So if you have booked a ticket for 3AC the chances of your ticket getting confirmed depends on whether it is a waitlisted or RAC ticket and on which waiting list does it fall under.

Does your ticket have PQWL? This is a waiting list which is compiled against pooled quota and chances of confirmation on these lists are very low.

Does your ticket have CKWL? This the waiting list for tatkal tickets. The chances of getting confirmed on these lists are not very high either, but it depends on your rank on the list as compared to the total number of waitlisted candidates.

How Many Waiting List Tickets Get Confirmed

You obviously cannot rest easy when your train ticket has not been confirmed yet, and you are left hanging thinking whether this trip will be possible or not.

How Many Waiting List Tickets Get Confirmed In 3AC

Where To Check The Confirmation Probability Of 3AC?

You can go to the India Rail Info website, create an account there to get access to the PNR forum.

The PNR forum is a very helpful place to gain insights from experts who can predict whether your tickets stand the chance of getting confirmed or not. Just post your PNR number, click “Post PNR for PredictionAnalysis” and sit back, the site will do the rest.

It can stress you out, there are no ways to predict with full certainty whether your ticket stands the chance of getting confirmed or not, but there are certain websites which analyze the past trends and make a pnr prediction analysis although the predictions are not 100 percent accurate. But before that, you need to know the different types of tickets and waiting lists for you to get an idea about how the whole thing works.

To Start With There Are 3 Types Of Tickets –

  • Confirmed Tickets – Passengers with confirmed tickets have a seat or a berth allotted to them. They can travel on the train without any worries.
  • Waitlisted Tickets – Passengers who end up with waitlisted tickets have the lesser chance of boarding the train. If you booked from the IRCTC website and ended up with a waiting list ticket, then it is likely that you will not be able to board the train. Contrary to that if you buy a waiting list ticket from the railway counters then you can at least board the train but you will not be allotted any seat, and you will have to travel without one. It is because all seats have been reserved and you are not supposed to be on the train in the first place.
  • RAC Tickets– RAC stands for Reservation against Cancellations. If you are one of the passengers who ended up with a RAC ticket, or originally received a waiting list ticket but due to cancellations ended up reaching the RAC status, then you can board the train, though you will have to share seats with a fellow passenger. If there are vacant seats, during the routine checkup and verification process, the TT may assign you a vacant seat accordingly.

Alternatively, you can head to Confirm Tkt website and post your PNR details to get a prediction.