How To Find Deleted Tweets in Twitter

If you delete a tweet is it gone forever? Well, Not exactly! There are ways to find deleted tweets like you can download deleted tweet database, or see the twitter archive through wayback machine, or even use some deleted tweets website.

Although, finding deleted tweets is not difficult but twitter won’t make it easy either. Hence, let’s have a look some of the ways to see or recover the deleted tweets.

How Can I View My Deleted Tweets

Viewing deleted tweets can be done via two ways either by native ways or by third-party apps. Following are the ways to retrieve or see the deleted tweets:

Standard Way

This might be shocking for many of us but twitter saves the archive of all the tweets. Following are the steps to view the archived tweets:

  • Go to
  • Log-in with your log-in credentials.
  • Click on your profile icon which you can find on the top right corner to the tweet button.
  • From the drop-down options select “Settings and Privacy”

How to see deleted tweets in Twitter


  • In the account setting keep scrolling down and you will see an option called “Content”.
  • Now at the bottom of the page you will find “Request your archive”. Click on this button.
  • Twitter will now proceed for creating your tweet archives.
  • A popup window will open in your screen, close it.
  • Now wait until you get an email on your same mail ID that you have used on Twitter.
  • Open the mail.
  • The email will consist of a message that will notify that your twitter archive is ready.
  • Click on “Download Now” Option
  • You will be redirected to your default web browser where you will be prompted to download “zipped folder tweets”
  • Go to the folder where you downloaded the zip file.
  • Extract this zip file with your third-party zip file extractor by right clicking and then selecting “Extract here” option.
  • Now when you extract it, it will prompt a dialogue that where you want to keep this folder and open this, change destination by Browse Button.
  • Now in the tweets folder open “index.html” file that’s inside and it will show you all the tweets that you might have deleted knowingly or unknowingly.

Download deleted twitter tweets

  • Please remember that these are offline tweets ad will not be seen again on your twitter timeline until you share them again.

Third-Party method

The above method is certainly the always working method but there are some third-party methods stated below:

Method No. 1: SnapBird – Deleted Tweets Website

Find Deleted Tweets Using Snap Bird Website

Snap Bird website helps you to reach to the tweets that has been deleted from twitter. Snapbird is a service layer on top of Twitter. The primary service it offers is the ability to search where Twitter’s own search facilities are not up to your expectations.

To be able to use Snapbird, you will need to give the service access to your Twitter account.

Due to limitations in Twitter’s service, Snapbird has to ask for full read and write permissions, although it will never read from your account beyond what you request (in the search interface) and it will never, ever write or post to your Twitter account.

No one else can access your Twitter account either.

 You can access Snap Bird via the link:

Method No. 2: Wayback Machine To Recover Deleted Tweets

Wayback Machine To Recover Deleted Tweets

Not only twitter but can be used for multiple websites as well. The Wayback Machine has save over 424 Billion web-pages so there is no doubt that Twitter is not in their list.

How to Use Wayback Machine?

  1. First of all go to its official website

  1. Insert a link of a profile of which you want to view the posts.
  2. After the search completes it will be in the form of a calendar with green circles all around.
  3. Click on the date you want to see the post of.
  4. It might be possible that you have to log-in to your Twitter account to access the tweets.

Method No. 3: Find Deleted Tweets Using Google Cache Format

To go through this method you simply have to follow below steps:

See Deleted Tweets in Twitter using google cached content

  • Go to Google and then search for a twitter username and then type twitter.
  • Once you find the desired username you will find an downside arrow right beside to the name.
  • Click on it and the click on Cached Option.
  • It will show your previous cached version of the page where you can see all deleted tweets.
  • This method can be used for finding own and someone else’s deleted tweets.

Method No. 4: TweetDownload.Net

TweetDownload.Net is a service for Twitter use which allows users to retrieve a dump of their Twitter posts (tweets) or other related information in a variety of different formats. This website can download up to 3,200.

You can go through its official website

Final Verdict:

Twitter has been a popular social media when it comes to quick text sharing since the year of its release. People can tweet their quick views within 280 characters.

Somehow these tweets can create lot of applause and some of them do get heavily criticise to such an extent that they need to delete their tweet. Pressing few buttons wrong can make your social reputation down.

So here we have brought to you few steps how to get your deleted tweets. However we would suggest you to go through the above mentioned Standard method. Also, you can opt for Wayback Machine because it will help you directly go the tweet if you know the exact date of the tweet.


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