Air-crash  in your dreams and interpretation 1

Did you see a fearful Aircrash dream? Well,  if you did then we are sure at this moment you would be worried a lot and thinking the meaning behind such fearful nightmare. Well,  if you have this doubt then don’t worry anymore as we will be revealing the meaning behind airplane crash in your dream.

An Airplane crash repellents the negative journey of one’s life. So,  lets take a look at different types of Aircrash situations to know your dream meaning.

1) If you had dream about airplane crash then it’s a sign that you are struggling to reach your goals. It can also mean that your life tasks are out of your hand and you may face some problems related  to it in future. It may also represent a failed mission which you have started

2) If you get to see a commercial airline on a water body then it’s a sign that it’s time to stop thinking how other people view you. Take time to think about yourself and do what you love.

3) If you tend to see fighter planes in your dream then you can interpret that it’s a sign of some arguments in your life in the near time. Whereas if you dream about some war planes it may mean that you may experience some unrest among your family for the next few days.

4) If you had a aircraft which was flying at a quite good height on the sky and it fall from sky then it can also be taken as a positive sign of love which you may experience for the next few months.

5) If you witness a airplane crash situation,  then you should know that some of the  changes can happen in your life and so be ready to take some decisions.


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