est-Pickup Lines For-Girls-To-Use-on-Tinder-and-Flirting
est Pickup Lines For Girls To Use on Tinder and Flirting

Are you looking for some new pickup lines for Tinder or Instagram, so here I have collected a list of the best cheesy and clever pick up lines for you. Afterall who knows your one line can make her fall for you. Whether you are starting up in a new relationship or you wish to praise a girl indirectly, good appreciations are key to her heart.

You will also love our collection of about 600 best compliments and comments for girls for Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook.

Girls just love being appreciated and garnered so make her feel that she is special for you. Life is too shot to wait for the right time, instead just take a deep breath and go ahead and approach her with some great pickup lines.

So whether if you want to flirt with some girl, start by giving compliments on her dresses, her gestures, her recent actions, her smile, her behavior, predict something good about her future.

She will love listening to all such things. And to help you out here are some great tinder flirting lines too.

260+ Best Cheesy and Clever Pickup Lines For Tinder Flirting

  1. Kiss me if I am wrong, the moon shines brighter than the sun
  2. Nice dream wanna mess it up
  3. You have lovely chicks wanna pinch it
  4. Kiss me if I am wrong  butterflies can talk
  5. Kiss me if I am wrong horse can fly
  6. Nice hair wanna mess it up
  7. Nice gown wanna mess it up
  8. You have a lovely hairstyle wanna  mess it up
  9. You have a lovely chick wanna mess it up
  10. Nice melons wanna feed me
  11. You have lovely eyes wanna stare at me long
  12. Waiting for the day when you will tweet me on twitter
  13. You have lovely ass wanna shake it
  14. I have lovely body wanna explore it
  15. Nice balls i wanna play with it
  16. Can I have your Instagram my parents said follow your dream
  17. Kiss me if I am wrong you are 56 years old
  18. Can i have your twitter my parents said follow your dream 
  19. Can I have your FB I want to like my dreams
  20. Can I have your whats app so that I can check your Whatsapp status
  21. Hey what’s your whats app mine is sky
  22. The only reason I follow Instagram is you
  23. Trust me I am very stable you can hold me every time you fall
  24. I heard that you love hearing songs can I be your headphone
  25. Do you have buttons on your body I want to press it every day
  26. The only chapter I read is about you
  27. Facebook without your face is just a book
  28. Reading was never my hobby until I found you on facebook
  29. If I was a news channel you would have been my breaking news
  30. If I was the only user of quora the only question would have been about you
  31. If I were a blogger I would blog about your elegance
  32. Kiss me if I am wrong sugars are sours
  33. If I were the owner of Instagram I would have renamed it as InstaYou
  34. Kiss me if I am the wrong  computer can walk
  35. If I would create youtube it would have been you & me
  36. The only alphabet I use is U
  37. Facebook should have an option of infinity like that is for you
  38. Hey do you have bandage because every time I see you my heart gets a wound
  39. Do you have any pain killer because you just killed me now
  40. Hey do you have cream because my knee is paining
  41. Do you have bandage I have just fallen for you
  42. Do you have ropes to tie me up because m still falling
  43. Can you hold my hands because I a still falling for you
  44. Kiss me if I am wrong, Micheal Jackson is still alive
  45. Every time I meet you I fall for you
  46. Do you have first aid because your looks just gave me multiple injuries
  47. Kiss me if I am wrong your father is not a hero
  48. Do you have a pacemaker because whenever I look at you my heart beats faster
  49. You owe me a heart because I have lost mine on you
  50. Hey crush why do you crush my heart every time I see you
  51. No one ever told me that your eyes can hold someone’s pain
  52. No one ever told me that you are a pain killer for my heart
  53. Kiss me if I am a wrong horse is cuter than panda
  54. I wish if you were a doctor, every time I see you I become a Patient
  55. Can u tell me where did you learn to repair my heart
  56. My ECG report will tell you what I feel for you
  57. Do you have Oxygen because your looks just took my breathe away
  58. Do you have wheelchair your smile got me down on my knees
  59. Hey you cured my Diarrhea because your looks hydrated my body
  60. Kiss me if I am wrong dogs can fly
  61. Hey are you a time traveler because I see u in future
  62. You must be a time traveler because u get into past too
  63. I see you in my future how do u make time traveling
  64. Kiss me if I am wrong lion lives in your home
  65. If I could make time travel I would go in the past and would have made you mine
  66. Are u a time traveler should we unite and kill Thanos
  67. Kiss me if I am the wrong cactus is our favorite  flower
  68. Are you a time traveler can u tell us our daughters name
  69. Are you a time traveler can you tell us where will we go  for our honeymoon
  70. Time traveling with you would have been great fun we will go to our future and will never come back
  71. Kiss me if I am wrong you have twins
  72. Forgot about time traveling every place with you is my destination
  73. Don’t u get tired coming back on my dream again again
  74. Can u travel back in time and hold my hand when there was no one with me
  75. I can not take you  back in time but I can promise we can time travel in the future and be together
  76. I have been falling for u with a speed more than the speed of light
  77. You must be from the museum because you are so antique
  78. You must be kept at the museum  and people should pay to see you because of you’re the only piece in the universe
  79. Can you tell me the address of your museum
  80. You must be from the museum because you are a piece of an art
  81. It’s hard to imagine how much security that museum would have where you live in
  82. Kiss me if I am  wrong earth is rectangular
  83. What’s the access code of your museum
  84. Now I get it why do museum exits
  85. I am thirsty can I drink yours
  86. I am hungry can I eat yours
  87. I am getting harder can u get me something softer
  88. Do you love non-veg shall I get you a boner or boneless
  89. Your so fluffy and I like fleshy
  90. What’s your measurement I wanna buy you something
  91. Are u piece of art because your curves are so unreal
  92. Were you a Barbie doll before because you are so cute
  93. Are you missing those childhood memories I can give u Lollypops
  94. What’s your size because I want to be your perfectionist
  95. Do u live in the museum the other artwork must have jealous of u
  96. I want to be the case of that museum where you will be kept
  97. Don’t worry I am very firm you can hold mine every time u feel 69
  98. That guard is so lucky who is guarding your museum
  99. How can I break the security level of your museum
  100. If you were a gym I would have loved to use your all instrument
  101. If u are a piece of art I would love to admire you every day
  102. If you’re a magician I would love to be your pigeon
  103. Are you the magician of cards because I want to be the king of those cards
  104. Are you a magician because I want to be your magic
  105. Are you a magician because your magic is drawing me closer
  106. What magic have u done to me every time I close my eyes I see u
  107. your face unlocks my dreams
  108. Get a zipper in your shirt that will be easy for me
  109. I think magic will happen when you will say those three magical words to me
  110. Besides making me feel for you what magic tricks do you have
  111. Staring at you makes me feel yes Djau moments exits
  112. You like soft or wild
  113. What size do u handle I m 5’8″
  114. Magic is when I stare at u and u stare at me back
  115. Ur eyes are my destination
  116. Are you a doctor because the moment I saw u I have a became a patient of love
  117. Are you a doctor  my heart is pumping very fast
  118. Are you a doctor my blood runs very hot can you treat it
  119. Are you a doctor can you treat me every night I see you in my dreams
  120. If you were a casino I would have lost myself to you
  121. Hey are you a doctor can you replace my heart with yours
  122. Are you a doctor can you tell me why do I get goosebumps every time I see you
  123. Are you o2 because every time I see u I feel alive and fresh
  124. You have beautiful breath can I be your o2
  125. Plz be my o2 I want you to be with me till my last breath
  126. Your daddy must be an artist because he made art like you
  127. Your daddy must be a drug dealer because addiction of yours is not less than a drug
  128. Your daddy must be a drug dealer because of your a heroine
  129. Your daddy must be Shahjahan because your beauty is not less than Taj-Mahal
  130. Your beauty is like wine the older your getting the better you are becoming
  131. Your a beautiful crime and I want to the committee that crime
  132. Your too beautiful to handle just like dates too sweet to eat
  133. So you like dates I know it’s very sweet but dating me is even sweeter
  134. The flavor I haven’t enjoyed ever is the date flavor lets have a date tonight
  135. Dating you would be the finest thing that will happen to me
  136. I know you like mangoes but I would like to share some date with u
  137. Can I be the replacement of the guy who will be dating u in future
  138. What’s ur favorite date
  139. Lest have a toss if the head comes I am yours and if tail comes ur mine
  140. Let’s make a toss if the head comes ur beautiful if tail comes ur gorgeous
  141. I don’t know how many I have fallen for u but I never got injured
  142. If God will ask me whats ur favorite job I would say dating u is my favorite job
  143. Dates contain brainbuster and I want to date you
  144. Dates are a good source of vitamin minerals and sugar so when are we dating
  145. Hey do you know date contains no cholesterol and free from fat so can we go for a date
  146. So dates are quite healthy to let’s have it
  147. Do you know dates are good for weight loss and can bring shine in your face so let’s have a  date
  148. Hey be careful you can bring the earth to quack
  149. Hey every time I see you my world shivers
  150. Surviving earth quack has become common for me since I met u
  151. You have a deadly combination of brain and beauty every time I meet I get heart quack
  152. You are heart quack for me
  153. I don’t know how many people would have hurt when u landed in the earth from heaven coz when u landed u brought earth quack
  154. You know what is common between you and earth quack both are a disaster
  155. Earth quacks are inhabitable when u are with me
  156. Are u a neuron surgeon coz my neurons are detracting me towards u
  157. Are u a neuron surgeon  can u tell me why my neurons get freeze every time I see you
  158. Are u a doctor can u plz tell me ur a positive or b positive in love with you
  159. Hey will be mine because my blood group is love positive
  160. You must be cardiologists because my heart gets freeze when I see you
  161. Ur bold must be o negative because your very rare in the world
  162. I heard the Madam Tussar is in the process of making your statue
  163. If I would have been doing Ph.D. You would have been my research paper
  164. I don’t know your a doctor or magician because sometimes u heel my heart and sometimes u reveal my heart
  165. Somebody told me beauty is rare now I can figure out why is it so
  166. I don’t know your a doctor or a killer because sometimes you kill me and  sometimes you heel me
  167. If you would have been the toll tax would have been the highest tax payer
  168. If being beautiful is a crime you would have been the biggest criminal
  169. I am a radiator but you always act like a coolant
  170. Hey are you a doctor I want to be your stethoscope
  171. It takes years to become a doctor but in your case, it just took a few seconds to heel my heart
  172. While others take years to become a doctor but for you, it just took you to repair my heart to become a doctor
  173. If you are a doctor I would love to be your patient forever
  174. If you’re a doctor I would love to become your thermometer every time you will touch me I will show you my fever
  175. If you’re a Q of the alphabet I would be U of the alphabate
  176. How much would you charge to cure my disease
  177. How many hearts have you killed so far
  178. Your eyes look little dull I think you need vitamin me
  179. I don’t know why I am getting desperate but I think I need vitamin you
  180. Vitamin me plus vitamin you will be a deadly combination I will get super power\
  181. Every time I get vitamin you I get a superpower
  182. I am obsessed with taking vitamin U.
  183. Forget protein and carbohydrate I think vitamin me is best for you
  184. Hey are you available because the doctor told me to have vitamin you
  185. Do you provide syrup or pills for vitamin you
  186. The doctor advised me to take the vitamin you at night
  187. I was taking born vita until I found you because of your vitamin me
  188. Although vitamin K is best for the skin vitamin U is best for life
  189. If you are a keyboard I wanna be the keys
  190. Hey why are you using caps lock in keyboard when I have big enough
  191. Hey are you a keyboard I just want to enter in it
  192. You be my keyboard I will never let you use the backspace
  193. Are you a keyboard can I plug it into my computer
  194. Hey are you a keyboard because every time I see you it seems like you type something in my heart
  195. Hey are you a keyboard I just want to  type I love you
  196. Hey if you’re a coder I just want to be your coding
  197. Hey are you a keyboard so whats that key which will take me to your heart
  198. Hey are u a keyboard can u tell me the key to unlock u
  199. Can u Plz suggest me the keyword to search you in keyboard
  200. Hey are you keyboard I just want to be your board
  201. Hey are you a keyboard because someone is typing in  my mind
  202. If you were the computer I would love to be your CPU
  203. If you were the computer I would be your UPS uninterrupted power supply
  204. Crush updated ❤️
  205. Yes I am looking at what I am looking for
  206. That’s how serial killer works!?
  207. What’s the name of your kingdom?
  208. Wow photo..most of the time I try to search synonym of an angel…my mind answer me a synonym of an angel is you
  209. If I am so lucky to dream of you…. Will you let me?
  210. You are just like Adam’s apple
  211. The illegal alien inside you always draws me towards you
  212. This lady is my childhood crush &now I am 17 & still love her?
  213. God’s an artist.
  214. Forever one of the best all-time girl crushes
  215. ❤️you’re like a great song a man can’t get out of his head.?
  216. ❤️you’re better than a triple scoop ice cream cone, with sprinkles.?
  217. You are so beautiful that I forgot my pick up line.
  218. Ya know, you look really hot! You must be a real reason for global warming.
  219. Were you arrested earlier? It’s gotta be illegal to look that good.
  220. Did you have lucky charms for breakfast? Because you look magically delicious!
  221. The sun looks pretty on you ?
  222. This endless love is also from fans like me.
  223. Woman crush all day every day
  224. You look so innocently sweet when you blush.
  225. My mind drowns in the possibility of you and me
  226. Would you grab my arm, so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?
  227. I love the stars, but none of them compares to the beauty of you.?❤?????????
  228. I wanted to die but you looked so fine I decided to live?
  229. Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.
  230. I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?
  231. ❤️do you drink a lot of Snapple? Because you look like you’re made from the best stuff on earth.?
  232. A new testosterone test has been invented.keep looking at u for 5 mins.
  233. Statutory warning: cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, and GIRLS NAME are injurious to health ?
  234. You are so beautiful that even flowers get jealous of you?????
  235. Lifetime crush.
  236. Oh I am officially an admirer now ??
  237. Can I say your gifted
  238. Had u bribed god for being so gorgeous
  239. Really feels like the sun just released it’s a softer but more beautiful version
  240. Hey crush 
  241. Once again get crushed #re crushed 
  242. Oh my god, after seeing your do I can’t control my bp❤️?
  243. Most precious diamond on earth???
  244. How can I concentrate on the magic when you are doing it??
  245. You are the prettiest distraction
  246. Sorry madam you are under arrest for stealing my heart ?????
  247. Your eyes are as blue as the ocean, and baby I am drowning.
  248. Can I have a picture of you?
  249. I would like to show Santa what I’d like for Christmas.
  250. You shouldn’t wear makeup, It’s messing with Perfection.
  251. Hey. Didn’t see your name in the dictionary under “Shazaam!”
  252. My name is not Elmo, but you can tickle me anytime you want to.
  253. If you were a transformer, you’d be Optimus Prime.
  254. I am not Fred, but I can make your bedrock.
  255. I am not a photographer, still, I can capture you in my eyes.
  256. If you would be a poker game, I’d be all in 🙂
  257. What had 148 teeth and holds back the incredible hulk? MY ZIPPER!
  258. Do you know 40% of the single people believe they will be kissed on new years
  259. eve, would you like to be one of them?
  260. Are you a camera, because every time I look at you, I smile.

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