comments for couples who-are-married-or-in-love-or-dating
best comments for couples who are married or in love or dating

In a digital space, flattery is vital. There is no way you can live in a digital space without acknowledging the presence of others. As social animals, we are meant to appreciate the presence of others.

If you have a number of couple friends or want to simply bestow your admiration for them, you must be looking for comments for couples. Beautiful Couple Compliments will make them feel good and excited, and at the same time, showcase your brilliance. Earlier we had posted about best comments for girls and new pickup lines that received a great response, so we thought to bring a list of best compliments for beautiful couples.


If you are wondering how to compliment a couple picture on facebook, it is simple! All you have to do is write the words that you genuinely feel and frame them with eloquence. You might want to congratulate your friends on their marriage; you may rely on happy married life messages.

There are ingenious ways you can choose from, to express your love for your couple friends on their fulfillment and happiness. However, if you are looking for a quick list of good comments for couple photo, the following might help you in your endeavor.

On the other hand, writing a sweet message to a couple is an excellent way of showing your love and respect for them. If you are struggling to fit into lines what their love and pictures make you feel, you can rely on these comments that are specially built for you!

Lovely Comments For Couples On Instagram With Some Hashtags

  1. I feel so happy for you both. Your love is truly inspirational.
  2. I look up to you both so intensely. I aspire to one day find a love like yours.
  3. You make my dreams come true every day! You are my perfect partner. #perfect
  4. Never be bogged down by what others say, you both are the best for each other.
  5. Your relationship should be written down by a poet so that it is immortalized. #lovestory
  6. The way you both look into each other’s eyes is what makes me believe in love.
  7. This picture is the only proofs you need against humanity to prove that you’ll are a match made in heaven.
  8. Her beauty and excellence, coupled with his body and looks is sheer brilliance. #grateful
  9. You both look so good together that it almost makes me jealous!
  10. You have given me everything I have ever wanted and even more! #BestGirlfried
  11. People say there’s no life without love, I say there’s no loves beautiful as yours.
  12. You both epitomize love even more that Romeo and Juliet could have ever done so.
  13. Love and support come from respect. Respect will take your relationship far!
  14. Divine is the only word that comes to mind when I see this picture of you both together! #BeautifulCouple
  15. You both are simply phenomenal together. I hope you never have to part ways!
  16. Your wedding pictures make me cry tears of joy every time I see them!
  17. You both should truly get married! I’ve never seen a couple more perfect for one another. #MarriageBells
  18. Love is found on every corner of the earth, but your love for each other has something so special about it!
  19. You are part of my sweetest dreams and my best realities. #BestBoyfriend
  20. Your pictures make me feel comforted like there’s genuinely something called love.
  21. I’ve seen many couples’ pictures, but never a couple more perfect than you both.
  22. You complement one another in every which way possible. #BestCoupleEver
  23. You are the reason; I have become the best version of myself.
  24. Stop looking so perfect! It is almost impossible how much love you have for one another.
  25. Thank you for teaching me what true passion and love look like. Many many happy wishes to you both.
  26. Your love and admiration for each other are merely inspirational. #bestcouples #amazing
  27. Whenever I feel gloomy, I know your arms are the perfect place to cheer me up. #boo
  28. Never leave each other! You’ll are just the best togetherness. #happyforever
  29. May you both live together for 100 years till you have great hair and wrinkly skin!

Amazing Comment For Married Couple

  1. The most beautiful couple I have ever seen! God bless you both always!
  2. Marriage has turned your relationship more beautiful! God bless!
  3. You guys look like soul mates. So happy to see you both happily married!
  4. I have no comments for this couple. Such pure souls! Hope you guys have more loving days ahead.
  5. So good to see you two after so long. What a lovely picture!
  6. What an extraordinary couple! Aren’t you guys the best couple or what?
  7. You two look like angels. May your life be as pure as your souls!
  8. Two bodies but one soul! You guys are made for each other, truly!
  9. What a beautiful smile! May you two keep each other happy just like this!
  10. Life is not fully lived if not lived with a partner. You have completed my friend’s life! God bless you!
  11. Everybody looks up to you like the best couple to have survived for so many days. Haha!  
  12. You guys look like Romeo and Juliet, the only difference is that you got married! Hahaha
  13. Love is a beautiful feeling and marriage makes it more beautiful.
  14. It must have been my lucky day. Woke up to the cutest couple today!
  15. Lucky to have witnessed this beautiful journey of your marriage. So happy!
  16. How do you guys do it? I mean your love is truly a miracle.
  17. I’m so happy to see my beautiful friends bonded so strongly by the strings of marriage!
  18. C’mon guys, you can’t be so good-looking together!
  19. It is amazing to see two of the most amazing people together in marriage, so much in love!
  20. May your love be cherished more during the days of your marriage!
  21. People are going to talk about the best married couple for years to come.
  22. Look at you guys! Such an amazing couple! God bless you always.

Some Epic Comments For Couples

  1. What a crazy journey you guys have had! It’s a miracle y’ all are still holding on! Haha
  2. So glad to see you two together stuck to each other. Thanks to the adhesive called love!
  3. You guys literally look like the two halves of one soul. Seriously, stop twinning!
  4. You guys seriously need to stop posting such amazing pictures. So jealous!
  5. Your love is ethereal; there is nothing as pure as the way you look into each other’s eyes.
  6. Some people say that love is dead; you both stand as an exception.
  7. It is lovely to see you both together!
  8. There is nothing more beautiful than how you both look together.
  9. Some people will never know what true love is, except you both.
  10. You both are what math made in heaven signifies.
  11. Your romantic gaze makes me jealous and happy at the same time.
  12. Never grow out of love, you both are simply amazing!
  13. When I feel sad, I look at you both, as you’ll make me slightly teary-eyed.
  14. Your marriage pictures make me so happy and proud of your relationship.
  15. Please get married soon, you are simply splendid together.
  16. There is nothing purer as your heart’s skipping beat for one another.
  17. How amazing your love is and how mesmerizing you look together!
  18. It’s as if Cupid himself had paired you both together.
  19. Never bother what others tell you, you both are meant to be together.
  20. You both are an embodiment of love at first sight!

Comment on Couples Filled With Love

  1. Your love and passion for one another are truly breathtaking and mesmerizing.
  2. Your beautiful pictures are what restore my faith in true love in a world of hatred.
  3. Oh, my God! How adorable you both look together! There is simply no comparison.
  4. You both look as if the Love God himself had planned your union.
  5. Her ethereal beauty matched together with your brains, and brawn is the best thing ever!
  6. Your relationship makes me cry tears of happiness every time!
  7. Your wedding pictures seem heavenly! Many many congratulations to you both.
  8. Can you both stop looking so perfect for one another! We are all so jealous!
  9. When I am having a bad day, I come back to see your pictures because they make me feel so good!
  10. Your love epitomizes the concept of a match made in heaven. It’s simply the best.
  11. You both look perfect for one another! Get married soon!
  12. The best place you can choose for each other is to be together.
  13. They say a woman completes a man, but you both complete each other.
  14. You both make me realize what true love looks and feel like.
  15. It is love like yours that makes the world a happier and a brighter place on a daily basis.
  16. You both look so deep in love that you would make the lovebirds feel shy!
  17. You both are so flawlessly perfect together that it makes my eyes wet.
  18. I knew he would one day be able to find love, but never realized that would make him such an amazing man!
  19. Your pictures make me believe that Cupid had himself bless your union in Heaven.
  20. I am so ecstatic and thrilled at your wedding! May you never have to be apart from one another!
  21. The look in his eyes when he looks at her is simply the most romantic thing ever!
  22. I never believed in true love, but that was until I saw you both together.
  23. How safe and respectful you make me feel, of the best thing about our love.
  24. I have looked everywhere for you, later found out that you were always in my heart.
  25. I know I can trust you with my eyes closed, no matter how difficult the situation is.
  26. I feel so blessed to have been able to find the perfect partner in you!
  27. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and without you, there is no happiness.
  28. Every time I look at you, I fall in love all over again! Such is your beauty.
  29. No matter where in the world you are, I know you will come to hold me when I need you

Comments for Couples in Hindi

  1. Kitni khoobsurat couple hai! May God shower his blessings upon you two always!
  2. Bohot pyare lag rahe ho aap dono! Bhagwaan humesha khush rakkhe.
  3. Aap dono ki jodi 1000 years tak salamat rahe.
  4. Mera din aaj zarur bohot accha jayega. Aap dono humesha aise hi khush raho!
  5. Kaise pyaar hai yeh? Aap dono ki jawaani toh day-by-day sundar hoti jaa rahi hai.
  6. Aap jaisa couple maine kabhi nahi dekha. Jitna pyaar, utni pagalpan.
  7. Deewane lag rahe ho aap ek dusre ke! Aise hi khush rehna.
  8. Aap dono ki sundarta ka jawab nahi. Ek dusre ke sath aap humesha khush raho.
  9. Kya aapka pyaar aapko jawaan kar raha hai? Wah!
  10. Bhagwaan ne pyaar ka introduction hume aap dono se karwaya hai.
  11. Aapki jodi humesha salamat rahe. Kitni khoobsurat.
  12. Bhagwaan aap dono ko kabhi koi dukh na de. Aapki jodi sabse sundar hai
  13. Aaj ki taza khabar. Aapki jodi aaj tak ki sabse acchi jodi hai!
  14. Aap dono ka jawab nahi. Itne din tak eksath rehna koi mazak nahi.
  15. Aap dono ko kisi ki nazar na lage. Aapka pyaar aise hi bana rahe.
  16. Yeh iss duniya ki sabse zabardast jodi hogi!
  17. Aapke pyaar ka koi competitor hi nahi. You guys are the best!
  18. Aapke pyaar ko sab itni uchi nazron se dekhte hai. God bless!
  19. Kash bhagwaan hume bhi aap logo ke jaise pyaar de.
  20. Maine aap jaisi long-lasting couple kabhi nahi dekhi! Humesha khush raho.
  21. Wah! Aapki sundar couple photo subah subah dek liya! Aajka mera din bohot accha jayega.

If your partner has posted a beautiful picture of you both, you must comment on the picture keeping in mind the context of his caption and the content of the photo. Depending on what occasion the image was uploaded, you can make your comment.

But make sure that it is from your heart and expresses your love and desire for your man or woman. Without appreciation, there is hardly any love. Even if you love someone with your whole heart, you have to let them know how they make you feel, so that your love never perishes.