Depending on the time and the class or the coach that you booked for, you will get your refund. Usually, IRCTC refunds your money within 5-7 working days but sometimes due to specific problems it may take longer. Before the scheduled departure time of a train, a final reservation list is created for the all the passengers who would be boarding the train.

IRCTC Helpline
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When you book a train ticket, and your ticket is confirmed your name is included in this final reservation chart before the train leaves the next day at noon. To get your refund according to the IRCTC rules, you will need to cancel your ticket before the final reservation list is made. But, please note if you have an e-ticket then you cannot expect it to be refunded at the railway counters. You can only cancel it online at IRCTC and receive the refund.

The refund is made to the account that was used for booking the ticket earlier.

IRCTC’s Cancellation Charges For Confirmed Tickets

The cancellation charges vary according to the classes. If the ticket is cancelled before 48 hours then the cancellation charges for AC First Class/ Executive Class is Rs.240, for AC 3 tier/ Economy/Chair Car is Rs.180, for AC 2 tier is Rs.200, for Sleeper is Rs.120 and for Sleeper is Rs.60. If the ticket is cancelled before 12 hours, then the cancellation charges will be 25% of the basic flat rate. If the ticket is cancelled before 4 hours of the departure of the train, then the cancellation charges will be 50% of the basic flat rate.

IRCTC’s Cancellation Charges For RAC Tickets

IRCTC allows for a full refund minus the clerkage if you cancel the RAC ticket 30 minutes before the train departs. The clerkage deducted is Rs.60.

When To File For TDR?

You file a TDR to get a refund on the ticket that you cancel after the final reservation list has been made. You can file a TDR on RAC tickets as well. You cannot receive a refund otherwise.

Here’s How To Register For TDR.

Go to the IRCTC website>Services>File Ticket Deposit Receipt(TDR).

For one’s using the old site –

Old Transactions History>My Transactions>File TDR

IRCTC’s cancellation charges for Tatkal tickets

Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges For Waiting List

If you cancel a confirmed tatkal ticket, you will not be eligible for any refund. IRCTC has not allowed for any refund policy against cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets, so before booking a tatkal ticket be sure that will be taking on this journey. For RAC tatkal tickets though, you are eligible for a refund minus the clerkage fee.

IRCTC’s Refund Policy For ‘Cancelled’ Trains

IRCTC clearly states that if any case a train is cancelled due to reasons like a flood, or accidents, storm or any other calamity, then by filing TDR or cancelling the train ticket within three days of the scheduled departure time of the train, you will be eligible for full refund.
Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, you may need to cancel your train ticket.


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