Badminton in dreams and Interpretation 1

If you had dreams about badminton then you are the right place as we will be helping you breakdown meaning behind your badminton dream. First thing to notice is your surrounding in the dream. On the basis of your surrounding only, it will help you to interpret your badminton dream. So,  lets take a look at few of the situations

1) If you dream yourself playing badminton then you must take care as you will be experiencing some unpleasant emotions or treatment from people close to you. So,  you better take care of yourself from now and be ready to handle the situations.

2) If you had dream where you lost a badminton game then it’s  negative sign as this portrays that there will be something bad with one of your close friends or someone whom you are associated with.

3) If you had a dream where you saw yourself being a spectator of a badminton game then it’s time that you be ready for some failure in your started project or some assignment. The reason is because that this dream shows you have very much introvert and shy which is keeping you from getting successful.

4) If you dreamt where you were trying to play badminton in a windy weather then let us tell you that this also portrays a negative sign. It’s a sign that you will meet someone soon who will be your business rival or you can say enemy. Therefore, that person will try his best to change your life into more troublesome.

5) If you had dream about winning a game of badminton then you can be happy as thus is a sign that you will meet someone who will give you full support in your projects and will help to get on your interests.


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