The salary of an airline cabin crew varies according to several factors such as the years of experience, communication, presentable appearance, positive outlook, and attitude, etc. However, the starting monthly salary of a Jet Airways cabin crew salary in Mumbai is approximately Rs. 35,000- Rs. 40,000. The average annual salary of fresher Jet Airways cabin crew ranges between Rs.500, 000 to 700,000.

The Benefits you will be enjoying!

As a fresher Jet Airways air hostess attains experience, they are rewarded with an incredible opportunity to get promoted and earn high salary wages. The salary of an air hostess is based highly upon the experience. Besides this, the salary can also vary by the city and the cost of living there. Apart from the amazing salary, cabin crew or air hostess is also entitled to other benefits such as retirement advantages, subsidized flight tickets (for themselves as well as family), life/health insurance, kit allowance, etc.

Duties you need to take care of

Jet Airways Cabin Crew Salary
  • Welcoming all the passengers on-board.
  • Flight briefing.
  • Assisting them in locating their seats.
  • Arranging hand baggage.
  • Announcing important things.
  • Flight safety check.
  • Making passengers aware of safety and emergency procedures.
  • Serving meals and drinks during the flight.
  • Regular cabin inspection.
  • Offer duty-free goods for purchase.
  • Cleaning the cabin.
  • Assisting kids, elderly and disabled passengers during flight.

What are the required qualification and skills for becoming a cabin crew member in Jet Airways

It is advisable to complete your graduation at least to join the aviation industry. You need to be between 17-25 years old and have an average height of at least 5 feet 2 inches to apply for the post. Besides this, you need to have good communication and swimming skills and be fit for the post of cabin crew.

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Now The recruitment process

To be recruited by Jet Airways for the post of cabin crew, you will have to send your CV or application via the company’s website or else you can get in touch with any consultancy company. Once your application is received, the airline will call you for the interview.

The common Jet Airways cabin crew interview questions include:

  • What you know about the post?
  • Can you work with other people on the team?
  • Why did you opt to want cabin crew as your career?

If you have thoroughly prepared and trained yourself, there will be much higher chances of you getting selected in the interview as a fresher/trainee. To add in more appeal for the airline interviewer to notice, you should take the initial steps on your initiative. With this, soon you will see an offer letter in your hand.

For most people, cabin crew has remained to be a major career choice. The impressive salary, glorious lifestyle and the chance to visit places across the world is what majorly attracts people to the aviation industry. The cabin crew job is meant for those who love to travel.