Chaeyoung Twice Facncy Girl Facts
Chaeyoung Twice Facncy Girl Facts

The gorgeous South Korean rapper, songwriter, singer, the designer has become an internet sensation now, her new video is in trending in twitter now. Here some cool facts about Twice Fancy Girl Chaeyoung Twice. Chaeyoung means Katrina in English, She is the leading rapper of her rapping squad TWICE.

Top 7 Interesting Facts About Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung Twice Is Looking Gorgeous
Chaeyoung Twice Girl Is Looking Gorgeous
  • Chaeyoung is the cutest and shortest rapper of her SQUAD.
  • Chaeyoung also writes her raps as she did it in the remake of TWICE-“Precious Love” by Park Ji Yoon.
  • During Twice’s Elegant Private Life, she was revealed to have a rare B- blood type, Sana is B+.
  • The talented wrapper girl loves designing covers and her artworks include
  • SPRIS Taro Shoes covers for Page Two’s, Sana’s V Live Melody Project posters, etc.
  • Chaeyoung has a younger brother, Jeong Hun, who is an aspiring model also assists her in work.
  • Chaeyoung is a Catholic.

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Chaeyoung Age, Early life & Family

Chaeyoung  Age  Heights

  • Chaeyoung is just 19 years old and she is doing wonders at this age. She was born on April 23, 1999.
  • Friends- WJSN’s Yeoreum, BLACKPINK’s Chaeyoung (Rosé)

Chaeyoung Height & Physical Appearance

Chaeyoung Boyfriend
Chaeyoung In A Conference
  • Height – 1.59m
  • Weight- 48 KG
  • Color- Fair

Chaeyoung Hobbies And Other Personal Favorites

Chaeyoung Twice Cuteness Overloaded
Chaeyoung Twice Cuteness Overloaded

  • Chaeyoung loves sleeping, drawing, and singing off course.
  • Her favorite colors are red, black and purple.
  • Chaeyoung likes basketball, Disney cartoons.
  • Chaeyoung loves to eat veggies and healthy foods as she is a bit fitness freak.

Chaeyoung Education & Career

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  • Education: Hanlim Multi Arts School
  • She Wrote A Song- Eye Eye Eyes, TWICE’s Remake
  • She was also featured in GOT7’s “Stop Stop It” MV and miss A’s “Only You” MV.