Having a dream about cheating is one of the dreams that disturb the dreamer a lot. Most importantly, if you are already in a relationship and then you have a dream of this kind, it is indeed not a pleasant thing to dream about. Some dreamers often wake up under shock.

Such dreams do place you in a situation when you actually feel the emotions you would have felt, if such a thing would have happened for real.

Remember! You had the dream and you are the best judge of the circumstances you are stuck in. No one can analyze your dream better than you yourself. Such dreams are only about insecurities and fear within you. Just sit with your own self and seek the truth.

The Sixth Sense

Anonymous- USA

An anonymous mentioned about his dream he saw in his teen years. He dreamt about his parents getting divorced. In the same dream, he also saw a man he knew, was taking away his mother away. He was really disturbed and spoke to his parents about it. His parents said that it was a nightmare, to calm him down. He was disturbed to a great extent. He somehow just could not forget the dream and be cool about it. But less was known, what is in line ahead!

Post he had this dream, three weeks later, the family found out that his mother was having an affair with a family friend. The other man was the same person dreamer saw in his dream- such is the power of sixth sense.

Being a child, the dreamer never thought about any sort of unhappiness in his parents’ married life. Theirs was a normal happy family. As a dreamer, he somehow did since the disaster his family was about to witness. Though there are times when the brain does not acknowledge your emotions and you also tend to ignore those signals,! At times, better listen to your subconscious mind as well.

While sitting and analyzing the dream, dreamer did realize that his mother was not happy with the circumstances she was in. A monotonous life did make her go ahead the other path.

The power of 6th sense If you happen to see your partner cheating on you in your dream, it may directly mean that you do have a strong sixth sense. It is indeed a gift and not all have it. The most powerful organ we all are blessed with- is the brain. A brain guides you about the hidden messages other’s bodies communicates through body language.

It is almost like being in school, if you happen to come across somebody who has a crush on you, you do judge it soon. It is fun too. Similarly, if a teacher likes a student more than anybody else, the whole class gets to know about it. It is very much the same like this, dreaming of your partner or probably anybody else is because you subconsciously know, you might get or have been back stabbed.

Recommendation- At times people say that the most important person in your life is their mother/father/daughter/son but they all lie. No one is more important to you than you yourself. Having a dream this kind can be a signal or guidance given by Almighty, so that you may help yourself. Self-help is the best help!

Supriya, India

Supriya’s husband has to travel for at least 1.5 hours to reach to his workplace. There was a time when he used to reach home at 8. After a couple of months, he started coming home at 10 pm. Supriya thought that may be pressure at work have increased. She was being considerate and understanding.

When asked about any dreams this kind, she clearly stated, no she did not have a dream about her husband cheating on him. This directly means that her husband never reflected through his body language about him cheating on his own dedicated wife.

Work and Dreams

There are times when in the normal daily routine of life you do have such dreams. This does not only mean that your partner is cheating on you. But! What if you have a dream this kind when you are not really in a relationship? It is natural even then. While researching for primary data for this write-up, there were certain cases that came across.

An actor in India, Mumbai, had a dream this kind. He saw that his colleague had stabbed him at his back. He got up really upset and was slightly disturbed. Later he discovered that his colleague got the project he was about to get. After a couple of days, he found out, he had lost to unfair means, not the real talent- but who actually was the loser is the point to be pondered at.

Another example to quote, a young girl of class 7, Sri Lanka, had a dream about her teacher not talking to her looking directly into her eyes. The dream is not that big a thing but, for a girl her age it was a big thing. After a couple of weeks, she felt that her teacher does not like her anymore. When she spoke to the teacher about her ignorance towards her, she found that her class work and homework stayed incomplete. The little girl worked on it and found a solution to the problem.

You Guide Yourself!

A maximum number of times, dreams is the representations of your own feelings and emotions.
TO be precise, what you have been feeling inside subconsciously is what you see in your dreams. Same goes for cheating in dreams.

Now consider an instance. There are times when we are stuck in family lives when we really want to break free. There are some of us, who have real abusive parents and are not happy living with them. But, being your parent’s own child, freaking out is something you would not find morally right. If you are that child and if you have dreams about cheating, probably you want to just move out of the relationship you are in with your parents. It is better to take the challenge and do well to your own selves. Physical, verbal and mental abuse is something which must stop.

The law of reflection

An angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection.  

Romance and cheating dreams

Such dreams mean impulsive choices. There are times when we take a decision in haste. Probably you should not have rushed into making a girlfriend/boyfriend. Such instances are the reasons why you may have dreams these kinds.

Similarly, out of love, you compromise on integrity and self-respect. Now, since you do such things, you cheat thyself, not your partner. So these are the instances when you should sit and relax and seek self-help.

There are some relationships in which the partner is a persistent cheater yet the other person keeps on cheating. This may make the partner (at the cleaner end) dream of his/her partner cheating on them. This happens because there is scarcity of trust factor.

  1. Emotional abandonment

Children under the age of 5 are not an easy nut to crack. Feeding them becomes a real challenge and you feel helpless as a parent for not being able to look after their nutrition properly. TO feed them, a parent has to scold them and be strict with the kids.

This may lead to arguments and the child may feel bad and go quiet and not talking to you for days. This may make you dream of your child having good time with others and not looking at you (the feeling is excruciatingly painful). This is nothing else but your lack of confidence in your own self to feed your children well.

Pregnant women often have such dreams. Due to pregnancy, they feel a little insecure about their partner. They feel their husbands may lose interest in them and not look after they post the child is born.  It is very much natural to have these dreams- Relax.

Islamic Interpretations of Cheating Dreams

Righteous people have righteous dreams. But such is not the case always. With prophets, things are a little different than everybody else.

It is believed, if someone watches a dream about getting cheated on, this means shaytaan is more powerful on them and they need to sort things out. This is strictly told to Muslim women that they must keep their emotions under control and be calm if they happen to come across something like this.

As per Islamic interpretations, no control is better than self-control. If you have control over your emotions then you bless your own self by doing so.

Prophet said that post such a dream, there are certain things the dreamer must do:-

  • Not speak to anyone about it this may spoil things even more
  • It is best not to spy on your partner, it is wrong
  • Try not to pick fights unnecessarily

The points mentioned above are only to protect the dreamer. What if the dream meant something else? What if it is you who is actually going to cheat? What if it is just a matter of one dream? What if the dream was not vivid and you just presume that it was your partner? What if the dream happened because you were at fault originally? SO stay quiet and be the judge of your own circumstances!

Basic Psychology About having Cheating Dreams

Having dreams about cheating may at times mean that you are not taking care of your own self! There are times when we compromise on our basic factors just to keep others happy. Such circumstances do make you feel so.

Consider the below mentioned aspects to having better clarity of mind:-

  • Did you pick a job which is really not directly linked to your basic work profile!
  • Did you compromise on yourself respect only to keep your parents happy!
  • Do your parents abuse you and do not really cherish your presence.
  • Are you pregnant and going through depression?
  • Did your spouse appreciate another woman in front of you?
  • Did your wife compliment another man?
  • Did your teacher appreciate another classmate of yours!
  • Did your classmate get better marks than you in the exam, whom you taught a night before!
  • Did you buy a pair of shoes out of haste and just because it is in fashion and it is really expensive?

Questions are many but the answer is one- Dream. Simple quiet time spent with thyself is what will do good to you.

Not many of us realize but taking the responsibility of your own actions is what only strong people can do. SO be strong, take the call and be the lead. All you need is a little bit of change and some time to ponder.


Many of us, when we think of cheating in dreams, we always connect it with our partners. Well! Partners are not the only ones who cheat by the way! There are instances when we are stuck and feeling helpless at our workplace and not feeling good about our academic performances as well. The reasons are multiple and so are the factors which make you dream of things these kinds.

The time you realize the power of your subconscious mind, which is when you realize your own strength. Your circumstances and situations in which you dwell, no one can understand them better than you thyself.

No help is better than self help. Post having the dream about cheating or anything related to it, all you need is a cup of coffee and some private space to breathe. The place could be a secluded space in the park, your couch at home, or any other place.

Sit with your own self and ask thyself to analyze the situations you are going through. Single word you need to think and work on is – Focus. You will surely have the answers soon.

Hope, this article has helped you to know the meaning of such dreams if you are having them.


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