We all have experienced those dreams in which we have been more excited than ever and the moment you wake up, the dream goes poof! And then you spend all your day thinking of ways how you can remember your dream so that you can narrate to anyone how you felt during the dream. However, no matter how hard you try that dream refuses to come back to you and makes you restless all day long. If you dream a lot and you want to keep a track of it then you must be exploring the net to find out how can you enable yourself to remember your dreams. Here are some tips that we have for people who want to remember their dreams.

Make Sure That You Have a Good REM Sleep

Dreams occur only during REM or the rapid eye movement sleep since it is during this phase of the sleep that the brain is active and starts creating images and visuals that you see and comprehend as dreams. Generally a person experiences REM sleep after 90 minutes of drifting off to sleep. Making sure that you are sleeping well and your REM sleep is not being disturbed will help you in having longer dreams which are easier to remember. There are several ways how one can have a good REM sleep :

1)Saying a big no to caffeine, especially before you go to sleep because it interferes with your sleeping schedule and creates problem in having REM sleep.  Since it acts as a stimulant, if you have caffeine it doesn’t let your body enter the REM sleep itself. Unless you enter a proper sleep you can not have dreams, let alone remembering them. Hence it is more advisable that you have caffeine in the morning and not at night if you want to remember your dreams.

2) Keep  alcohol away if you want to remember your dreams. Alcohol doesn’t let you spend enough time in the REM sleep even after you enter that phase and hence you can not have long or good dreams to remember. The memory of your sleep gets harmed as well and it becomes impossible to remember your dreams.

3) Try to keep stressful thoughts away while you try to sleep. The few moments before you drift off to sleep play a cursor in determining whether you will have a REM sleep or not. We know often when you are trying to go to sleep your mind naughtily reminds you of that one moment when you had embarrassed yourself, or that one decision that you made which went horribly wrong. Such thoughts tend to trigger more and more thoughts buzing in your head and soon you find yourself lying in an array of memories that refuse to let you sleep. Our advise will be to make your mind calm to prevent such triggering of thoughts.

4) Meditating for ten minutes before going to sleep can also help you in remembering your dreams. While you meditate, focus on the fact that you want to remember whatever you dream when you wake up in the morning. This will help you to channel all your conscience so as to remind you of your desire constantly and make it easier for you to sleep.

5) Switch off your cell phone atleast an hour before you plan to sleep so as to let it not interfere with a buzz right when you were about to sleep. Also, staying away from electronic gadgets before going to sleep ensures a better sleep. Reading books instead of using television for entertainment will do you much more good, not only in sleeping, but also in making your lifestyle better.

6) Make sure you have the most comfortable sleep that you can get so that you get into deep sleep as soon as possible. Open all the windows to let fresh air come in and fill your surroundings. You can also spray a good room freshner, of your favourite fragrance to have a happy and peaceful sleep.

So these are the several ways how you can make sure you have a good sleep and your REM sleep is not interrupted. Also, you may want to try to sleep before 11:30 pm and wake up early in the morning around 7:00 am.

A Journal to Help You Remember Your Dreams

Almost everyone who tries to remember his or her dreams makes sure to maintain a journal where they jot down their dreams. Hence it is a very necessary thing that you maintain one for yourself too. Make sure you keep it away from strangers though since when you write down your dreams, you may often realise that most of them are very weird and at no level of sanity. So it is better to keep it somewhere safe so that no one else is let in to your world since you may get embarrassed. Also, some dreams break social ideas and prejudices and you never know who may get offended by what. So the moment you make up your mind that you want to have a journal, keep it somewhere safe.

1) Keep your journal handy. After making sure that you are totally prepared for a good night’s sleep, keep your diary or journal close at hand so that you can reach it in the morning as soon as you wake up. This will make sure that you do not miss a second and write down your memories of your dream as frsh as you can when you wake up in the morning. Generally, the more delay you make in writing down your dream, the more they start slipping away because after all, you do not experience them in real. Dreams are like fleeting thoughts and unless you catch them fast you are going to see them fly away.

2) After waking up, have a glass of water and sit up on your bed and try to remember what you dreamt of. Generally people have one or two dreams in a sleep, however on rare occasions one can have several dreams in one night. In such cases, remembering them just becomes a way bit harder so try to remember them slowly.

3) Focus your mind on whatever your mind had seen last night. What were the sceneries that you saw? Did you see lush green forests or were you in the same home where you are now. Begin remembering your dream from the background where you saw it and it will surely help you remember every thing about it gradually.

4) Try to remember the people you saw in your dream after you have written down about the scenes and visuals that you saw in your dream. Most often we see people who we are really close with in our dreams, the ones with whom we have regular interaction. However, it is indeed feasible that the dream brings back memories of someone who you haven’t met in a long time, someone who has passed away or someone who you have lost.

5) Try to remember what you were trying to do in your dream and from which perspective did you see your dream. Were you dreaming with your own eyes or did you see yourself in your dream, implying you dreamt with someone else’s eyes?

After you are done trying to remember all these points and have written them all down perfectly on your journal you can give your mind some rest.

How to Enhance a Deep Sleep?

It must be very clear by now that dreams can be experienced only while a person is in deep sleep. Hence it is necessary that you make sure you are prepared to have and hold on to a deep sleep so that you can actually have a dream to remember.

1) To have a deep sleep at night, refrain from having quick naps and sleeping in the afternoon. Even though it is a very common habit, having naps at other times of the day interferes with deep sleep and night when dreams are more likely to occur.

2)  Analyse your timings throughout the day and fix your times of sleep so that you are well acquainted with your body’s clock.

3) Buy comfortable mattresses and pillows and use side pillows because they make sleep so much better. Not only do you experience a better sleep, but these comforts will also ensure your body parts don’t get sore and a nice pillow will keep you away from shoulder and neck pain.

What if You Fail to Remember Your Dream?

It is possible that you try to focus your thoughts as much as you want to but you can not remember properly what you dreamt. This may dishearten you a little but there is a lead that you can follow in order to remember your dreams. You can write down what ever thought that comes to your mind after you wake up. That thought or thoughts may trigger your memory to remind you the other events of the dream and make it helpful to keep in mind the entire dream gradually.

What can We do After Remembering the Dreams?

Your journal will be your path to go back to memories of dreams, to have a laugh or re-live those feeling of the dreams. You can also analyse your dreams so as to check which dreams occur a lot and which dreams are followed by what kind of day. There are various explanations and interpretations of dreams available that you can relate closely with your life to make an analysis of everything. This can help you guide what are the things you should be cautious of, secret signs that you may be failing to notice, etc. You can also think that it is beneficial to remember dreams, hence it is good if you can do so.

Why Remembering Your Dreams can be Beneficial?

1) Often in your dreams, you may have the realisation of your secret talents which in reality you were not aware of till date. Remembering such dreams will help in finding out your hidden potentials and help you a lot in the long run. Everyone is talented in one or several ways and it is not possible to know what we are capable of unless we are exposed to circumstances.

2) You can find solutions to problems in your dreams. One undergoes several stressful events in life, making life complex and problematic. In reality they may hunt a lot for solutions and their dreams may only prove to be a gateway where they find their solutions to their problem. If you are in some deep trouble you might find a solution for the same in a dream since you have been thinking a lot about it, and not only will that solve your problem but also make your stress levels low. Lower stress levels are always better for good health.

3) Dreams might give you access to several revolutionary ideas since dreams know no bounds and imaginations seldom run wild. It is reported that several scientists got ideas for their inventions that changed history in their dreams. Various authors who have masterpieces to their credit got the first spark of idea in their sleep. Guess what would have happened if they failed to recollect the memory of their dreams? The world would have been missing out on so much now! Hence you can remember your dreams and help yourself in your path to doing something exceptional!

4)  Dreams often make you conscious of your desires that you were unaware of. Thoughts that lay deep inside you but yet you failed to comprehend, are often revealed by dreams.

5) One becomes more conscious of their inner soul by remembering their dreams and thus they can channel their knowledge about themselves in a positive way to bring out the best in them.

Remembering dreams makes it easier for one to face difficulties already faced in dreams, hence making them more confident and ready to face all circumstances in general. It makes stressful events easier to tackle and hence, you can try to remember your dreams using these tips.


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