Dream about being chased is one of the most common dreams while sleeping. People often experience that they are being chased by Monster, animal or some people. It could be just a dark shadow sometimes. It is not necessary that they all are scary. They can be normal also. These people or things represent that are in touch with you presently or they can be your new goals in life or relationships.

Have you ever wondered what our dreams really mean? Do they really connect to our lives?  Many researchers have been done to understand the meaning of different dreams.  However, they can accrue at any time and can be affected by our physical or mental activity when we are awake. Dreams are the series of images that can have different meanings. Noises and sounds also have their own meanings.

Dreams can be very helpful if we understand their meanings. They can provide you with the answer you had been looking for and can be the secret messages from our subconscious mind. Different dreams have different meanings. Psychologists say that if your feelings like love, hate, envy or anxiety are hidden inside you, they will appear in our dreams.


Reasons for having such Dreams:

You may wonder that why you dream about being chased. Generally, it means that you are running away from some situations in life. Chasing from something is a natural defense mechanism of your body that can be adopted to avoid any physical threat. It can also refer that you are avoiding the feeling that you already know about. It means that you are avoiding issues in your life instead of facing them.

Basically, your mind is trying to tell you that you should face that problem because at the end it is going to catch you. In these kinds of dreams who is chasing you also matters. Is it a male, female or any animal or some shadow? These dreams can be a wake-up call for you.

Chasing dreams are common for those who feel victimized in the company of other people. Just like children who used to be bullied by their school friends or a working person who is ignored at his/ her workplace. Sometimes these dreams express their feelings of helplessness.

Look What Kind of Chasing it was?

  • Running In slow-motion:  

Dreams About Being Chased: Dream Meanings Explained 1

  • If you were running in slow-motion in your dream, that means it is a message that you can plan something to get out of where you are trapped right now. It generally means that you are unable to run away from your problems. It also indicates that running from this pressure is pointless because eventually, you have to face that one day. So don’t try to run, just go and face it.

Running in slow motion also indicates you to have a deep look at the people and the relationships in your life. It shows that there are things to be done to get improved relationships in your life. Slow motion running means that you need to think and explore the things in your life like love relationships or your career.

  • Being Chased By Monster:

Dreams About Being Chased: Dream Meanings Explained 2

  • Sometimes the cause of being chased by a monster can be fear from your childhood days. Check that factor and besides that think if you were talking something related to a monster or any movie you saw before sleeping. Being chased by monster can be really scary. But it can also mean that something is going to meet its conclusion very soon.

If a monster is chasing you and you were running; you turn around to see who is behind you and if there is no one then it means that you are capable of solving that issue.

  • Being Chased by Animals:

Dreams About Being Chased: Dream Meanings Explained 3

  • If you are being chased by any animal, it represents harm that may come to you. Just like rats represent theft, crocodiles represent conflict within your close circle of friends. It may be possible that you are feeling guilty for something that you have done in the past. Snakes represent sexual energy. It may be because you feel that you are not sexually as strong as you are supposed to be. If you are laughing at the big animal chasing you that means you are able to laugh at the difficult situation.
  • Being Chased by a Person:

Dreams About Being Chased: Dream Meanings Explained 4

  • If a person is chasing you in your dreams, it means that you are avoiding the reality. If you know the person who was chasing you that means that you have something incomplete between both of you. If the person is completely unknown to you then you need to think about it. Does that person be scary? Was he doing some action? Who was he/she? How was the appearance of that person?Try to answer these questions to have a hint about the person.


  • Chasing after Something:

Dreams About Being Chased: Dream Meanings Explained 5

  • This is a good sign if you are chasing after something. It means that you know what exactly you want. Your goals are set and your subconscious mind also knows that you are able to fulfill them. If your aims are clear it gives the feelings of accomplishment and peace in your life.


  • Being Chased by a Dark Shadow:

Dreams About Being Chased: Dream Meanings Explained 6

Being chased by a shadow means that you are not getting fully involved in your work life. It may represent that you are not able to manage yourself in your professional working life and feeling bad about it.

If that shadow is having any scary element then observe “are you scared of your own shadow”? Try to find out more about your shady personality. A shadow in a dream can be associated with being an introvert.  A shadow signifies richness and it can be a sign of protection as well. If the shadow was looking like man’s shadow that means protection if it was a woman shadow that means good health and good gain. The shadow of a human is a good sign and shows that you are going to get good luck soon.

  • Being Chased by Snakes:

Dreams About Being Chased: Dream Meanings Explained 7

It can be a scary situation if you see that you were being chased by a snake. It doesn’t matter that you are scared of wild animal or not, but chasing by snakes means that there is something that you are getting scared of and trying to run away from it.

What to do When You have Such Dreams?


What you are watching in your dream is directly related to your current life. Whether you are facing your fears and problems or you are running away from them. The dream should not be ignored or taken for granted. You should go to the root of them. Try to do the following

First, try to decode the dream and to do that you need to recall each and everything you saw in your dream. Try you don’t leave single information about what you saw because every single moment has its own significant meaning. Once you recall everything, now it’s time to understand what does that mean.

Now, try to figure out all your fears and problems in your current life. It could be anything like your personal or professional matters. It can be related to your love life or family issues. It can also be some minor issue that can be resolved by you like lack of confidence or speaking/writing fear.


Dreams are a really strange way of making you aware of something. The chaser can be your boss, parents, sibling or spouse in real life or it could be you.

The distance between the chaser and you also matters. How far was the shadow from you? Did the shadow catch you? Or were you successful in getting free from it? If you were successful that means you have overcome the problem successfully but be prepared it can come back again.

You can draw a sketch of the chaser. If it looks scary you can change it to make it a little less wired so that you can observe the meaning of your dream without this scary pressure.


At The End Remember it was Just a Dream!


The dreams are like a ring bell to be more aware of your feelings, especially feelings that you consider unacceptable, such as anger or feelings of need. It can also be an alert about a situation in your life about which you feel unsafe or threatening.

Being chased in dreams is not always a bad sign. You can use these signs to know more about yourself. You can unfold the things that cannot be determined while you are conscious, but are important. Your subconscious mind can reveal the secrets sometimes. All you need to do is think and observe them with all your senses open.

There might be a coincidence that you saw any horror show or any horror movie, those things can affect your subconscious mind and will come as a modified sequence while sleeping.

So it’s normal to see some sequence or series of pictures called dreams while sleeping. Do not get fully influenced by them and do not completely ignore them either.


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