As soon you go into your dreamland, you see a number of things in your slumber. Your subconscious mind is said to weave your dreams from your daily activities and from the concerns which envelop your mind. From the various types of dreams perceived, falling in dreams is one common experience.

According to the research, a person on an average is believed to experience in his dreams, a steep fall, at least five times in his entire lifetime. These types of dreams can be extremely voracious and often leave a vivid memory and are often nightmarish. The minute before you actually hit the ground can fasten your heartbeat and leave you in frenzy.

The dreams in this category may vary. While some people find themselves falling down some steep cliff with no one there to forward helping hand, some other people might find themselves falling from the airplanes or parachutes and declining straight towards some stray ground.  According to the famous myth, a person might actually die if he doesn’t wake up seeing such a dream. It is a completely bogus belief. Our brain generally tries to interpret our feelings and sensations in the form of dreams to make us come to term with them, to realize them.

At times you might even perceive yourself falling down a waterfall or some snow laced areas. This dreams can be terrifying as at that time, no person would be seen extending a helping hand forward. Like any other dream, this one possesses deep meanings to which you are yet to unravel. The psychological justification for this can be that while you are in the process of falling asleep, your brain begins to quite down and your blood pressure drops below normal. With the lower amount of blood being pumped to your heart, the process of falling asleep in turn stimulates the falling dreams. Normally such dreams are seen when the subconscious mind is trying its best to make you understand your responsibilities and help you to come to terms with it. It is mainly meant to bring you back to control to such subjects from whom you are unconsciously running away. Falling in dreams can signify that the person is running away from making some important decisions in his life, rather failing to do so and maintain equilibrium in his life, in the fields concerning his workplace, personal life, marital life or professional life.

Different Types of Falling Dreams:

Here are given different types of falling dreams people see:

Lost Grip: Your hands are sliding down the railing or you are losing your grip on to the very substance which you are grasping for your dear life. These dreams simply interpret that you are losing the very ground you are walking on, losing your only hope. Depression is the key factor which triggers these types of dreams. It suggests that you are incapable of having a grasp over your life. Like clasping on to your very ray of sunlight and then feel your hands slipping away from it.

Losing Balance- You are standing perfectly alright but suddenly you tumble and advance ahead. These types of dreams suggest that you lack stability at this point of your life. It can also be due to a scenario where someone dear to you has backstabbed you leading you to have trust issues now. In this type of falling dream, you need to ask yourself a number of questions. Fore mostly who did you see before your fall? The one who you saw is the person you need to maintain a good distance from. It can be a way of your sub conscious mind to make you aware of the situation at hand so that you act upon it as needed.

Pushed– You are standing on a cliff overlooking beautiful scenery and you suddenly feel a forward jerk as if someone pushed you forcefully and you find yourself diving forward. It is mainly due to the feeling of doing something against your will. As the feeling sinks in you find yourself fighting an inner battle between doing the right thing or doing the thing assigned to you.

Landing at the bottom– This one can be the most terrifying of the lot. You see yourself falling and you are courageous enough to see through the end of it and find yourself hitting the hard and cold ground. At times you might even see your own dead body lying lifeless there whereas you are wandering around it. These types of dreams are mainly triggered by the desire of getting to the bottom of a certain issue which has been bothering you for long. Its existence can owe to both the personal and office related issues.

Owing to the scientific interpretation of this entire situation, it is basically caused due to hypnic jerk which occurs due to an involuntary muscle spasm. As the person is ready to drift off to sleep, the period in between his full consciousness and no consciousness there exists a state of semi-consciousness where the person starts feeling hypnic jerks. These jerks owe their existence to stress and anxiety. At times diabetes or high caffeine intake can trigger them as well.

The psychological explanation behind this can be that the person is afraid of losing their job and are trying their best to hold on to it or it can be caused be due to lack of confidence in their own self. People who generally lack self-confidence perceive these types of falling dreams. They are sure that they would lose their ground; they don’t have it in them to believe that even they can make their own place and blend in with the crowd. These types of people generally believe themselves to be losers and thus see everything falling apart and themselves falling in the dreams. The only good thing about falling in dreams is that, according to human psychology, when you see yourself falling and instead of landing head first on the ground, you stand on your very feet, then it means that you have the ability to defeat every enemy and crossing every obstacle lying in your path. It suggests that you believe in yourself capability and are quite sure that however difficult the situation may arise or how demanding the situation may get, you will be able to get pass it with your head held high.


Islamic interpretation of falling dreams:

According to the Islamic interpretation of falling dreams, these types of dreams generally illustrate the unedifying feelings of lack of self-confidence and insecurities. They give birth to turbulent feelings of inability to forward a helping hand to some needy and deprived acquaintance. The guilt pent inside sums up and results in these types of dreams which make you feel ashamed of your being that you couldn’t help a person in the times of their needs, it is quite like you are falling in your own eyes. It even symbolizes various types of fear, where you are incapable of overcoming them. It generally points to some feelings which are left unattended. It indicates a fear of losing control and let some disastrous tragedy to strike. Owing to Islam, if the person seeing these dreams see them quite often and finds themselves triggering back and falling down a huge distance, then they must seek help immediately as it suggests that some big calamity is about to strike that person. A shorter distance fall doesn’t pledge a serious failure leading to some messy situation. Rather it is like some warning message so that the person reads the signals and gets alerted about the situation in hand. It is Allah’s way of warning the person so that he takes necessary steps to save himself from the upcoming calamity.

Falling dreams interpretations according to Hinduism:

According to Hinduism, the falling dreams are classified into various types. The one where you see someone else falling and run to save that person and the second where you yourself are gliding down. It is believed that seeing someone else fall is rather a good omen for it ensures that the person perceiving the dream will remain unhurt. However, it is considered to be a good omen if a person sees himself to be falling and lands straight on the ground below, lying flat on his stomach. It signifies that all the wishes of the person will be fulfilled and all the desires will be satisfied. It is considered to be a bad omen if a person finds himself falling from a high place and from a huge height. These types of dreams indicate that the person will incur loss and face misfortune. The person would lose his original position and go lower. Whereas if you find yourself falling into a ditch, it signifies you are aware of the fact that someone is trying to talk behind your back and backstab you. It reflects your incapability of reacting to the situation because perhaps you completely trusted that person and are quite shocked at seeing them backstab you or leave you at your worst. Once you see the face of the person you see in such a dream, you should try to stay away from them and break off your ties with them or solve the whole situation, question them until the matter is solved, for your own good. Then only would these dreams cease. A person is believed to nurture negative thoughts if they see themselves falling and being injured. To some extent, this shows the lack of self-love you have for your own self. The idea of hurting yourself itself suggests that you foster lies and negative energies. Coming to term with your lies is considered the best way to get rid of these types of dreams.


Christian interpretation of falling dreams:

From the perspective of Christianity, dreams are the signals which the Lord bestows on our way to help us choose the right options and decide wisely. Falling in dreams interpret that the person has lost faith in himself and has lost the self-respect. Falling into some black abyss indicates that your life is about to take a steep turn and the person would himself hurl between various options. These types of dreams mainly indicate that the person thinks too lowly of him and lacks self-confidence largely. It is the Lord’s way to indicate that the person should start investing in their own self and shower themselves with love and respect to mitigate the lowness they feel about their own self. If the person finds himself falling from a height straight into the water, it means that the person is about the face some calamities in the near future which would change their life course probably in a bad way. Whereas if you see someone else falling, then it signifies that you will be able to escape the clutches of the person who is plotting something evil against you. It indicates that your honour will be protected and you will escape the situation without a single scratch, much to the displeasure of the plotter.


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