Endowed Scholarship
Endowed Scholarship

Education World is the most trending segment of investing which guarantees a sure shot setback of funds because education in today’s scenario is a fundamental right. Investors are peeping into the sector to get some monetary support.

Students thrive to get selected in a college of their dream but sometimes higher fee structure stops their aspirations and they had to compromise with inferior college.

This is the stage where students gets into depression and filled with inferiority complex. Thus getting into a college of dream is equally important as getting higher grades. Thus comes a term called “Scholarship”.

Scholarships are reward given in monetary form to students who are capable but cannot take admission due to lack of funds. According to a survey college fees has been hiked almost tripled in last thirty years ie. from $ 3010 to $ 9100 and people are diverting to join elite colleges to some local or cheap colleges.

Although, not every college can afford scholarships and at that time some NGOs, non-profit organizations or some big names in aspect of wealth, alumnis, ghost donors etc. come forward to raise a fund to provide them to the colleges or university.

These funds are used for the students and their education free from monetary barriers called as “Endowment Funds”

Basically this endowment fund is permanent and never used. Instead this kept safe and the investment earned in respect to this endowment is used for scholarships in future.

Meanwhile you can track a record at some extent of the money that you have invested like where it has been invested, how much money is left etc. as you have some sort of right over there as you invested a sum of money into it.

You also have a right to set criteria for different kind of selections you want to ensure while selecting the students for the scholarships like who will get the scholarships, merit ones or a specific stream or group.

Some of the benefits of this Endowed scholarship is :

  • When you offer a cash scholarship fund you will get a 50% discount benefits of your gross income that has been adjusted.
  • You are felicitated at the college / university events and special occasions
  • You can build up your brand by deciding the criteria of scholarship.

But few of the questions do arise that we will answer one by one.

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How much do an endowed scholarship cost?

Endowed scholarship generally varies from $25,000 to $50,000 and depends generally on the limits and guidelines set by the donor and the institution.

Difference between Scholarship & an Endowed Scholarship

There’s nothing different between the two as per the aspect of pattern. The only difference is the type of funding.

Regular Scholarship involves a certain sum of money pre-decided to invest on the students and their studies that goes directly for funding and this is a one-time investing or funding.

Whereas the Endowed scholarship is a cash gift that are provided by donors who are generally the ones who want to help students that is common people with high financial status.

The alumni of the university who owe a thanks to the university and under this gesture they provide the fund for their university or college.

This fund is for annual basis and distributed every year by the university or college.

How an ‘Endowed Scholarships” works?

Basically an endowed money is kept as a principal amount which is only used when no option or choices left. Generally the amount raised on the basis of this endowment fund is used for students or other charity purposes.

The most oldest endowment still alive and active is King Henry VIII at Oxford & Cambridge. Endowment donors also can keep records of how their invested funds work. There is no end date for this endowment funds.

 What are the types of endowments?

Endowments are splitted into four different types :

  1. Term Endowments refer to a definite time after which the principal amount is spend.
  2. Unrestricted Endowments that are spent and distributed the moment institution receive the funds.
  3. Quasi Endowments solely comes with the instructions of the donor and are use to serve a special and definite purpose.
  4. Restricted Endowments involves the principal amount to be saved and the investments that are earned on that amount is spent on the donor advice.

There are several universities who use to provide these scholarships. Let’s throw a light on few of the universities who used to provide these scholarships.

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  1. Madonna University, Michigan use to provide different scholarships under different application process.

Scholarships like

  • Pell Grant,
  • Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant,
  • Direct Loans, Federal Work Study,
  • Michigan Tuition Grant, Michigan Competitive Scholarship,
  • Merit Scholarships, Atheletic Awards,
  • Madonna Grants,
  • Veteran Benefits, Employee Tuition Reimbursement,
  • Community Scholarship,
  • On-Campus Employement, Business Partners.

For qualifying these scholarships one must have to enroll himself for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA.) Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA®)

Please tap on the below link to go through a deep process & requirements of these scholarships.

  1. Syracuse University use to provide the name of scholarships after their alumni and the donors who deeply care about the place where they studied or worked for so long.

They use to raise the funds for their university. One of the major scholarships that this university work on is Burton Blatt Scholarship open for both Grad & Undergrad students where students are chosen on the base of merit & financial needs and minors are preferred more.

Another one is Graduate Scholarships & General School of Education Scholarships where tuition fee are open for both current & upcoming graduates.

You can study in a detailed way about the scholarships by below link :

  1. Stevenson University helps those students who are minor and can’t pay their academic fees.

Some of the popular scholarships are

  • Abell Foundation Scholarship Fund/Grant Program,
  • George I. Alden Trust Scholarship Fund ,
  • Maureen Knerr Byrnes Endowed Scholarship for Teacher Education,
  • And Mrs. Peter H. J. Bauer Endowed Scholarship Fund etc.

For more details you can visit

  1. Park University offers a wide range of scholarship to help those students who are willing to study but have a financial drawback.

Major scholarships include Parkville Institutional Scholarships, Gilbert Institutional Scholarships, International Student Scholarships.

Please find below link to get a detailed aspect of the scholarships :

  • Endowed Scholarship at Park University
  1. Hampton University have a target to provide a sum of $ 50 million as endowed scholarship to the merit holders and the one who need financial help.

The minimum principal amount required to sustain a endowed scholarship is $25,000. Hampton University provides financial help to their almost 35% students.

One can apply for this by the given link :

  1. University of Findlay has a kind heart towards their students as they claim to fund 99% of their students. UG students could complete their studies at $20,000  which is quite less in compare to other universities in Ohio.

The use to organize Scholarship Competition day for deserving candidates which is held in March & November.

You can go through below link to understand their plans.

  1. Michigan University provides scholarships based on merits, financial needs, special talents, interests etc.

They use to provide the Corporate Scholarships to future engineers that is there undergrad students which is a great way to connect with the companies.

They use to reward $7,50,000+ every year to some excellent students under this

Read their scholarship section to know more.

  1. University of Sioux Falls offers scholarships under limited amount as per the gifts or funds raised.

Some of the scholarships that are under this segment are Freshmen Merit Scholarships, Transfer Merit Scholarships,

Performance Scholarships, University Scholarships, State Scholarships.

Below is the link for detailed study of it.

  1. University of Alabama involves scholarships for regular as well as distance learning program.

Few of the scholarships to name are

  • Robert M. and Muriel R. Barksdale Endowed Scholarship,
  • Dorothy D. and John J. Boyne Endowed Support Funds,
  • William E. Bright Endowment for the Support of Natural Gas Programs (ANGA),
  • The Campbell – Ellis Endowed Scholarship,
  • James C. Caldwell Endowed Scholarship,
  • General Charles G. Cleveland – Maxwell Air Force Base Endowed Scholarship,
  • Carolyn and Dennis Dahl Endowed Scholarship,
  • The Catherine Horton Eisen CPA, BS 1978 and Dr. Stefan Eisen Jr. Col. (Ret.) USAF, DPA 2003 Endowed Scholarship,
  • Gladys M. Fernandez Endowed Scholarship for Single Parents, Connie G. Glaze Memorial Endowed Scholarship,
  • Thomas S. Graves Memorial Endowed Scholarship, Lee Allen and Mary Nell Hallman Endowed Scholarship, Joel D. Hammond – Big River Inc. Endowed Scholarship,
  • Mark Harry Harrison Memorial Endowed Scholarship,
  • Jack and Audrey Hatmaker Memorial Endowed Scholarship,
  • Kay H. Hodges Memorial Endowed Scholarship,
  • James A. Hood Endowed Scholarship etc.

Distance learning program seekers can opt the link as

For regular scholarships they offer as per the below

  1. University of South Carolina offers scholarships not only to new enrolling students but also to returning students. Their detailed scholarships are stated in the below link
  1. University of Washington promotes Washington University’s Endowment that decides 2500 individuals as well as different kinds of funds for faculty teaching and needy students.

Endowed Professorships and Scholarships provide a prestigious chair of honour to inspiring and dedicated teacher.

They also opt Endowed Facilities and Academic Programs in which they spend the amount on classroom facilities, campus, sanitation, labs, libraries etc.

Refer below link to know more.

Apart from these universities let’s now have a look at the universities having largest endowments :

  1. Harvard University : $ 37,615,545
  2. University of Texas : $ 22,548,856
  3. Yale University : $ 25,542,983
  4. University of Pennsylvania : $ 10,133,569
  5. Stanford University : $ 22,222,957

And many such big names falls under some of the largest endowment universities.


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