You can check pooled quota wait list confirmation chances and confirmation of waiting list railway ticket via the official irctc app and via third party apps like Confirm TKT and PNR predictional analysis.

How Many Waiting List Tickets Get Confirmed In Sleeper or 3AC

When you book a train ticket, you expect to get a confirmed ticket, but sometimes it so happens that you get a waitlisted ticket or RAC ticket. It does not matter whether you book the tickets online on the IRCTC website or from the railway counters. Seats on the trains are allotted to the passengers with a confirmed ticket so once these seats are filled up minus the seats which has are reserved against quotas, you end up on the waiting list.

Your ticket gets confirmed only when someone with a reservation cancels. You have no way of knowing for sure if your ticket will be confirmed or not until the final reservation charts are drawn four hours before the scheduled departure of the train.

However, you can get expert opinions and analyze the past trends. Here is how to do it-

  • India Rail Info website has a PNR forum where once you create an account and input your PNR details you can get expert opinions. After inputting your PNR details click “Post PNR for Prediction/Analysis” for the site to pull up all the details and post it on the forum for the experts to see. 
How Many Waiting List Tickets Get Confirmed
  • There is another website called ConfirmTkt website which when you enter your PNR details, the algorithm analyzes past ticketing trends and then lays out the chances for how likely your ticket is going to get confirmed.

They are not always right, so you cannot rely on them entirely, but it is something to having no clue.

How Does The Whole Ticketing System Work?

Indian railway system has several waiting lists, tickets, and quotas. The likelihood of your tickets getting confirmed depends on what kind of ticket you have and on what waiting list you are on. The quotas also take up a number of seats. This quota includes seats which are reserved for ladies, physically handicapped, tourists and military. These seats are seldom filled up and hence are allotted to the waitlisted candidates at the time the final lists are drawn.

Now coming to the tickets. There is a difference between a waiting list ticket and RAC ticket. If you have a waitlisted ticket then if you board the train you will have to travel without any seats or in other cases you may not be able to board the train at all.

Having a RAC ticket means you can travel on the train, and you can at least share a berth with someone else if not get a whole berth to yourself. In case of RAC ticket, if someone with reservation cancels, you get their seat, so if the TT finds that there is a vacant seat during the routine checkup, you may get the seat.

There are different waiting lists. To determine what waiting list you are on find what is written on your ticket. If it is WL, it is the general waiting list, if it is LDWL, it is the female waiting list, if it is CKWL, it is the tatkal waiting list, and if it is PQWL, it is the pooled quota waiting list. Your rank on this waiting list determines the chances for your tickets to get confirmed.