience Data For Last four Months


Pageview analytics of four consecutive months shows the consistency we have maintained with our pageviews. The graph is quite consistent throughout the four months. We have the quality of maintaining our standards and demand.

Potential Reach

Here at Articlenama, we ensure that your articles and ads reach to every part of our audience so that you get an instant result of the investment and deal. All our sponsored articles are also shared to our viewers through other social media platforms. We make sure that our sponsors get all the possible traffic of our visitors.

Our SEO optimized blogs and articles also include all the helpful keywords related to your product or service to ease the directing of traffic to your page.

What Sponsorship options are available with us?

Articlenama seeks three main options for Brand Endorsements, sponsorships and direct advertisement on its blogs. These are as follows:

  1. Direct Advertising

We provide Direct advertising opportunities through our blogs for your product. Many resources are tailored to your needs by our side to make direct advertising strong and effective.

Our Direct advertising process comprises of a 300×250 px ad that will be appeared on the right side of the site so that your product or service can be easily visible to our visitors.

For more information, contact us: [email protected]

We also publish Sponsored posts highlighting your product or service on our site. This sponsorship option also includes the two Do-follow links that we provide in our sponsored posts to advertise your product, service or site.

For more information, contact us: [email protected]

  1. Complete Sponsorship

This includes complete advertising of our sponsors through our blogs. The service includes in-article ads inside content plus 300×250 px ads on the sidebar and a well-dedicated page specifying business of sponsors.

This is a time-based sponsorship with a complete advertising option and can be available for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months as per the will of sponsors.

For more information, contact us: [email protected]

Our Vision

Articlenama has a provident and well-determined vision. We believe in the smart and steady progress of our platform in all the categories that we include in our contents. We believe in a global level establishment of our website that would have viewers and visitors from all around the globe.

Our goal is to rank ourselves within 20,000 most visited sites of the world and publish evergreen and high-quality articles on social as well as casual topics of our lives. We believe in dreaming big and pushing ourself hard to make that dream come true.

As a website and as a part of this growing world, we want to impact the world in a greater and better way. Our dream includes being the first choice of our visitors and readers for every information or knowledge.

Our quality content and well-managed framework is the main strength of our site and we ensure to bring nothing but only betterments to you.

An Overview

Articlenama is a strongly emerging website for blogs on different categories. These include Academics, Health, Scholarships, IRCTC, Social, Entertainment, etc. Till now, we have about 4.45M total impressions and more than 300k clicks along with a 6.8% average in CTR.

The overall performance and progress of the site is progressive and sustaining.  Our analytics and graphs are proof that we are on the right path of securing rank within the topmost searched 20,000 websites on the internet.

Search Performance For Last Three Months

We also respect and consider the genuine opinions of our sponsors regarding the advertisement and sponsorship because we know the value of client satisfaction and feedback.

Also, we offer sponsorship opportunities to companies that we think would be a perfect fit for our audience so that the advertisement seems genuine and useful to our visitors.

A long-term relationship with you that is built on excellent understanding and mutual satisfaction between us is what we care for the most in this business.

We are an emerging content platform with big future goals that we would achieve with our bright and rational vision. Our ideas and efforts are innovative as well as revolutionary that would surely help us to rank within 20000 most visited sites of the world.