India is a land of diversity, these are 1152 languages being spoken in 30 states and 7 union territories. But the society is somehow quite similar as the genius minds claims, we believe that Indian society has been a kind of patriarchal dominated society where women’s wishes and desires have always been curbed. Women either have to adjust or have to sacrifice their will before their men. And if she is seen doing something epic, then this Indian society gets shocked.

Do you know that women in early Vedic period enjoyed more rights than today? Yeah, we agree that society is now changing and we are witnessing the change in mentality too. But to be a frank it will take ages to come, when women in India will feel safest, bravest, and more privileged.

So anyways in this post, we have compiled some amazing facts for you and we personally want this to be shared.
1. Early Vedic period women were free to work outside and make a living by themselves. There were no restrictions and society never interrupted their will. This statement is imposed by manuscripts.

2. According to Mahabharata, men were restricted from beating their wife and from forced love too. Although we have seen the unfortunate incident of Draupadi ( The chir haran incident ), but that was the consequence of gambling.

3. Unlike today, earlier woman were free to marry anyone she wanted and had the right to reject any proposal. Remember the Swayamvara system of the Ramayana and Mahabharata. This actually happened ages ago.

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4. Sex was not a taboo then, people could freely talk about lovemaking or having sex. Yoga and Sex were even considered as a form of art. Remember, more than 100 sex position have been discussed in Indian epic book of Kamasutra.

5. Earlier women were never asked about their virginity or purity. Unlike today people do consider that virginity is the ultimate gift a girl can give to her husband.

6. Ancient Indian Women were allowed to marry more than one guy, and the example comes to us from Mahabharata itself.

7. Rig Veda says that woman enjoyed a high position in the society and this clearly highlights that they were free to learn, write and to be educated in the gurukul.

8. Moreover, Jain texts reveal that woman were encouraged to study religion and philosophy and become a spinster forever.

9. The ancient woman were quite talented and excelled in almost every field. They have been right to rule kingdoms. Ever we have encountered examples like Rani chenna and Rudramaa Devi.

10. Women were free to get remarried if she found her husband to be impotent or if her husband died. The evidence comes from Chandragupta period and even from Mahabharata ( when Krishna married 16,000 widows and gave them respect).


11. The art of lovemaking or so-called sex was never cited, unlike today when it is considered to be a big taboo.

12. The ancient manuscripts also reveal the fact that both daughters and sons held equal rights to serve their old aged parents. 

So guys this somehow hints that woman had been respected, honored and loved in early times than this modern times today. We believe they still should be given same rights, same privileges and same respect, because it’s women who brought men, not the men who brought them.
Hope to get it shared !!.


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