While the IRCTC site is pretty smooth many a times, it happens that your transaction has failed while you were booking the tickets, but the money has been deducted from your bank account. Did you face a situation similar to this and come here all hopeless? Well, let us tell you that your money is not lost and you can recover it quickly within a week. Wondering how that can be done? Well, you need to contact IRCTC and ask for the refunded sum, and the money will be transferred to your account if the transaction has failed.

Remember refund only happens when the transaction has failed, or you are canceling the tickets which have already been paid for and booked. So let us learn how to contact them quickly.

Call On The Customer Care Numbers For Refund


You don’t need to search anywhere for the refund numbers as they are right here. If you want to call them in their customer care numbers to enquire for or ask about the refund, then the amount on which you can call is 07556610661.

Apart from this, there is another secondary number as well which is 07554090600. These two numbers are always available, and you won’t have to wait to know about your refund. In case you want to inquire about the procedure of the reimbursement and how it will be transferred back to your account, then you can either call them on any of these two customer care numbers, or you can check the website as all the details are listed over there.

These numbers will help you to get out of the tricky situation, and once you have requested for a refund the money will be transferred directly to your bank account within seven working days, is rest assured because your money is going nowhere, it is going to stay right with you.

Languages To Converse In After Calling

Once you have called them for the help, there is nothing to freak out; the good part is that you can talk to them in any language that you are comfortable in. Which means that if you are not comfortable speaking in English, then you can talk to them in Hindi and vice versa. However not always you will get the option to intervene in regional languages so you will either have to choose English or Hindi, whichever one you are good at.

So this is how you can call in the customer care helpline number of the Indian railways and enquire about and initiate the refund process. With these two numbers in hand, you will not need to worry about losing your money at all because the entire amount will be refunded to your account in much less time. If you have messed up your transaction, then go call them up immediately and talk to them to resolve the matter.


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