First wedding night, a moment every Indian girl desperately and most secretively wants to have in their life. In our Indian society, there are two types of marriages: love marriage and arrange marriage. Well,  I really cannot express what a couple does in their first wedding might (especially who had a love marriage). Love married couples are too advanced and saying something about them would be my own insult so spare me if I am killing your curiosity of what a couple would do in their SuhaagRaat.//

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However, my focus here is on that couple who got an arranged marriage. 
Indians have been too conservative, especially girl are conservative and boys are horny. Actually married man always dreams of his SuhaagRaat (so called wedding night), thinks of making it a blast and eventually something weird happens.
1. First, after coming to their bedroom, a little small talk starts and discussing the wedding ceremony.
2. The girl discusses her tips, family members and some wired friend who come to their ceremony, but the poor guy wants her to stop.

3. Once, the bride stops, the bridegroom starts praising her beauty to make her feel good and comfortable. But inside him lies a deep excitement of the foreplay.

4. The girls gets emotional somehow and hugs in return (and the guy thinks the adventure just began)
5. Then the actual foreplay starts, like the tight hugs, kissing and seducing, but suddenly the girl gets off the guy and says “We should not be so fast”.
6. The guy stops and makes her comfortable. The girl starts some romantic talks and the Guy sees yet another scope for the adventure.
7. After a repetition, they start making love moves and light gets off.
8. Wait, It’s not over yet, lights turned on again and this time they shower together.
9. Finally the last stage comes, getting into deep sleep in each others arm.
Now once it happened, neither the girl remains conservative nor and the boy never was. Well, this is how a typical first wedding night is spent in India. Hope my humourous yet smexy imagination created sharp images before you.


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