Although you have to go to the railway counter to cancel the ticket you booked from there, IRCTC allows you to check the refund status online at the website or via the All India Service Railway helpline number 139. So now for everyone who has cancelled their ticket for reasons known to them can all check their refund status online at the website or by dialing 139.

What Do You Need To Know To Check Your Refund Status Online?

To be able to check your refund status online, you will need to remember your PNR number that is Passenger Name Record number and your date of journey. Usually, the refund process takes about 5-7 business days. In case you do not get your refund within this timeframe you can further mail IRCTC at their official mail id [email protected] or tweet them at @RailwaySeva or  @IRCTCofficial. You can also reach them at 0755-6610661 and 0755-3934141.

Mind you, if you cancel your ticket, IRCTC levies cancellation fees which differ according to the classes, the time before you cancelled the ticket and the type of ticket it is whether tatkal tickets or RAC or waitlisted tickets. It is important to note that for confirmed tatkal tickets you will not be getting any refund.

Steps To Check IRCTC refund status by PNR

Checking your refund status online is easy. With just a few taps you will be able to know the status of your refund.

Check IRCTC Refund Status Online

Step 1:- To check your refund status head to the www. website, the website is maintained by the CRIS which stands for Centre For Railways Information Systems.

Step 2:- On the page, you will see Check Refund Status on the far left corner of the page. Click on it.

Click Here to Check Refund Status Page directly.

Step 3:- Now there are two ways of checking your refund status. You can either check your refund status with your PNR or with your Registration number. After you click on the Check Refund Status, you will be directed to a separate window where you will see the two options.

How To Check IRCTC Refund Status Online 1

When you click on the Check Status Through PNR, you will be asked to input your PNR details and the date of journey.

Please Note:– You may not be able to check the IRCTC refund status of failed transaction.

IRCTC Refund Status Enquiry

At any point you got stuck with the booking process, you can contact IRCTC Refund Helpline, on07556610661 or 07556610660. 

When you instead click Check Status Through Refund, you will be asked to input your refund registration number. After you input the details, you will be able to view the status of your refund. Now with this ability to track your refund status, you can rest easy without worry that where your money went and when you are going to get it back. The money is credited back to your account which was used for payment at the time of booking.

IRCTC allows us to book tickets online, the majority of us who has access to the internet or a smartphone prefer to book the tickets online because it is more comfortable and convenient. You can book it online as well as cancel it online, no need to go to railway counters physically to cancel the tickets. But if you have an e-ticket, then you cannot get it refunded at the railway counters.


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