herbert lehman education fund scholarship 2020

The scholarship is named after the Herbert Henry Lehman who was democratic party politician from New York. He served from 1933 until 1942 as the 45th Governor of New York and represented New York state in the U.S. senate from 1949 until 1957. He passed away on December 5 1963 at the age 85.

Sponsors of scholarship

NAACP LDF (National Legal Defense and Educational Fund) is the sponsor of this scholarship .

Here, Also please note This scholarship is sponsored by NAACP LDF not by NAACP, these are two distinct  bodies.

Now, let’s see- the eligibility criteria, documents required, applying procedure, etc……

Eligibility Criteria for Herbert Lehman Scholarship

  • Candidate must be U.S. citizen at all.
  • Must be a graduating high school senior, first-year student in an accredited four-year college, or a student transferring into an accredited four-year college
  • Must have minimum 2.5 GPA (Grade point average)
  • Demonstrated financial needs , and have a family income of $ 65000 or less.
  • Restricted by race for black students.
  • Must study full time.
  • Record of academic achievement
  • Demonstrated commitment to public service.

Qualified Institution 

School must be accredited and having located at United states at all.

How to Apply for Herbert Lehman Scholarship

You have to apply online. Not through Fax, email or phone.

Documents required :

  • 2 Recommendation letters duly sealed and signed
  • Standardized test scores copy- i.e. ACT and SAT test scores.
  • Transcript copy (finalist will be required to submit an official transcript).
  • A copy of essay
  • Resume
  • FAFSA form demonstrating financial needs.
  • Copy of acceptance letter to college you will attend.
  • Academic achievement
  • Personal photographs (Finalists shall be required to submit head and shoulder photograph when notified)
  • Personal statement
  • Completed Scholarship Application form

Point to Note :

There is no minimum test score or GPA requirement.  The scholarship committee will consider each candidate’s GPA, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, financial needs, volunteer activities, and essays.  No single component of an application will determine a scholarship award.

Herbert Lehman Scholarship Amount :

Herbert Lehman Scholarships are for $2,000 per year over the course of four years, provided that funds are available, the student continues full-time study, remains in good academic standing with his or her college or university, and fulfills all other program requirements

Deadline of submission :

The last date submission of application is 01st April 2020. The dates has been extended upto 24th April, due to the current critical scenario for COVID-19 impact.

Purpose of the Herbert Lehman Scholarship 

So, To bring the equality in education  or come over from racism prevailed in African American students, the scholarship was established in 1964, is named after Mr. Herbert Lehman in recognition of his integrity, courage, and persistence on behalf of numerous civil rights causes.

In sum up, the Herbert Lehman scholarship came as a voice to fight against prevalent racism .

Current scenario of the Herbert Lehman Scholarship

Initially this scholarships were awarded to help African-American students attend formerly segregated four years colleges and universities in the south and to increase the number of African-American in the legal professional.

Over the years its mission has dramatically changed , Now it’s mission to transform the promise of racial equality into a social, economic and political reality by supporting talented undergraduate students with financial need to stay in school and successfully complete their bachelor’s degree.

In sum up, presently scholarship are for those students who meet the eligibility and award criteria.


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