Hands in dreams: meaning and  interpretation 1

Did you see any dream related to hands? Maybe you saw some hands bigger than normal size? Well,you need not worry anymore as we will help you to breakdown the meaning behind your dream in today’s article. So, lets not waste any more time and head to the content. So,  sit back, relax and enjoy reading the post.

Dreaming about hands can mean a lot of things. So,  the first and foremost thing to notice is the surrounding of your dream. On the basis of surroundings only, it will help you to breakdown the meaning behind your dream. Hands are related  to happiness, sadness, carelessness, and much more. Keep reading to know more.

1) If you had a dream where you saw yourself with big hands, than the normal size then you must be ready to face some good news. It’s a sign that you will be achieving success in your future projects or tasks you undertake. The result will make you happy and keep you motivated to work more hard.

2) If you had a dream where you saw your hands covered with dirt, then you should know that this dream has two meanings. First meaning is that you may lose some possessions or you may face loss in your business. Second meaning states, that you are not close to the people who want tour care and love. You mistreat them and you are not listening to their demands.

3) If you had a dream about hands joined for prayer, then this shows that you are currently experiencing some harsh problems. You are unable to solve the problems at the moment and to move further, one needs to solve them anyhow.



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