Death Dreams Interpretations

Death Dreams Interpretations 1

There is hardly any person who does not have dreams on a regular basis. While most of the dreams are bizarre, crazy and often leave the dreamer marveling at their stupidity, some dreams also tend to convey deep inner meaning to the dreamer. A lot of people have often complained about witnessing deaths in dreams. There can be several kinds of dreams related to death, each with an interpretation of its own as we classify in our article.


But first of all, what exactly are Dreams?


 There are several hypothetical explanations that try to explain why we dream and the biological mechanism behind it. However, no one has been able to explain the process flawlessly with solid proofs. It is said that dreams occur during the REM phase of sleeping when the brain is excessively active and the body is in deep sleep. While some researchers and scientists call dreams the non-sensible effects and activities from the brain that is asleep, others believe that dreams have a close relation to the real life’s condition.


Death in Dreams is often classified into the category of nightmares, meaning that it is not a good kind of dream. While such a dream can leave you scared and wondering if any of it can prove to be real, we urge you not to worry since nightmares scarcely prove to be real, even so, when there are deaths in dreams. A lot of people tend to get scared and avoid drifting off to deep sleep as dreams mostly occur during that phase, thereby trying to avoid dreaming altogether. However, what they do not realize is that dreaming is a very normal activity of the brain and by avoiding it one can call upon some serious troubles upon himself.


Why dreaming is necessary for health?


The first person who began actively researching about dreams and their significance was Sigmund Freud. He tried to prove that dreams were a way of fulfilling one’s desires that cannot be done in reality, or a gateway where the unconscious desires can be realized. Late in the 1950’s, other scientists began looking into the several biological reasons that may trigger dreams to reach a solid conclusion. In one such survey, they conducted an experiment where the patients were not allowed to drift off to deep sleep, thereby preventing them from having any dreams. The results observed proved that not dreaming can influence the subject’s health to get worse in several ways:

1) Stress levels increased when the subjects were not allowed to dream. They reported of getting more anxious, tensed and stressed in situations that others do not. As we all know, the stress hormone wrecks havoc in the various body parts and hence one should try to take as less stress as they can.


2) Often people can take refuge in the momentary happiness of dreams, especially when they are really sad and under problems in real life. Often even on waking up, it makes them happy about it, hence dreaming sort of relieves depression.


3) One can find their hidden wishes and desires by dreaming and hence work more on their hidden potential. Let’s take the case of a man who always thought he was a failure in art, singing, sports, etc. It was when he had a dream where he was playing the piano he went ahead, bought a piano and started taking classes to learn it. Today, he is a great pianist and plays amazingly. If he had not had that dream, he might have never discovered his hidden potential.


4) Dreams often bring in memories that you had seemingly forgotten but suddenly they come back from your subconscious mind in the form of a vivid dream. Hence, dreaming can prove to be extremely beneficial in ways that you cannot even think of.


In the experiment observed where the patients were not allowed to drift off into REM sleep, they noted weight gain and depression in the patients, yet another proof that not dreaming can affect the health in several undesirable ways. However, death in dreams has the first effect on the dreamer to get him scared. Nobody wants to die, isn’t it? However, it is important to understand that death in dreams can have several other meanings than only to scare the hell out of you. In this article, we will explore several reasons why we experience death in dreams, the various explanations for it given by several religions and how to tackle it without getting scared.



Several Types of Death in Dreams


Just like there are several ways how people die, similarly, even in dreams, one can witness an assorted range of ways to die. Generally, it might be a recurring dream that scares you or has a close relation to your current life. In the subconscious mind, a fear might keep on working to enhance your dreams towards your fears, which in this case should be death. One can also experience a death due to their phobias in their sleep.


Accidental Death in Dreams –  Why does it occur?


1) Death by car or plane crash is a common kind of a death dream, and though one must wake up totally freaked out after such a dream, we think it is really unnecessary. These kinds of dreams mostly are responsible for ruining your peace of mind later on such a day. People use cars to travel all the time and one such dream might keep you in a constant fear whether it might come true. Here is a fact- most of the times, death in car and plane crashes are dreamed when one has a future event lying ahead to travel somewhere. In the subconscious mind, a fear of whether your journey will be good constantly stays, even though you may not realize it. Hence, it is totally natural and unlikely to come true.


2) Death by falling off a cliff or ladder is the weirdest kind of a dream and we know how scary the feeling must be in a dream. One often keeps falling and wakes up with a thud, with a thumping heart. This kind of a dream is also closely related with falling in dreams interpretations. Whereas it may seem very unusual, this dream is also really common and all people have had it at least once in their lifetime. Others experience this as a recurring dream, especially those with a phobia for heights. However, there is no reason to get scared of it. It is just an expression of the fears in your inner mind and provided you stay safe and do go on the edge of a cliff in real life, no harm will come about!



Natural Death in Dreams  –  Why does it occur?


Death by diseases is the most natural kind of death that haunt people due to their feasibility. All people suffer from one or the other disease which makes them worried about their future. Often, diagnosis of diseases like stones, diabetes, etc worries the patient about their body. It might also be that one lost someone close to such and such disease and now they worried about the same for them, which bounces back to them in the form of a dream. Even though death by diseases is not very unlikely, it is needless to fear such a thing, given that one lives only once. Worrying makes all diseases worse due to the release of the stress hormone. You should make the most of your life without worrying about dying that you only experienced in dreams.


The death of another person in Dreams:


You can also see a different person die in your dreams and in case that person is close you are going to get really worried. It might be a family member that you so dearly love that you are afraid of losing, due to which you had such a dream. It might also be an acquaintance and it is totally weird but okay to have such a dream about them. Usually, death of another person is triggered by someone’s death in real life which has not left your mind and keeps recurring as dreams.


Interpretation of death in dreams by Christianity


In Christianity, dreams act as a symbolism of the condition of your current spirit and the state of your soul. They state that to experience a dream where one is dying must be the symbol of several changes coming one’s way, various transformations taking place in one’s life and the ending of a certain lifestyle and the birth of a new one. It is normal to feel scared of changes since no human being can be totally ready for a change and it takes some time to adjust to the new surroundings. Hence death here appears just as a symbolism for the change.


However, Christianity also states that death in dreams can symbolize your disappointment in yourself and you’re being down after some failure in your life. It also states that the death of parents is a symbol that you are unable to make correct decisions and have faith in yourself, It is a very strong sign that you should reconsider the path that you are pursuing in your life. The death of a spouse is stated to be a protective side to your nature, or a symbol that something really precious to you has been lost. It might be a person, your ambitions or even some desirable belonging. You can also have a dream where you die after helping others to a great extent which is a direct indication that you are doing too much for others and need to recourse your path.


The explanations for death given by Christianity is the most widely accepted interpretation of death in a dream and there is no reason why it should not. All the references are accountable and feasible and keep sense in their symbolism. This theory is accepted not only by Christians but also by several other religions as well.


Interpretation of death in dreams by Islam


A wide range of interpretations is stated by Islam in their various attempts to explain death in dreams. There are mainly very negative reasons why one can experience death in dreams. Hence, you may not want to think more of it in these ways. In Islam, the death of various people in dreams can have various symbols.


The death of parents is symbolized to be the first sign of the ruining of one’s spirit. The death of a father can indicate any negative influence in lifestyle, whereas the death of the mother shows that one’s aims will not be fulfilled. The death of a child signifies that abandonment of all joyous things from one’s life and plunging into deep sorrow, especially that of a daughter. A son’s death may have a positive meaning that one will be guarded against his enemies. The death of a partner can indicate that the relationship is close to death, that is, it must be time for a divorce and the end of a relationship. Wife’s death can also mean that one is about to lose all of his precious possessions and going into deep loss.


One’s own death in dreams can show that one’s spirit is going down the wrong path and is being surrounded by greed. It is a symbol of the corruption of one’s soul in real life, making him detached from the Almighty due to his quest for materialistic pleasures, it can also show sadness and repent for sins committed and under such circumstances, one should try to correct their faults as much as they can. Death can also show that one is about to go broke and experience immense poverty in real life. Hence it will be wise to recheck your ways of income and be sure that you are doing everything right to block all such possibilities. It can also mean that all that one desires and love can be lost owing to some uncertain events in life.


A beautiful and good explanation is given for the death of a pregnant woman in dreams by Christianity, that it may only show that the woman will have a perfectly healthy baby. To die in one’s own dream may also mean he will have a promotion to a better life. If one sees his own burial, it means he is about to gain a lot of money.


Interpretation of death in dreams by Hinduism


Hinduism also accounts for several reasons for death dreams due to various instances. It means one may end up losing any sort of faith and longevity of life at the same time. The witnessing of one’s own burial shows that one may soon find himself buried neck deep in unforeseen miseries and troubles, hence should act as wisely now as possible to prevent such things. However, one can also become more alive than ever after having experienced death in dreams. It is a symbol of repentance of one’s misdeeds if one watches himself digging his own grave in his dreams.


To carry someone’s dead body is interpreted as a denotation that one must be taking resort to some dishonest means in real life, causing misery to others who will be affected by the same. If an agent of death talks you towards the path of death, it symbolizes that you are about to fall sick. The smiling face of death in dreams shows that you are about to have peace in your life after swimming in a lot of trouble for a long time. Again, if in the dream you died in the process of protecting someone, it will just mean that you are about to be rewarded hugely due to your hard work and courage.


How to try to stop death dreams and worrying about it?


Although we hope that the interpretations are helpful in making your mind more relaxed and relieve your worry about death dreams, it is possible that you still fail to do so and want to not have death dreams. Keep in mind that it is not entirely possible but you can surely restrict and lessen how often you have such a dream by keeping a check.


1) Stop worrying and taking unnecessary stress in real life, since that is where death dreams derive their driving force from.


2) Check the medicines that you take, it might be because of them that you get such dreams. You can ask your doctor to change your medication or give any alternative to relieve you.


3) Once you wake up, try not to think about the dream or to remember it as you are most likely to discover yourself worrying about it the more you think about it!


4) Dreams rarely come true and by keeping this simple thing in mind you will be doing yourself a great help since it must relieve you.


It is necessary to keep in mind that though one may get help by interpreting reasons of their dream, at the end of the day, dreams are merely dreams and have no control over your real life. It is your choices and your measures that will determine your life.



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