Booking Tatkal Tickets is really tough these days, you may not get confirmed ticket all the times. However, you can check tatkal waiting list confirmation chances online in the IRCTC website itself. IRCTC app has also provided tools to check tqwl confirmation chances for near about accurate PNR prediction analysis.

availability of the number of tickets under tatkal quota
chance of confirmation of the ticket
  • As you visit IRCTC website to book tatkal tickets online, you have to select the tatkal quota from the drop-down list.
  • After choosing the quota, one can view the availability of the number of tickets under tatkal quota and has to click the book ticket icon.
  • It may also show the status as TQWL and a number after it stating that the present condition is Tatkal waiting listed.
  • Right below that number of TQWL, there is an icon written CNF Probability. On clicking the icon one can have an idea of the percentage chance of confirmation of the ticket. A more percentage represents a higher opportunity of confirmation.
  • If however you have already booked a waitlisted tatkal ticket and want to know the status after some hours, you need to type the PNR of the ticket in the under the passenger services and get the current status.  However, the chance of confirmation probability is not reflected, and the current situation is given.

Not all traveling schedules are planned days ago. One may need to travel to some lace to attend some urgent work in short notice. It is challenging for them to get reservations at the last moment as the berths and seats of the Indian Railways begin to fill up 120 days ahead of the journey date.  To cater the services to the passengers, who need to travel suddenly, Indian Railways has introduced the TatKal Ticketing Scheme where some berths and seats are held up for booking in the last moment paying a nominal premium charge on the fare.

Tatkal Railway tickets can be booked one day in advance of the actual departure of the train from the originating station.  One can book the Tatkal tickets visiting the Computerized Railway Reservation Counters or through IRCTC which is a subsidiary of Indian railways. However, tatkal booking through IRCTC is delayed by 30 minutes after the actual opening of the window so that persons who are standing in the reservation counters get first preference.

Many times it happens that when you get chance to book your railway tickets under the tatkal scheme, it becomes waitlisted. In these types of situations, one is really in a soup thinking what to do or brainstorming the chances of confirmation of the waitlisted tatkal ticket at the preparation of the chart time or due to some cancellations.

The Solution

To get idea railways have introduced one option in the IRCTC website that enables you to have a prediction of the confirmation of the Tatkal waiting list ticket. However, this is only a prediction based on the statistics available to the railways over a while and is not a final judgment.


Checking the chances of confirmation

It is always better to check the confirmation chances of the tatkal tickets visiting the online reservation portal of the Indian railways and then book the tickets. It will give you an idea, and you can plan alternative modes of travel depending on the situation.