Best Saree Coments For Instagram and Facebook
Best Compliment you can give to a girl wearing saree

Earlier we had posted a massive list of about 600 top comments for girls, now this time we thought to bring a comment list on some specific attire. So if you are looking for the top comments on saree than here is a small list for you. The list is being updated regularly whenever we get some good compliment ideas for saree and suits. There is no doubt that saree is the most beautiful and gracious attire that a woman can embrace. It makes a woman look like a goddess of beauty.

According to me when a woman or girl wears a saree, she deserves a compliment. Your one compliment can make her feel special so why not give her a moment to think upon your words.

These comments have been optimized for posting on Instagram and Facebook with emojis, so all you need to do is to just copy and paste it on the platforms and wait for her feedback.

I know you will agree with me on this that saree is the best attire, so here is the list of praise lines for girls for their saree pics on Instagram and Facebook. Since these comments on girl dress is especially for desi Indian looks so you can give such beautiful comment for girl wearing suit, salwar, and saree.

  1. If I ever become a robber, your wardrobe will be in my hitlist 😊 lovely saree collection😍
  2. So soothing ethnic wear with natural “t” engraved in the between…nice snapshot.💖
  3. Real women…😊❤️ Looks best in Saree😍💖
  4. Sexy curves and hot navel…. the perfect bride❤️😊Yellow suits you best❤️😊
  5. Wow. A beautiful lady makes the most difference. That saree designer should pay you quadruple.😍
  6. Completely fascinating your look!❤️❤️❤️
  7. All the beauty and glamour of the world on one side and you in saree on the other! 😘
  8. Absolutely you are the best of one 😍very beautiful impressed looking💖
  9. Lovely… Black and white has its own unique effect😍
  10. Again I love these colors and beautifully framed 😘
  11. I love this. Beautiful composition, color tones, and your expression 😍
  12. Brilliant looking in ethnic touch💖
  13. So beautiful so sweet smile has a sweet smile with a beautiful saree😍
  14. You look so spectacular and stunning❤️❤️
  15. Lovely navel😊😊
  16. Wow. What a great style in saree.😍😍
  17. Sexy desi girl❤️❤️
  18. Being Desi😊
  19. This desi attire is so hot and sexy……❤️❤️
  20. Indian women are most beautiful in the world😘❤️
  21. Sexiest bride ever seen.😊
  22. You look absolutely beautiful in this dress😍
  23. Your waistline was made for the saree!😊
  24. A perfect build up for saree.💖
  25. Damn that curve ❤️❤️❤️
  26. Look very hot in saree💖💖
  27. Sarees are made for you.😍
  28. You got the best curves😊😊
  29. God gifted figure. 😍😍
  30. Curves to die for…beauty in all means.😊
  31. Real Curves ❤️❤️
  32. You look just fabulous in Indian style.😘
  33. You look very very gorgeous in Indian attire 😍
  34. Traditional suits u more than anything! really😘
  35. Best traditional model ever 😊❤️ 
  36. Best traditional model ever 😊❤️ 
  37. Low waist saree suits uh ma’am 😊❤️
  38. Wow, this saree look is looking awesome…..💖 Incredible…💖💖
  39. Woow so pretty 😊 traditional queen 😍
  40. You look like a goddess😍
  41. Awesome saree, ambiance and the magic of your favorite photographer plus of course your persona😊💖
  42. Fantastic saree wear by the beautiful lady ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  43. The personification of elegance…such a magical capture😍
  44. Truly awesome borderline season colour…colours and fabric are magically weaved💖
  45. Love the color of your saree it perfectly matches the flowers in the back.😍
  46. Loving your ethnic touch😊
  47. What beautiful words. ♥️ and you look stunning in the saree.😍😍
  48. What a brilliant shot. Love this saree on you😊
  49. Pretty lady in a beautiful saree😘
  50. Lady’s charm is in saree…You just rejoined it❤️
  51. Lots of love from a fellow saree lover. You are wonderful though.😍
  52. A saree hasn’t looked more beautiful on anyone! I truly adore you looks💖💖
  53. In love with the saree…looking so pretty.😊
  54. Saree brings out your best😍
  55. Beautiful saree with a barefoot pose is very rare but the most classic💖💖
  56. ?You put it so well.❤️ r.e.s.p.e.c.t😊
  57. 😘The styling and curves 😘
  58. And the of award getting the bridal look of most times goes to💖💖
  59. Looking sensuous wearing saree in this way. 😍
  60. Sheer stunner and gorgeous beauty.😊

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