gucci mane weight loss diet and workout

Gucci Mane lost 50 pounds of weight while he was in jail and had a good insight of the food at that time.

Gucci is an American rapper who has made his name by giving all time blockbusters and hits. But Gucci’s life hasn’t been easy. He has suffered since beginning due to his heavy weight and addiction to alcohol and drugs.

He was setback by a long imprisonment and when other people find them down in such situations Gucci jumped back by bringing great changes to his life and health. He lost a considerable amount of weight and also got rid of his alcohol and drug addiction.

Gucci Mane is a big name in American Pop industry. He helped in setting up hip hop genre of trap music alongside T.I. and Young Jeezy, who are also from Atlanta. Gucci Mane is one of the best rappers of today’s generation.

The early life of the rapper has not been easy. Gucci was a drug dealer on his teenage years. The life has not always been easy and smooth for him.

When Gucci was young he was brought up by his paternal grandmother because his mother was still studying in college. He found his peace at that time studying and understanding the Bible.

Gucci Mane Before and After

gucci mane weight loss before and after

When he was in eighth grade he and his brother used their Christmas money in buying cocaine and other drugs, that’s how he got into the drug dealing business.


Since then he has been struggling with the problem of drug addiction and with time he also started gaining a lot of weight. The young rapper at that time was weighing around 300 pounds due to all the greasy and junk food he consumed.

His career was at top that time but the thing which was lacking in him was discipline. His lifestyle was filled with irregularities and indiscipline. There was no fixed time for him to wake up or sleep or eat. And also he had given no time for exercise in his life.

Apart from that Gucci has been in and out of the prison all his life. From rash driving to drug abuse to assaulting a fan, he has done it all. But he served a rather bigger sentence in 2014.

In that year Gucci Mane was found guilty in possession of firearms. He was released on May 2016 from the jail.

During his time in jail Gucci got in a disciplined lifestyle. He used to focus on his prayers and read Bible. Gucci also read other books in the Jail about self development in particularly written by Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra.

That time of his during the prison he had become a better person. He also became capable to talk with people as he became mentally more powerful. He also said he does not require any treatment as he is his own doctor.

This was the first time in his life that Gucci focused on his health. Shortly after he came out of prison and was out in the real world he lost 100 pounds of his weight and also given up the drugs he used to take. He was almost unrecognizable to the people.

Even some started to call the person out of the jail as his clone. This rumor was so widespread that even celebrities started talking about it. He also said that he became a different person and people have noticed that from 2014 and he also used to listen to the music in prison and that had also inspired him.

Not only Gucci lost the weight but he also gained a lot of muscles. He was once a person with all the belly fat and now he has this rock hard abdominal muscles and pecs.

The rapper revealed that he lost 50 pounds while he was behind the bars and the rest 50 pounds he lost after coming out of the jail. He even posted a photo of his transformation on his Instagram with the caption “Health is wealth; use me as your inspiration”.

Gucci said that his weight loss did not occur overnight. He was unable to wear the clothes that he liked. He was always fan of the brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hugo Boss and wanted to buy them.

But since this clothes did not fit to him so he was not able to wear them.

Gucci Mane’s Weight Loss Diet – Gucci Mane Vegan Diet


Gucci’s setbacks for getting on a healthy diet were his addiction to the drugs and alcohol. He believes that the only reason he was able to lose weight was after he quit the drugs and alcohol.

Gucci lost 50 pounds of weight while he was in jail and had a good insight of the food at that time. He gave the following advices for weight loss that you might find helpful:


  1. Breakfast is the most significant foods of the day so never miss it.
  2. Lunch must be early and healthy to lose weight.
  3. Never forget your dinner; it should be simple and light.
  4. Try different types of cuisines to bring variety and not getting bored.
  5. Eat small portions at a time.


Gucci believed in Keto diet and said that once you stop eating carbohydrates, the body look for other source of energy to consume while you do your day to day operations.

And once the body stops finding carbohydrates it starts taking fats as the energy fuel. That fat could either come of your body or from the food we eat.

The carbohydrate should not be given up abruptly. Since the body takes some time to get used to it therefore you must deprive your body from the carbohydrates gradually. So you must at least give your body three days to get used to the new diet routine.

He started avoiding all the oily food that he once used to consume. He also started avoiding high-fat processed meats such as sausages and hot dogs, saturated fats such as those found in palm and coconut oil.

He also started avoiding simple sugars which can be found in carbonated drinks or packed juices and in cookies and cakes.

Gucci also started eating healthy foods such as whole grains which includes specially oats, fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, fruits and vegetables that are very rich in antioxidants and also avocados.

He replaced his ordinary vegetable oils with olive oil, and canola oil.


He said in an interview, “I eat squash, which I never ate before, along with zucchini; I eat a lot of cashews, peanuts, bananas, apples, and I love salmon and chicken, I try to eat very clean, and I drink about 120 to 130 ounces of water a day. I mark everything I eat on a chart so I can keep track of my daily intake.


Gucci Mane Workout Routine


Gucci has not only followed a specific workout routine in his lifestyle but he has also included various activities to help him keep fit.

He likes to play basketball and also likes to do biking, boxing, working out with weights, cardio and more.

He told in a Vogue Magazine’s interview that in 2016 he was working six days a week right from Monday through Saturday for an hour and a half.

Gucci also joined various classes along with the gym to help him lose weight. Gucci joined the exercises classes, dance classes, Zumba, yoga and many more classes.

Gucci does following exercises and workout routine daily for building his muscles and losing weight:

  1. Running
  2. Cycling
  3. Push-ups
  4. Squats
  5. Plank Poses
  6. Lunges
  7. Body rotations
  8. Swimming

Gucci used to exercise daily in prison along with following a healthy diet and drinking a lot of water. He continued this in his lifestyle even after coming out of the prison.

After living for 2 years in prison a different man came out.

Gucci said that, “I used to live a life of excess, greed, and gluttony, now I’ve learned to challenge myself to get up every day and push myself to live a healthier lifestyle.

Now, Gucci exercises with his girlfriend daily. It has also helped him in providing motivation and they help each other push an extra mile. Studies have also shown that when you train with a partner you get better results.

Gucci has always been in the news due to his fluctuating weight or career. He received humiliation from the media which he always took in a positive sense. In 2017 he responded to the criticism with a meme that took the internet by storm.

Gucci Mane’s life’s turnaround is known to be a great inspiration around the globe. He turned from an alcoholic and drug addict fat man to a fit and healthy eating person. He has also found peace through yoga and meditation.

How any person who was charged continuously of various crimes and assaults became a person of better mind and found control over his body and mind.

Where people after coming out of the prison find their life in more misery and darkness, Gucci found a new way of life and insight towards health and peace. One just needs correct vision and faith at the right time.

Where people complaint that celebrity’s weight loss is not as hard as the weight loss of ordinary people because celebrities get the customized diet plan made up to them by their nutritionists and they can afford these expensive diets along with various supplements and steroids.

Also people complain about the workout routine of the celebrities since they get professional personal trainers and are surrounded by 5 to 6 people all the time during their workout who continuously push them and make sure that the workout is also followed by a good conditioning routine to help the muscles recover.

To all those people Gucci set an example by losing 50 pounds of weight in prison without all these facilities.


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