Alcohol  in Dreams and Interpretation 1

If you tend to dream about Alcohol then you must be wondering what does that specific dream mean for me? Well,  you need not worry anymore as we will help you to breakdown the meaning going behind your Alcohol dream

First and foremost thing is to see your surrounding so you can know what’s happening and accordingly know meaning of your Alchol dream situation from below. Let me also make it clear that such dreams can come to all genders and even to them who don’t consume alcohol.

1) If you had a dream where you were sitting to drink with others,  but unfortunately you were not able to drink. If that’s the case then it means that you will end up making an important decision in your life which will have a major effect in your upcoming future.

2) If you are the one who consumes less Alchol, but you still had dreams about Alchol drinks then it’s  a bad sign as you will receive some problems in your real life.

3) If you had dream where you were buying a Alchol bottle and putting on table then it’s must to know that your financial status will be improved by you soon. But due to this there will be a little negative effect too as people will be jealous of you and you may also invite some ill-wishers.

4) If you have habit of eating excessive sweets,  and you had Alchol in your dream then you must take care of your health by stopping to eat sweets and consulting with the doctor.

5) If you had a dream about a unknown Alchol beverage then  it’s a sign that you may experience some short term enjoyment.



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