Irctc Paytm Refund Process

IRCTC Paytm Refund Process 1

If you paid directly from Paytm wallet, you will receive the refund almost immediately, if you opted for UPI depending on your bank the refund process may take up to 5-14 working days, for payment made using credit card or debit cards the refund process for private banks can be 10 working days and for nationalized banks it can be 14 working days.

Lastly, if you opted for net banking, then all banks may take up to 7 working days to refund your money. The refund will be sent directly to your bank for all other modes of payment other than Paytm wallet, which you will receive directly in your wallet.

What To Do When The Screen Shows ‘Error In Transaction’?

Sometimes it may happen that there has been some problem in processing the transaction and your money has been deducted even though your train ticket was not booked.

In that case, do not be worried as the refund process will be initiated and you will receive the refund with 5-7 business days, but it may vary depending on the mode of payment that used to pay for the ticket and your bank. If you have cancelled your ticket, then again you will get the refund minus the cancellation charges that IRCTC has levied within the same time frame as mentioned above.

Paytm Trains 24×7 Helpline
0120 4880880

If you do not receive your money within the given time frame, please reach out to the Paytm and IRCTC customer care.

Paytm is an e-wallet which provides several modes of payment and gateway options. Over time, Paytm now offers its users to open accounts in their virtual bank and receive interest. The ease of payment and several payment options that it provides has made it one of the most popular e-wallets that are being used by merchants for easy and secure transactions. IRCTC has also included Paytm as one of the payment modes that a customer can choose to use.

How To Book Your Train Ticket Using Paytm?

There are two ways by which you can book a train ticket using Paytm. One is either you can go to IRCTC website and book a ticket from there and once the payment page shows up and you are asked to choose the mode of payment, you choose Paytm, or you can book a ticket from the IRCTC app IRCTC Rail Connect and choose Paytm in the mode of payment.

The transaction is processed almost immediately. As soon as the transaction is shown to be successful, IRCTC will book your train tickets, and you will receive the train tickets and all the details associated with it.

Or else you can book it in PayTm app itself, but you will require the IRCTC login ID and password at the final stage.

What Does The Message ‘Refund Amount To Paytm SDK’ Mean?

No, you are not a victim of financial fraud. No one is stealing your money. This message means that IRCTC has made the refund and Paytm is processing it. IRCTC uses Paytm gateway for every transaction, so as soon as Paytm processes it, you will receive the refund directly in your wallet if you have used it to pay for the tickets or the money will be directly credited to your bank account if you have used a card or net banking.


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