Usually, the e-tickets which you have purchased can be cancelled right on the internet until the final chart has been prepared by the Indian railways. Also, you cannot cancel your tickets face to face at the ticket counters. However, tatkals are usually announced 2-3 days earlier and so cancelling tatkal tickets has got different rules than cancelling normal tickets.

Did your plan get cancelled in the very last minute and you need to cancel the tickets? Well, there is, of course, a way to do it but you will not get the same advantages which you do if the tickets are normal.

So let us take a look at what happens if you choose to cancel confirmed tatkal tickets.

What Happens If You Cancel Confirmed Tatkal Tickets

Tatkal Tickets Timing & Cancellation Charges 2018 - 2019

If you have booked tatkal tickets online and they are confirmed tickets, then you can cancel them online as well. However, the sad part is that you will not get any canceling refund on the cancellation of your confirmed tatkal tickets.

So you are not getting any part of your money back however you should always cancel it if you don’t mean to travel as the seat can then be assigned to the people who are in the waiting list and that is extremely crucial.

However, if your tickets have not been tatkal and are still in the waiting list then they can be cancelled, and you will get a refund as well, but the charges will be deducted as per the rules that are already there in case of the other tickets. In the case of the tatkal tickets canceled there is a new feature that you can use.

You can make partial cancellation of the e-tickets which is really helpful if you don’t want to cancel all the tickets you have booked in one transaction.

What Happens If You Cancel Tatkal
Waiting List Tickets

For a train whose chart has not been prepared, you can cancel the tickets before it gets done and gets the refund.

If you cancel the waiting list ticket 48 hours before the time of departure then you will get some money deducted which can be anything in between 609 rs to rs 240 depending in the class of the tickets, the charges are on an individual ticket basis so the number of tatkal tickets that you have, the charge will also get multiplied by that number.

But in this case, you will get the rest of the money back as a refund. Whereas, if the tickets are confirmed, then you are not getting anything back and all the money will be lost.

So this is all that you need to know about the cancellation of reserved tatkal tickets. Since you already know that if the tickets are confirmed, you will not get any kind of refund so be careful the next time that you are buying these tickets.

Any minor change in the plan can make you getting monetary losses as you will not get the money back. So be wise to purchase the tickets and cancel it as soon as you have any change in the plans as it is clear that a slight delay in the timing can prove to be fatal when it comes to tickets for the tatkal.