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So here we have a list of few best compliments to give dancers that you can use as dance comments on WhatsApp or Instagram for your friends; dance comments for students and relatives to make their dance efforts a perfect worth.

Not only reality shows but their judges lays an important role in this era and their ear-catching compliments and comments also make a mark on the viewer.

In today’s era of reality shows are internet access, there are various people who find their solace in showing off their dance moves on respective platforms. Reality shows and YouTube today are the best source of showing off your moves and the best answer of “Show me what you got baby”

250+ Dance Comments For Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Tiktok

The list of various compliments and comments that you can just copy and paste :

  1. Perfect Moves! Such a clean steps.
  2. What a dance
  3. You danced beautifully my friend! I mean Really
  4. Every move is worth a watch
  5. Believe to be best
  6. Best in the world
  7. This is it
  8. You have made this stage proud
  9. Believe this, you have done so well
  10. Great ability and great flexibility
  11. Good use of stage.
  12. Strong interpretation of the story through your movements
  13. Dance routine was great.
  14. You told a story which is admiring
  15. Using your hand gestures showed your confidence
  16. A beautiful performance
  17. Very emotional and moving.
  18. You have great charisma
  19. Please keep this as it is as this will distinguish you from other dancers.
  20. You put your heart and soul into the dance.
  21. Very gifted, well done!
  22. You showed us great facial expressions
  23. Your move perfectly matched with the music
  24. Lovely choreography and song choice
  25. We love that you perform with your facial expressions
  26. This is engaging for the audience.
  27. Good energy and expression
  28. Your facial expressions were great
  29. It was very engaging to watch.
  30. Great energy
  31. 100% commitment to what you were doing
  32. Good energy and formations
  33. Bags of energy and you looked great
  34. Super outfit and dance
  35. Really make you stand out with your moves!
  36. Nice postures
  37. Great costume
  38. Good commitment to the act
  39. Nice use of the stage and props
  40. Superb timing between
  41. Some super complexity in the dance
  42. Super control and sharp holds.
  43. You performed visually well with good control
  44. Would be good to see your progress
  45. Even further moves
  46. Add in more complicated moves.
  47. Your transitions between the moves need to be a little smoother
  48. This will be more smoother with practice.
  49. Work on facial expressions will make this act awesome
  50. Great use of the stage space
  51. Make sure your timing is perfect.
  52. Try to vary up your moves a little more
  53. Make the performance even better.
  54. Great dynamics of the movements
  55. Extend fully to finish all the moves
  56. Amazing
  57. Astonishing
  58. Atta Boy / Girl!!
  59. Astounding
  60. Awesome
  61. Exceptional & extraordinary
  62. Sensational Moves
  63. Stunning Performance
  64. You dance as beautiful as you look. And you look divine
  65. You dance with your soul
  66. You’ve got something that money can’t buy
  67. You make me feel like Cinderella
  68. You dance as if the music goes into your soul through your body and comes out of your feet
  69. Absolutely no obstruction in between your dance
  70. Not the greatest, but really cool.
  71. You dance from your heart
  72. You are gifted
  73. It literally gave me goosebumps
  74. Great! Phenomenal! Superb! Cool!
  75. Out Of Sight
  76. Excellent
  77. Unbelievable Work
  78. Two Thumbs Up
  79. You’ve Got It
  80. Way To Go
  81. Terrific
  82. Outstanding Performance
  83. You’ve Outdone Yourself
  84. Marvelous
  85. Your every move counted as perfect
  86. Amazing Effort
  87. Bravo
  88. Alas! You have excelled
  89. Exceptional
  90. Breathtaking
  91. Wonderful
  92. You’re Special
  93. Keep Up The Good Work
  94. First Rate Work
  95. Fantastic Work
  96. You Should Be Proud
  97. I Knew You Had It In You
  98. Very Good
  99. Stupendous
  100. Sensational
  101. A+ Work
  102. What An Imagination
  103. Awesome
  104. You’re A Great Example For Others
  105. You Made It Happen
  106. You’re A Real Trooper
  107. It Couldn’t Be Better than this
  108. Good For You
  109. You’re A Good Shot
  110. You Made The Difference out of it
  111. Take A Bow
  112. Superb Job
  113. You’re Unique
  114. It’s Everything I Hoped For
  115. You have Surpassed my expectations
  116. How Thoughtful Of You
  117. Nice Going
  118. You’re A Class Act
  119. Well Done
  120. You’re Inspiring
  121. How Artistic
  122. You Go That Extra Mile today
  123. Hurray For You
  124. Great Answer
  125. You Deserve A Hug
  126. High Five
  127. Extra Special Work
  128. Wow you have met my expectations totally.
  129. You’re Getting Better
  130. You’re on Top Today
  131. You’re Amazing
  132. What A Great Idea
  133. You Figured It Out the best in you
  134. You’ve Got What It Takes
  135. You’re Neat & Clean in your moves
  136. You’re A Joy to watch
  137. You’re A Shining Star
  138. Spectacular Work
  139. Smooth as Silk
  140. You’re No. 1
  141. You Tried Hard
  142. Full marks for the effort
  143. The Time You Put Really Shows here
  144. Remarkable
  145. Far Out
  146. How Extraordinary
  147. You’re a Winner already
  148. You Came Through
  149. That’s Incredible
  150. 5 Star Work
  151. You’re Super
  152. You Can Do It
  153. You’re The Greatest
  154. Sweet
  155. Great Effort
  156. How Original
  157. Never seen before
  158. What A Genius
  159. You’re A Natural dancer
  160. Its a Pleasure To watch you
  161. Way To Go
  162. You’re Sharp
  163. 162 Congratulations. I’m Proud Of You
  164. Thank You For this
  165. I’m Impressed
  166. You’re Very Talented
  167. Great Discovery
  168. You’re A Champ
  169. Right On
  170. Rock On
  171. You’re So Good
  172. Thanks For entertaining
  173. Perfect source of goosebumps
  174. You’re a perfect grade
  175. Magnificent Moves
  176. You’ve Earned My Respect
  177. You’ve Made Progress so big
  178. Outstanding Effort
  179. Neat & Remarkable
  180. I Love It
  181. Beautiful Bingo
  182. That’s Perfect
  183. Right On
  184. Your Best Work
  185. So Expressive
  186. You’ve Improved
  187. Keep It Up
  188. Nice One
  189. Incomparable and Incredible
  190. I Appreciate You
  191. Good Leadership
  192. Great Job
  193. Stunning
  194. You Rule
  195. Keep On Trying
  196. You Make Me Smile
  197. You Rock
  198. You’re An Angel
  199. That’s The Way
  200. Good For You
  201. A Job Well Done
  202. 201.Well executed
  203. Getting Better All The Time
  204. Worthy Of An Award
  205. Better Than Ever
  206. Super Duper
  207. Great Dedication
  208. Top Notch
  209. Hats Off To You
  210. Spectacular
  211. Good Try
  212. I Like It
  213. Great Enthusiasm
  214. Lovely
  215. Very Resourceful
  216. It’s a Masterpiece
  217. Nice work
  218. Great stuff
  219. Eleven out Of ten
  220. 100% It’s a class
  221. Record Breaker
  222. That’s the best of this year
  223. Twice as good as your last attempt
  224. Give yourself a pat on the back
  225. Let me shake your hand
  226. A big round of applause
  227. I think that is worth a round of applause
  228. Congratulations Bravo!
  229. You did it on your first attempt
  230. You finally did it
  231. I’m impressed/ That’s really impressive
  232. You’ve been a great
  233. Stupendous
  234. Fantastic
  235. Fabulous
  236. Terrific
  237. Tremendous marvellous
  238. Magnificent
  239. Mind blowing
  240. Unbelievable
  241. Unprecedented
  242. Unusual
  243. Phenomenal
  244. Remarkable
  245. Incredible
  246. Wonderful
  247. Outstanding
  248. You have made every move sizzling.
  249. Utterly butterly moves
  250. Fluidic Performance
  251. Can’t take my eyes off
  252. Be the way you are
  253. Mark my words you deserve everything
  254. An act worth the time
  255. All the claps for you.
  256. You have got something special in you.
  257. That dance element is the best element in you.
  258. You look dance so easy.
  259. The worst part of it is, it got over.
  260. Don’t stop anyway.
  261. You made my day.
  262. Stage got its value today
  263. This was the dance to divinity

There are various forms of dance that has been a source of entertainment and culture. Below are the list of various famous dance forms that are in the world:

      1. Bollywood Dance, India
      2. Ballet, Russia
      3. Flamenco, Spain
      4. Break Dance, United States
      5. Belly Dance, Middle East
      6. Tango, Argentina
      7. Kabuki, Japan
      8. Salsa, Cuba
      9. Samba, Brazil
      10. Bhangra, India

Dance is an art that signify talent and energy level of an individual is so popular in every nook and corner of the world. Dance is a way to express emotions and feelings thus it is mandatory for everyone to ace mo matter what how much you know about it as it is a kind of exercise and meditation which increases concentration power also.


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