Here is IRCTC premium tatkal booking online rules and procedures in easy steps. The premium tatkal booking time in IRCTC is same as that of general tatkal timings, like the premium tatkal booking timings for sleeper class starts at 11:00 AM, and for AC class, 10:00 AM.

Premium tatkal tickets cost twice as more than the standard tatkal ticket. Other than that IRCTC has levied several rules regarding the booking of premium tatkal tickets. Please remember that you can only book a premium tatkal ticket from the IRCTC website and not from the computerized reservation counters offline.

Rules for booking of a Premium Tatkal Ticket

As already mentioned, IRCTC has levied several regulations for passengers booking premium tatkal tickets.

  • Premium tatkal tickets come with dynamic pricing that is, not only do they cost much more than tatkal tickets, the fare gets higher as more tickets are sold. If you have confirmed the premium tatkal ticket, you will have to pay quite a hefty sum.
  • If you have children traveling with you, forget about not paying the full fare for children. Under the premium tatkal booking rules, you will be required to pay the full fare for the children.
  • Do not expect any concessions while booking a premium tatkal ticket.
  • If you book your tatkal tickets through an agent, you will have to book the premium tatkal ticket from IRCTC website yourself this is because agents are not allowed to book them for you.
  • While booking the tickets you will be asked to provide proof of identity and the ID proof that you give at this time, you will have to carry it with you during your travel.
  • There are no RAC tickets or waitlisted tickets category in premium tatkal tickets, only confirmed.
  • If you happen to cancel your confirmed premium tatkal ticket, you will not be getting any refunds.

How to book a Premium Tatkal Ticket from the IRCTC website?

Booking premium tatkal tickets from the IRCTC website is easy. To reserve tickets follow the following steps –

  • Sign in to your registered IRCTC account.
  • Under the Plan My Travel section input the destination details and journey date.
  • Select the train with a premium tatkal ticket. You will have to do it fast so that you can book the ticket at a lower rate.
  • Input all the passenger’s details that are asked of you, including your name, voter ID, Pan, address, etc.

After you are done booking the tatkal ticket, make sure that you print out the e-ticket that you received, but it is not mandatory. You can show the e-ticket on your phone as well.

How to reach the IRCTC in case of any problems?

In case you are having issues with booking or refund or have any query you can easily reach out to the customer care at IRCTC at 0755-3934141, 0755-6610661. If you are unable to get hold of them by phone, you can also mail them at their registered mail id at [email protected]

Tatkal tickets are tickets which have been booked at short notice, a few days before the journey. The passenger may not have had any intention of traveling, but due to some reason or issue that cropped up recently, he or she had to travel on short notice. There is a difference between tatkal tickets and premium tatkal tickets.