The artist turned entrepreneur, Sanna Wieslander is an emerging and rising name in the art domain. After Johnson using We found this lady artist to be exceptionally talented in creating epic art sketches and funny pictures. The young artist had a strong instinct and passion of sketches since childhood and she is all set to live her dreams now.

Hailing from a small town called Uddevalla on the west coast of Sweden, she always wanted to do something big in an outfield. So she shifted to Gothenburg and her journey started. 

There is an old saying “If you really want something to happen, you will make it happen”.
Somehow she managed to take some time off from her day work so that she could continue with her passion. She joined an art school nearby and learned basics there.

After spending a couple of years at art school, she realized that she can do something bigger so she incorporated her own company. SWART [ Sanna Wieslander ART ] in 2013. She left her job and started working for her own company then.

” I love to play with imagination, draw and combine different motives into new, quickly and mysterious creatures. So you have to think a little”…. sanna

I think she is a one woman army because she single handily built her own empire. And it’s really commendable that a small town girl hit big, she runs her own blog cum online store where one can actually buy her original creations. She has been a little bit business minded too, as she also offers discounts on some selected artworks. The best part is, her artworks are distributed by retailers from all over the world.














All artworks and illustrations are completely drawn by her hand, and on completion, these are printed on special quality sheets, then duly signed by her. We hope to see her rising like this and world like to wish for her future achievements.


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