Getting into the Indian railways is one of the most dream jobs for many aspiring students, and the position of ticket collector is respectable and special. The exam of the Railway ticket collector that is conducted by the Railway recruitment boards is not a hard one, but since a lot of people give this exam, the competition is a little high. So in order to make it through and be successful in the end, you will need to right guidance.

And the best guide and teacher, in this case, can be the books which will help you prepare for the major exam.

3 Must Have & Best Books for RRB Ticket Collector

If you are not aware of the books that you are going to need for this exam, then this article will help you to choose the best ones so that you get the job with flying colours

1. Upkar’s R.R.B. Ticket Collector/Commercial Clerk Guide

3 Best Books For Railway Ticket Collector Exam Preparation 1

This book serves as more of the one that clears your basic concepts rather than giving a really elaborate explanation on the subject. This book is going to fulfil all of your exam related requirements so that you enter the exam hall completely prepared. All the chapters are to the point and lucid so that you have a firm grasp on the subject and understand what you are studying.

2. R.R.B. Ticket Collector Commercial Clerk Board Exam Hindi By RPH

3 Best Books For Railway Ticket Collector Exam Preparation 2

This book is a really important one if you want to prepare well for the clerk or the ticket collector examination for the railways. It contains all the papers and the yearly solved question so that you will know about the latest pattern and the kind of question that usually come in the examination., it has the complete solution set right from the year 2009 and some of the topics that you will find here are GK, numerical aptitude, Hindi, general English, etc.

3. Railway TC/CC/CM/TC Solved Papers And Model Practise By Kiran Publication

3 Best Books For Railway Ticket Collector Exam Preparation 3

This one comes along with an amazing set of solved question papers as well as model questions which you can practice at your home to get the exam hall feeling. It has got papers from the year of 2009 up to 10 years and makes sure that you get common questions if you solve this book from top to bottom.

This book will ensure that you achieve great success in the exams. The solutions and the sums are written in a unique and easy way for everyone to decipher and understand them.

So these were some of the best books that will help you to become a railway ticket collector. If you want to make your dream turn into reality, then you will need to buy them immediately. All of these books are readily available online as well as on any bookstore near you.

So make sure you put your heart at it because this job is one of the most prestigious jobs of this country. Make sure you achieve it with the help of these books.