Google Lime Scholarship

Google is one step ahead of everyone, even when it comes to education and funding students in need of financial aid. This time Google has partnered with lime connect to help the students with disabilities that are pursuing computer science currently. The financial aid will give them the required push to excel in their field.

Lime connect has been offering scholarship programs to disable students of computer science since 2008.

Students can really benefit from the scholarship program. Apart from the financial aid, they will get the opportunity to attend the google scholars’ retreat to be held at the Googleplex in Mountain View.

Google lime Scholarship reward

The selected candidates will receive a sum of 10000 dollars! The 10000 dollars check will be awarded to students that reside in the United States of America, while the ones in Canada will be given a check of 5000 dollars each. The money will be used by the students to pay their college tuition fees.

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Internship Opportunity at Google

The scholarship program is not created just to provide scholarship money to students but also to offer brilliant young innovators internship opportunities as a software engineer at Google.

If you are a computer science student and fall under the disabled category, keep reading to find out how can apply for this scholarship and the requirements that you need to meet to apply to this scholarship program.

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How to apply for Google lime Scholarship?

The application will be opening soon; all interested candidates are requested to check the official website regularly to check any updates.

  • New applicants are required to sign up or join the lime network. Once joined, you can find the link to your respective scholarship program.
  • Those applicants that are applying again are requested to log in to the website and head to the scholarship program page.
  • You have to fill up the application form. You will be required to include your contact information, educational background, and job experience in the respective fields.
  • Candidates are required to submit a letter of recommendation along with the application form. The recommendation letter should contain the contact information of the professor or supervisor.
  • You will be required to write and submit four essays based on computer science.
  • Along with the above-mentioned documents, you will also be required to submit your resume and other official and unofficial transcripts.

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Google lime Scholarship Eligibility criteria

Candidates will have to maintain a good academic record in order to be eligible for this scholarship.

  • Candidate has to be currently enrolled in a graduate or an undergraduate program in any college or university.
  • International students who are currently studying in the united states of America or Canada can also apply to this scholarship.
  • Candidates pursuing a computer science degree course, computer engineering course, electrical engineering, or software engineering course are all eligible to apply to this scholarship.
  • Has to pursue a full-time degree course at any university or college.
  • High school students are not eligible for this scholarship.
  • Should showcase great knowledge and passion for computer science.
  • Anyone who has a disability, whether visible or invisible, are requested to apply.
  • Previous winners of the scholarship are not allowed to participate in the program for the second time.

Google and lime connect have every right to revoke a reward if they feel that the candidate did not deserve the scholarship money. All the eligibility criteria have to be met in order to apply to this program, and if the student is found to be lacking in one aspect or faking any one requirement, his or her application will be immediately canceled.

There are several scholarship programs offered by lime connect. If you do not think this Google lime scholarship does not fir you, do not be discouraged yet. Join the lime network to get updated about new scholarships that are awarded throughout the year.

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Google lime Scholarship FAQ

When Is The Deadline?

The application needs to fill and submitted with all the other required documents within the deadline that is by December 5th. Delays in submission or failure to attach the required documents will lead to cancellation.

Do I Need To Show My Enrollment Certificate?

The enrollment certificate of the students will be verified once the student is selected for the scholarship program, hence keep the enrollment certificate ready for verification.

How Will I Receive The Scholarship Money Upon Selection?

The award money will be sent to the selected candidates directly. The scholarship will be canceled if the candidate fails to comply with the requirements or misses any deadline.


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