Get Well Soon Messages for Husband

As a wife, you will only wish the best for your husband. You will never want to see him fall ill or be upset, but life will always throw hurdles in your way and test you. Your husband will fall sick or have a really bad phase when he will be suffering, and you will have to be by his side as his strength. 

When your life partner is suffering in front of your house, and you feel helpless, do know that there is something you can do. You can pray for your husband’s health, and you can send him uplifting get well soon wishes, which will for sure make his day and warm his heart knowing that he is on your mind and in your prayers day and night. Here are some get well soon messages for hubby that will allow him to gain strength and recover! 

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Get Well Soon Messages for Health/Healing

  • Home does not feel like home for me when you are not here. Your love and your presence make this home for me. Get well soon, darling! 
  • I woke up in the morning only to find the bed empty, next to me. It breaks my heart that you are lying alone in the hospital bed. Get well soon, hubby! 
  • When we got married, we took an oath to be by our side forever in our lows and our highs. Darling, always know that I am here for you. You are not fighting this battle alone. Here’s hoping for your speedy recovery. 
  • Now that I see you suffering, I understand the true meaning of love. Love is not always happy and warm hugs; love can also be painful. Get well soon, darling; I will be waiting for you. 
  • When God created this world, he also made you for me. I am incomplete without you, darling. Please get well soon, fast! 
  • As I open my eyes to the rays of the sunlight streaming in through the windows, I think of you. You are my sunshine, and you are my strength. Get well soon, hubby! 
  • As you suffer physically, my pain is invisible. My pain is in my mind and my heart. I feel helpless and terrible, seeing that I can do nothing to relieve you of the pain, but I want you to overcome this pain, fight the battle, and return to me smiling! 
  • Not a minute goes by when I do not think of you. You are on my mind when I’m reading; you are on my mind when I’m eating, and you are on my mind when I’m sleeping. I miss you very much, hubby. Get well soon, love. 
  • I dream of you. I see us holding hands and smiling ear to ear with no fear of losing each other. I want this dream to come true, which is why I pray for your health every day, love. Get well soon. 
  • I experienced the greatest heartbreak of my life when I saw you in the hospital bed. You were smiling through the pain for me, as I was for you, except my pain was hidden. Stay strong for me, hubby. I know we can get through this together. 

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Get Well Soon Messages for a Speedy Recovery

  • The fear of losing you is so great that I can’t eat or sleep. I miss you so much, love. I miss your face and your stupid jokes. Please get well soon! 
  • That night I witnessed a falling star, and I wished only for your speedy recovery. Get well soon, hubby. 
  • As the alarm goes off every day, all I think of is yet another day without you. I’m aching for your love and your presence in our home. Please get well soon, darling. 
  • My love, a day does not pass by when I don’t think of you. You are always in my thoughts and my prayers. I wish for your speedy recovery. 
  • Video calls and messaging are not enough for me, my darling. I miss you so very much. Please get well soon quickly. 
  • I have never felt so alone without my king. I can’t wait to hold your face in my hands again. Get well soon, darling. 
  • I have forgotten to smile ever since you went away to the hospital. Recover fast and bring back my smile, darling. 
  • Although my mind dwells on negative thoughts all day, I force myself to think only about positive things for you. I am hoping for your speedy recovery! 
  • God, please give my husband all the strength and power that he needs to recover quickly and return to his family. 
  • Although I am not there to take care of you myself, I know the doctors and nurses will. I only hope for your speedy recovery, my love. Get well soon. 

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 Quotes of Hope for a Husband

      • I stay up night and day, thinking about what you must be doing alone in your hospital bed. My love, don’t ever feel that you are alone. I will always be with you. 
      • My love, I miss all those crazy things we did together and your contagious laughter. I can’t wait to see that beautiful smile on your face again. Get well soon, darling!
      • You know what I miss the most about you not being here? Your warmth. Yes, I’m missing your warm hugs. 
      • I miss the tender love that we share, but I also miss the nasty fights, honey. I can’t wait for you to come back so we can pick up from where we left it at. 
      • I know you can fight this battle and emerge victorious. Your tenacity was what attracted me the most when we first met. Don’t you ever forget that, my love. 
      • If the hospital room makes you lonely, close your eyes, and think about us, our home, and our lovely kids. Trust me; you will find the strength to battle this fight. 
      • I consider myself the luckiest woman on earth for having found a husband like you. I pray for your good health every day, darling. 
      • After I met you, I understand how two people can love each other so much that they can spend their entire lives together. I now know that my love for you knows no bounds. Come back soon, my love.
      • Before I met you, I believed love would be like those Bollywood movies, grand gestures, and colorful. You taught me that love could also be silent and subtle. I can’t wait to run into your arms, darling. 
      • If someone had asked me what love was before you walked into my life. I would have given them a textbook definition of love. Now my answer would be different. For me, love is now you, my dear husband! Get well soon! 

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 We will Get Through This Together Messages

      • I can’t wait to take you by the hand to somewhere new, where it is only us, and no one else matters. I’m praying every day for you to come back home healthy! 
      • We are two souls who have found a connection. I don’t want this link to be broken, get well soon, honey!
      • You have seen the flaws in me and have still grown to love me than anyone else ever could. I love you, darling, don’t worry, I am here with you. 
      • No matter how many times life tries to separate us, we will stand strong and emerge victorious. Don’t ever leave my side, hubby. 
      • Don’t ever forget the trying times when you thought you could not make it, but you still did. I have faith in you and us that we will get through this together. 
      • I believe in our love, which is why I know that we two souls are always going to find a way to stay together. Stay strong for me, honey. 
      • Life is full of ups and downs, but we have taken an oath to be with each other and face the hurdles together. We will be each other’s strength and get through this together. 
      • Darling, I know that it is a difficult time for you, and the future may look bleak, but don’t you ever forget that even during such trying times, I will be your warmth and light. 
      • Today may be a bad day for you, and tomorrow may not be so good either, but the sun will shine day after tomorrow. Honey, let’s live for the future.
      • There is strength in numbers, but I find my strength in you. Take my hand, honey; we will fight this fight together. 

Miss You Messages 

    • I miss the way your nose twitches when you laugh, I miss the way you awkwardly dance. I miss you so much that it’s driving me insane. 
    • Is it possible to ever miss someone so much that you start seeing them everywhere? Come back to me, honey! 
    • Missing you is torture, and I can’t bear this anymore. Please come back soon, honey.
    • When I miss you terribly, and j want you near, I close my eyes, and there are you are with your dazzling smile, arms spread wide for me to run into! I love you, and miss you so much. 
    • Words are not enough to express how empty I feel when you are not here with me. My hand itches to feel the warmth of your skin. 
    • I blame you for my lack of focus because all I think about is you. Take responsibility and come back to me so that I don’t go mad thinking about you. 
    • We were standing under the mistletoe when you planted the tender kiss on my lips. The kiss still lingers in my mind to this day; I miss you love. 
    • I stay up nights thinking about you. When I do asleep, I dream about you. Darling, I miss you terribly. 
    • The distance between us is killing me. I don’t know how long I can stay without you. I wish you were here with me. 

Copy-paste these messages and send them to your better half to make their day. It will definitely bring a smile to their face, and they will start the day with positivity! 


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