The Qatar Airways cabin crew salary is tax-free. It is based upon basic salary as well as pay per block hour. Remember that your salary will not be raised each year but instead with each of your promotion. The promotion, however, is based on your performance.

The basic pay that you will receive for the first six months (probation period) is QR 3600. Later on, your basic pay will be increased to QR 4000 while the pay per block hour will be raised to QR 45 for the Cabin Crew F2 post.

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Other Lucrative Benefits in Working at Qatar Airways

You will be provided shared housing in Doha which will be paid by Qatar Airways throughout your tenure. Some other benefits you can enjoy include discounted or yearly free flight tickets.

Free of the cost transportation facility to and fro the airport before and after the completion of your work. At times you will have to live in a hotel room in a new city after a working day. But most of the time, you will make a comeback to Doha by the time you’re working day ends, especially during your initial months with the company.

What is the job of a Qatar Airways Cabin Crew?

Several people have the misconception that the job of cabin crew members is just doling out drinks and food. However, the job comprises of far much more responsibilities than this. The cabin crew forms the central medium of contact between the passengers and the airline and is responsible for the safety and comfort of the flight passengers. The crew receives training on first aid and energy procedures which is why they are skilled enough to reassure passengers and help them evacuate during emergencies.

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What happens during training?

To receive a fixed term contract from an airline like Qatar, you need to complete the initial training course successfully as per the Qatar Airways cabin crew requirements. You will be trained on:

  • Grooming,
  • Communication,
  • Safety and emergency procedures,
  • First aid,
  • Crew resource management,
  • Aircraft standard operating procedure.

Besides, you will also be made aware of the Qatar Airways cabin crew rules and regulations as well.

The contract

Once you complete your training course, you’ll get a contract for three years along with a six months probation period. You will be based in the Qatar capital, Doha.