Creative Playist Name Ideas - Playist Name Generators

So here we brought up the lists of some of the best, creative, sassy and catchy playlists name as per the mood of songs which are categorized and stated below.

Music has certainly been so developed in every decade and a part of people’s life since ages. With evolving technology, music has also evolved itself and not only music, but also the ways and sources of listening it.

Since music has glorified itself from being on music player, iPods, smart-phones to being on all the online streaming platforms, one thing that made people to remember and sort their music is their playlist.

Good Playlist Name Generator 2020 : Unique, Classy & Catchy

Playlist is basically a common category for a certain mood of music so that people listen them on altogether as per their mood.  People use to name their playlist as per their choices, creativity, privacy etc., whereas some of them do think over to name their playlist perfectly and end up getting nothing.

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Playlist Names for Love Songs

Here are the list of name of playlists for a collection of Love Songs :

  1. Love around
  2. Romance Triggers
  3. Love shots
  4. Rom Time
  5. Soul Stirrers
  6. Love to my soul
  7. Feel Love
  8. Affectionators
  9. Love Detonators
  10. Strings to Soul
  11. Hold my love
  12. A walk forever
  13. Sip of eternity
  14. Eternal bliss
  15. Hold me forever
  16. When I’m with you.
  17. Yours truly
  18. In your lap
  19. Filled with love
  20. Songs that produce love
  21. Straight from heart
  22. Heavenly Love
  23. Start you romance
  24. Click to love
  25. Love starts here
  26. Blossom
  27. Blooming
  28. Love Chords
  29. Binge with Bae
  30. Attachments forever
  31. Love accepted all above
  32. Tremendously in Love
  33. Wild with winter
  34. Love is the new blues
  35. Windy Love
  36. Love is in the air
  37. Colours of my heart
  38. Thoughts of you
  39. Feels like home
  40. What is love?
  41. With you forever
  42. Make me eternal
  43. All of us
  44. All yours
  45. My heart
  46. Mine forever
  47. Keep me yours
  48. Hope of Love
  49. Love to get loved
  50. Hope around love
  51. Darling You’re Mine
  52. Winter Weather Chilly Nights
  53. The Words I Couldn’t Say
  54. Warm Heart
  55. When I’m With You
  56. My Heart and Soul
  57. You Used to Be Like Home
  58. You’ve Got Something Special
  59. Just You
  60. My World
  61. In Your Eyes Only
  62. Way Too Deep Thoughts
  63. Bashful Smiles
  64. Brighter Than the Love
  65. Colourful Romance
  66. Lie Me with your Truth
  67. Forget the World when you are with me
  68. Imagine Their Paths Crossing With Mine
  69. Never Forget You
  70. Love Everyone’s Got
  71. Take Me Out to Love
  72. Summer of Love
  73. Romance all the way
  74. I Want You Back
  75. Be my Dream that Come True
  76. We Hope for Rainy Days
  77. Lovely Leftovers
  78. Fell in Love With You
  79. Walk This World Alone with us
  80. The Colder Days
  81. Vibrant Love
  82. We Are Falling to Love
  83. Love Unstoppable, Unbounded, Unfailing
  84. When You Loved Me the Most
  85. Hold my Hand

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Creative Playlist Names for Indie Music

This kind of music manages the different horizons of mood and hence the playlist should also go to some different horizons  :

  1. Dream Indie
  2. Oceanic Blue
  3. Heavenly dropdown
  4. Flower from the branches
  5. Week Blues
  6. Mellifluous
  7. Deep Thoughts
  8. Midnight Blues
  9. Follow you
  10. Everyone got everything
  11. Trip to eternity
  12. Flawless Phase
  13. Musical Cravings
  14. City Jazz
  15. Stars born to shine
  16. Typically yours
  17. Moon Bloom
  18. My Indie Top 20
  19. Stolen Moments
  20. Magnificent Melodies
  21. Visionary Vibes
  22. Musical Whim
  23. Trimming indie
  24. Heavy Manners
  25. Dub Me
  26. Velvet Virgo

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Disco Playlist Name Ideas- Playlist for Rock and Metallic Music

  1. No Cry Leave
  2. No Turn Unstoned
  3. One Heart in Roots
  4. Stir It Up
  5. Sometimes You Just Want to Be Happy and Sing
  6. Light the Spliff on Fire
  7. Bounce and Chill
  8. Island Fever
  9. The Long Road Calls
  10. Drive to the moon
  11. Take Me Away
  12. Numb & Still Dancing
  13. Wavy Nights
  14. Meet Me on Top of the World
  15. Lakes and Lakeshore
  16. Forests & Wildings
  17. I am the Wind
  18. Give Me What You Got Life
  19. Born to Be Big
  20. Come Dance With Me
  21. Behind Every Dubstep Sympathy
  22. A Darker Day
  23. Stairway to Heaven
  24. Highway to Hell
  25. Can’t Help Falling for Dance
  26. We Will Rock You
  27. Keep Your Heads High
  28. Dance and Forget the World
  29. The Roots of Raised Volumes
  30. Titanium Nights
  31. Shake with Stars
  32. Till Early Mornings
  33. Night Song

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Creative Playlist Names for Sad Songs

Sometimes you have to gulp-up all the sadness and music is the best way to celebrate your loneliness and here we are for you to sum up all the sad playlist name that could help you heal your wounds:

  1. Living on a Prayer
  2. A Day in the Life
  3. Being Lonely
  4. Without You
  5. You Really Got Me There
  6. I Lost My Mind to You
  7. I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
  8. My Footprints In Your Heart
  9. Autumns Falls
  10. Black Flags
  11. Long Nights Mad World
  12. A Path for Lost Wanderers
  13. Be In My Eyes Forever
  14. Be In My Heart
  15. Forgive to Forget
  16. Waiting for the Ocean
  17. Don’t Look Back

Playlist for Songs of Peace

Peace of mind is a state at which people find their solace and somehow their serendipity. We came up with those lists of peace and sad playlist names for you:

  1. The Arrival of Autumn
  2. Daisy Love
  3. A Time of Wonder
  4. Flickering
  5. Mountain Sound
  6. Silence of Silence
  7. Golden Days of Summer
  8. Dipping Stones
  9. Sea Take Me Home
  10. Back to me
  11. World for Peace
  12. Quiet Storms
  13. Keep on Walking Free
  14. My Heart Coming For Piece
  15. Tides beyond Times
  16. Begin Again
  17. Relaxation
  18. Fading Sunset
  19. I’ll Run After Me
  20. Living, Laughing and Loving
  21. Sky Above
  22. Voice Within Sweetest
  23. Beyond the Wind
  24. Sky Above and Peace Aside
  25. Coffee Sipping
  26. Soft Silk
  27. Cabin Dreams
  28. Breathe in, Breathe Out
  29. Empty Hearts and Flat Dreams
  30. Still Shining
  31. Soothing my soul
  32. Cold Fire Within
  33. Spring Serenity
  34. Look for Fairies

Motivational Playlists

Whether you are going through your lows or yi=ou are gymming or you want to achieve an aim which you think is next to impossible, all that drives you through these hard times is just one single motivation and who is the best companion to join you in this than a perfect music. Let’s just go through some of the best first impression motivational playlist name that you could use to collect all your motivational music:

  1. Don’t Give Up
  2. The Unbeatable
  3. I Feel Good
  4. Get ready to win
  5. Champions of Chances
  6. Glorious Victories
  7. Heroes of Struggle
  8. Never settle for subtle
  9. Tornado
  10. Above the sky
  11. Mountains and the clouds
  12. Drop dead Motivated
  13. Fill the losers with victory
  14. Losers are champions
  15. Never give up
  16. Feel my blood
  17. Sweat to be supreme
  18. Hell with your heaven
  19. Sweat all the way
  20. Head all above
  21. Throw the stone to the sky
  22. Climb your fears
  23. Don’t hesitate to be perfect
  24. Winning is the path from losing

Rap Playlist Names – Playlist for Hip Hop Music

  1. Hundred Dollar Music
  2. Tunes Chilling to Some Hipster Rap
  3. Bad guys at 4 AM
  4. Rap 360 Degrees
  5. You Are My Favourite Rap
  6. Rap Slow Summer Is Coming
  7. So Let’s Get High on Music
  8. We Be Kicking It Wishing You
  9. Light Speed Rap
  10. Party Hard after midnight
  11. Chill out with Rap
  12. Lit party 101
  13. Will Get You Higher Hip-Hop
  14. Hip Hop Hallelujah
  15. Hop Mafia
  16. Remix Club
  17. Rap Stream
  18. Weekend Wanderer
  19. Love Me Hip Hop
  20. Rap Fire
  21. Good Rap
  22. Dope Rap
  23. Hip Hop Fire
  24. Rap and Pop Fever
  25. Rap Fight
  26. Rap Party Those Nights
  27. Hip-Rap Poetry
  28. Get Lit Hop Hard
  29. Stay Hipped & Hopped
  30. Chill Body Language
  31. Rap like never before
  32. Street Rap Fight
  33. Free and Faded
  34. Work-Chill-Rap
  35. Your Favourite Rapper
  36. For My Hip-Hop & Rap
  37. Dope Tracks
  38. Music Fire Hip-Hop Mix
  39. Hardest Drill Rap
  40. Trap in Rap
  41. Impulses and Hop
  42. City Hip Hop
  43. Hip Hop Summer Nights
  44. Late Night DJ
  45. Walk the Talk Rap
  46. Even Minor Rap is Love
  47. Let’s Go Rap
  48. Rap Meets Hop
  49. Rap Hop Zap
  50. Hipped and Ripped
  51. Hop my Music Loud

Playlist Names for Dance Music

Dance is a form of prayer and meditation for many people. Dance is a complete stress reliever and the best source to believe that every tension will sink at the end. Let’s see some of the best playlist that we have brought up for you to give your dance songs an initial groove:

  1. Dance Like Nobody Is Watching
  2. Dance like Never Before
  3. Dream Like Dancing
  4. Tropical Tunes
  5. Night Dreaming with Dance
  6. Heart wants what it wants
  7. We Found Dance
  8. A State of Trance
  9. Deep Dance
  10. Dance to the Beat
  11. House Party
  12. Dance Arrest
  13. Staying Alive and Dance
  14. Let’s Get Happy Dance
  15. Pure Trance
  16. Rise to be a Dancer
  17. Beat Drop
  18. Forget Your Troubles and Dance
  19. One More Time Dance
  20. Dancing Alone till 4 A.M.
  21. Party Hard
  22. Rock Anthem
  23. Faded Under Fine
  24. Living Lights Night
  25. Vibing Out Loud
  26. Dance of the Blue Moon
  27. Rock and Roll
  28. Cha-Cha to the Chorus
  29. Dazzlers Dancers
  30. Songs to Bake Bass
  31. Bass Busters
  32. Take on Me Where You Trying to Party
  33. Chill Out Grooves
  34. Electronic Music Mantra
  35. Drive Summer Time Study
  36. Vibe and Dance
  37. Tracks Russian Ballet
  38. Party Like a Rock
  39. Wanna Dance Hard
  40. Just Want to Dance
  41. Taste Like Trance
  42. Like a Drive in Beat
  43. A Trip to Dancing Northwales
  44. Driving Dope
  45. Dancing Dope
  46. Move Your Body
  47. Dance Goddess
  48. Drinks and Dance
  49. Feel the Music
  50. Breathe It in
  51. Want to Fly Away Dancing With Myself
  52. Dance Party
  53. Glow and Dance All Day
  54. Party Time Happy Tunes
  55. Feel Right Ready to Party
  56. We Are About to Get Burned Up
  57. Wild Moves
  58. Sip the Dance
  59. Have a Dance
  60. Drip to Dance
  61. Dipped in Dance
  62. Treasure of Trance
  63. Miami Trance
  64. Trippin’ to Trance
  65. Dread to Dance
  66. Dare to Dance
  67. Don’t Like Dance to Ignore
  68. Dozens of Dance Moves
  69. Moveable and Shakeable
  70. This time Dance
  71. Don’t Disrespect Dance
  72. Dance out Loud

Travel Music Playlist Names

Travelling with Music gives you a unbounded hope and good vibrations, so let us have a look at some catchy travel music playlists names:

  1. Trip To Nowhere
  2. Trip to Eternity
  3. Go where the sky ends
  4. Roads to Remember
  5. Step ahead
  6. Good old travel
  7. Stay away from the world
  8. Mute the world
  9. Lonely Lakes
  10. Bashes to Bushes
  11. Wild to be with you
  12. Travel and Trips
  13. Travel Vibes
  14. Field Forever
  15. Fix to Field
  16. Stick to Roads
  17. Road Irresistable
  18. Stable on Unstable Travel
  19. Regular Roadtrips
  20. Resilient Roadwalks
  21. Silent streetlamps
  22. Say it Travel
  23. Tours and Treasures
  24. Tour Hunt
  25. Crossroads
  26. Dreams in my Eyes, Dust on my shoes

Workout Playlist Names

Music is an eternal part of Gymming as it produces lots of energy while work out.  Let’s have a look at some of the inspiring music playlists that will urge you to push a step ahead:

  1. Build it Up
  2. Boost your Body
  3. Weight to Lift
  4. Weight your energy
  5. Do it harder
  6. Push yourself ahead
  7. Fix yourself to lift ups
  8. Push-ups to Pick yourself
  9. Guard your Give-ups
  10. Lift it all
  11. Squats to Showdown
  12. Do it now
  13. Start today
  14. Your time is now
  15. Busy in Biceps
  16. Shrink to Fat
  17. Show is on
  18. Body’s Up
  19. Big Better Beast
  20. Blown Away
  21. Big Feast
  22. Feed your Limits
  23. Hard to Home
  24. Gym Giants
  25. Gymmin’ beyond Limits

Clever Christmas Playlists Names 

  1. Christmas Eve
  2. Christmas Bells
  3. Christmas Classic
  4. Snow Now
  5. Santa is Coming
  6. Jingle Bell do it well
  7. Jingles everywhere
  8. Christ do it right
  9. Rock this Christmas
  10. Christmas Believer
  11. Christmas of 50s
  12. Because its Christmas
  13. Snowy ode to Christmas
  14. Santa got it right
  15. Santasmas
  16. Christmas at the Cabin
  17. Country Christmas
  18. Christmas at County
  19. Christmas Trip
  20. Play the Christmas Eve
  21. Song Christmas alive
  22. Rock & Snow
  23. Bells of hope
  24. Holy Christ..Its Christmas
  25. Christmas Wish
  26. Winter Wonderland
  27. Christmas ahead
  28. Christmas time to me
  29. Light of Christmas
  30. Shake your legs on this Christmas
  31. Christmas with you

Angry Playlist Names Ideas

  1. I don’t want to get back to you
  2. Don’t wanna take it again
  3. Take it from me
  4. Bitter Coffee
  5. Cactus Dreams
  6. Hung on it
  7. Move On
  8. Can’t take it more
  9. I know i go back to you
  10. Behead my feelings
  11. Hollow Dreams
  12. Broken Promises
  13. Let them go
  14. Get out of it
  15. That feeling of worstness
  16. Take it back
  17. This is what it is
  18. Heart got stuck
  19. Is he the only one?
  20. Heavy Expectations
  21. Sledge me back
  22. Restart it again..? No
  23. What time wants
  24. Disrespected feelings
  25. Dry Tears
  26. Feelings unstoppable
  27. Various regrets
  28. Regrets to the roots
  29. Secrets to regrets
  30. Burning desire
  31. Dropping the desire
  32. Feel my fire
  33. This has to be changed
  34. If you get me down
  35. You make me sick
  36. Kill my pain
  37. Complicated
  38. Smells like hatred
  39. Fought my fears
  40. Scars like this
  41. Have my hatred
  42. Bless you down
  43. Weaken Walls
  44. Break me down
  45. Got you real
  46. This is the sunset
  47. Make myself shine again
  48. Take me out of wounds
  49. How to not being sad
  50. Black and white dreams
  51. Riot within

Punjabi Playlists Names Ideas

  1. Bhangra Beats
  2. Jatt da Jalsa
  3. Punjabi Adda
  4. Keep calm and do bhangra
  5. Jalsa Punjabi
  6. Don’t Pun with Punjabi
  7. Kill it with Punjabi
  8. Ludhiana Hits
  9. Amritsari Swag
  10. Punjabiyaan di Shaan
  11. Wakhra Swag
  12. Keep it like Punjabi
  13. This time is for Punjabi
  14. Let’s do Gidda
  15. Rock it Punjabi
  16. Peg Patiala
  17. Punjab da munda
  18. Punjabiyaan di tooti bole

Skateboarding Playlist Names Ideas

  1. No Cars Allowed
  2. Skate to the state
  3. Street Hassle
  4. Rock n’ Roll Suicide
  5. Street Groove
  6. Every You and Every Me
  7. Where Is My Mind?
  8. I Love It Skate
  9. The Velvet Underground
  10. No Cars Go
  11. The Arcade Fire
  12. Shake it Skate
  13. Wheels on the ground
  14. Friction Fairy

Funny Playlist Names Ideas

  1. Devil Dancers
  2. Got ‘em riding
  3. Heartache
  4. Gotta believe me or leave me
  5. Listen my songs and believe they are best
  6. Don’t touch my playlist
  7. Crave for music, here’s my playlist
  8. Here I musicify
  9. I’m the biggest music geek
  10. Music on. World off
  11. Keep it musicdential
  12. Groove to my guns
  13. Play it harder
  14. Let music spill
  15. Road Nutcracker
  16. Music is my insanity

Summer Music Playlist Ideas

  1. Summer Vibes
  2. Summer is here
  3. Hotness is Highness
  4. Be my ice in Summers
  5. Mocktail with a tale
  6. Here is my secret to be alive
  7. Summer Salsa
  8. Salads of Summer
  9. Beat the heat with summer
  10. Summer Slices
  11. Here i bang music
  12. Beaches and my Bitches
  13. Sand Musicana
  14. Beach Baby
  15. Hotness Musically Loaded
  16. Be my summer shine
  17. Sunshine and my playlist alive
  18. Download my playlist
  19. Summer Colours
  20. Get it done in Summers
  21. Have a good Summer
  22. Big day with summer and music
  23. League of Music
  24. Hotness Reloaded
  25. Be my sunshine

Holiday Playlist Names Ideas

  1. Holiday Pop
  2. Holiday Desire
  3. Thrive for Holiday
  4. Holiday Pop
  5. Country Party
  6. Party out of town
  7. Participate in Party
  8. Downtown Party
  9. Have a great holiday
  10. Congrats for a holiday
  11. Party hard
  12. Be my holiday
  13. Cheers to party
  14. Here is my world
  15. Give me a break
  16. Out of town
  17. Stay your music alive
  18. Booze to Snooze
  19. Late Night Holidays
  20. Have my tequila
  21. Bring on Holidays
  22. Stay awake
  23. Little happiness on holidays
  24. Stay a bit longer
  25. You are my relaxation

Bollywood Playlists Name Ideas

  1. Bollywood Tadka
  2. Bollywood Groove
  3. Bollywood Masala
  4. Entertainment Bollywood
  5. B’Town Party
  6. Bollywood Dhamaka
  7. Item Dance Bollywood
  8. Love Songs Bollywood
  9. Ishq wala Love
  10. This is Bollywood
  11. Dance Bollywood
  12. Desi Beats
  13. Desi Tadka Beats
  14. B’Town Classics
  15. Bollywood Evergreen
  16. Bollywood Masterpiece
  17. Big Thing Bollywood
  18. Bollywood Mashups
  19. Dance like Desi Girl
  20. Big Bollywood Hits
  21. Manali Trance
  22. Go Slow with Snow
  23. Gaane Suhane
  24. Evergreen Hindi
  25. Best of Bollywood

Drunk Playlist Names Ideas

  1. Booze of my Bottle
  2. Drink and Music
  3. Cheers
  4. Drunkard
  5. Boozers
  6. Summer Wine
  7. Tequila Shots
  8. Tequila Nights
  9. Booze my Bass
  10. Bartender and my Bass
  11. Music & Drinks Up
  12. How drunked
  13. Big fat glass and high music
  14. Drinks Up
  15. One bottle Down
  16. Booze Club
  17. Club Night
  18. Pub and Party
  19. Party Hard

70s Playlist Names Ideas

  1. Superb 70s
  2. Sinking 70s
  3. Evergreen 70s
  4. Classic 70s
  5. Sleep to 70s
  6. Switch to 70s
  7. Flawless 70s
  8. Old Classics 70s
  9. Classically 70s
  10. Step to 70s
  11. Cassette Classics 70s

Wedding Playlist Names

  1. Wed me good
  2. Wedding DJ
  3. Club the wedding
  4. Wedzo Music
  5. Weirdo Wedding
  6. Music in the Wedding
  7. Wedding Songs
  8. Wedding Musically
  9. Be my dancemate
  10. Wedding Groove
  11. Shake it on Wedding
  12. Wedding Club Mix
  13. Wedding Mashup
  14. Wedding Vows with Music
  15. Make my wedding playlist
  16. Gift to Groove
  17. Grand Wedding Grand Music
  18. Swirl on Wedding Bells

Flirty Playlist Names Ideas

  1. Shake your booty
  2. Musically Sexy Songster
  3. Tunes That Tangle
  4. Twin Strings
  5. Tackle my Tunes
  6. Tick a Tape Recorder
  7. Firestone Musically alone
  8. Musical monsters
  9. My lap your music
  10. Turn on the Tunes
  11. Tickle my Tunes
  12. Cuddle my Playlist
  13. Swing your hips
  14. Hussle your hips
  15. Cuddle Funk

Sassy Playlist Names Ideas

  1. Carefree Soul
  2. Uncaged Epitome
  3. Freestone Music
  4. Iam hard to believe
  5. Not your mother’s music
  6. Not a girl next door
  7. Man of Mood with Music
  8. Sassified
  9. Sassy Club
  10. Music in my DNA
  11. Breakup Code
  12. Love yourself Forget everyone else
  13. Oh so Sassy!
  14. Lonely yet Lively
  15. Fear No one


Final Take:

So here was our playlists for different moods and occasions and we hope you would have find your Favorite playlists here. If you still want any kind of playlists that we have missed here do write us back and we make sure to provide you what’s best in our bucket.


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