Fathers hold a different place in our hearts. While in TV and books, mothers are always given the most important position in a child’s life; fathers do not get enough credit for doing their best while earning a livelihood for the family. 

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Fathers form the backbone of the family, and when they fall sick, it becomes very upsetting for the child. But life is a mix of hardship and happy moments, and during such trying times, you have to be by your father’s side like he was all these years.

He needs your encouragement and cares to recover. Here are some meaningful get well soon messages for your dad that you can send to your dad. 

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Get Well Soon Wishes for Dad 

How I wish I had some magical powers so that I could magically heal your wounds and help you recover faster, dad. Get well soon, dad, we are all waiting for you at home. 

More than a father, you have always been my best friend. I do not want to lose my best friend. Get well soon, dad. 

You know how mom used to get angry when I used to pick you over her at all times? I miss you, dad, and so does mom. Get well soon. 

I have had my friends tell me how lucky I was to have such a great dad. I want you to recover quickly,  and become the cool dad again! 

All those times that you have at the hospital, I have been playing the game again and again, and now I am confident I can beat you. I can’t wait for you to come back home so that I can challenge you to a proper game this time!

Oh, daddy, the house feels so empty without you. Mom does not smile either, and with you gone, there is no one to crack dad jokes either. Get well soon, dad. 

You know, dad, I miss your dad jokes. I know I used to get mad and would tell you to stop, but now I cannot wait to hear another of your goddamn jokes! Recover quickly, dad!

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful dad like you! In my next life, I want to be born as your daughter again. I love you and get well soon! 

Home does not feel like home without your dad. I just feel like I’m living in a box. Come back home soon, dad. 

When I got the text that you are sick, you do not know how much it scared me, dad. Do not worry about us; we are fine. Take care and get well soon, dad. 

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Get Well Soon Papa

I know papa that you are suffering, but you should not feel alone. I am suffering too. Stay strong and keep fighting. 

You taught me once that in life, I will have many ups and downs. Right now, this is your down phase; this will pass soon, so keep holding on dad. 

You feel sick because you have been too healthy all these years, so god decided to finally play a joke on you! Jokes aside, I miss you, papa, get well soon. 

With you gone, mom is making me do all chores of the house. Please come back quickly and relieve me of this duty!

Every morning as I open my eyes, my first thought is whether you are doing well at the hospital or not. I hope you get well and get discharged soon, dad. 

I can’t wait for the weekend because that is the only time I get to visit you and spend time with your dad. Get well soon, so we can spend more time together at home.

I ask God to look after you while I’m gone attending to other duties. So don’t worry, dad, even if I can’t be by your side at all times, god is with you. 

Mom is worried that you will be stubborn, and you will not take the medicines properly, and I know she has every reason to worry, cause I’m just like you. So please listen to your doctor’s, papa. We want you back home healthy!

Dad, I know you can be stubborn sometimes, but to get well, you have to follow what the doctors say. Here’s hoping for your speedy recovery. 

Since I can’t be there right now, I am sending you lots of hugs and kisses so that you can recover well. 

Good Health Wishes for Father 

You are my role model, dad, and I remember you as someone strong and brave. So be a brave, dad, and fight this disease. Here’s hoping for your speedy recovery.

To recover quickly, you need to have a positive mindset. Having a pessimistic view on life will only hinder you from getting cured quickly. Get well soon, dad. 

Dad, do you know that medicines can only cure the disease by killing the germs in your body, but it has no effect on the negative thoughts and emotions. To recover quickly, you need to keep these negative thoughts at bay and start the day with a positive mind. We are all praying for your good health, dad. 

You have worked a lot; now it is time for you to have rest. So rest properly, and leave everything to us, while you recover and become healthy again!

I was missing you so much today, that I took out the old family albums, to go back to those times when it was not so hard. Get well soon, dad. 

Hi dad, I hope you are taking your medications on time and resting enough to get back on your feet in a few days! I can’t wait for you to be back! 

It breaks my heart to see you suffering all alone. If I could, I would take away your pain in a heartbeat, dad. Get well soon. 

Dad, you have worked all your life for us, now it is time for you to take rest and look after your health. I am old enough to be responsible for the family and take care of you. Thank you for everything you have done. I pray for your good health every day. 

I know you hate hospital food, and I know you miss mom’s home-cooked meals, so I’m sending you a meal photo along with this text to make you happy! Get well soon, dad!

Papa, it is so hard for us to see you lying down, with all your strength gone. I pray that God will give you the strength to recover from this illness quickly. 

Best Wishes for Your Father’s Recovery

Daddy, I’m so scared and worried for you. Until I see you healthy and back home again, this worry will not go away, so please get well soon.

I miss having cereals with you. I have now stopped having cereal breakfast because I can’t bear to eat without it. Get well soon, dad!

I feel like I’m losing my family.  Mom and you making this house a haven for me. Please recover quickly, dad.

I cannot feel any emotions; I feel like an empty can without your love and support, dad. Get well soon!

I hated you for scolding me when I was younger, but now that I see you lying on the hospital bed with no strength even to stand up, I feel this intense sadness and guilt in me, which will not go away until you return home healthy. 

I have not been able to go to your room ever since you fell sick and were taken to the hospital. It will break my heart to see how empty the room is. So come back quickly! 

I know I have never been too expressive, but I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I love you, dad! Get well soon!

I spent the entire father’s day praying for your good health, dad. Please get well soon!

You are the best father in the world, and I am so lucky to have you as my father! Recover quickly, dad!

I know you miss us, and we miss you too. So get well soon quickly, we are all waiting for you!

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Get Well Soon Dad from Daughter

When I was little, and my teacher asked me who my hero was, I said it was my dad, and to this dad, you remain my hero dad. Get well soon! 

Daddy, you know you are my hero. No other superhero came close to you, and you know what. Heroes fight until the end, so I want you to fight and overcome this disease. I love you!

I know how hard it must have been for you to be my mom and dad both. I love you for the efforts that you put in to bring me up. Now I am proud to be your daughter. Get well soon, dad. 

I know that I am a whiny and very demanding daughter, but you have always been the one to spoil me. I love you, dad, get well soon!

Hey dad, I am still waiting for you to come back so that we start binge-watching breaking bad! Recover quickly!

Oh daddy, you have always told me that I’m your little princess. It is time that you accept that your little princess has grown up and that I can take care of you. Rest well so that you can be healthy again!

If Superman had kryptonite, dad, you have me. So don’t you worry! Rest well!

Daddy, your little princess, is fraught with worry and is very sad these days. Please recover quickly and come back home soon so that your princess can smile again!

Now that the king has fallen sick, the kingdom is doomed. Your little princess needs the support of her daddy, to bring back the kingdom to its glory! Rest well, and get well soon, daddy!

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Remember when you used to tell me never give up no matter how hard it gets? I want you to follow what you taught me, dad. Don’t you ever give up, I am always here with you. 

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While these messages will not cure your father, but it will, for sure, make his day. No matter how painful it gets, the messages offer hope and strength to your father. So do not forget to send your father such hopeful messages every day!


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