José Marti Scholarship
José Marti Scholarship

José Marti Scholarship is a merit-scholarship to provide financial help to the needy and eligible students who are willing to attend Florida public or other eligible private Institutions. It is a state programme sponsored by the Florida Department of Education.

This is available to eligible students of Hispanic origin and must be applied by the students at their senior year of high school so that they can be aided financially in their college two-year or four-year programme by this scholarship.

It is a renewable scholarship which renews automatically every year until the student is graduating or post-graduating. However, priority is given to high-school applicants and all the applicants must be residents of Florida.

Also known as the José Marti Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund and is a great opportunity for students facing any financial crisis and want a long-run solution for that. Being a self-renewable scholarship, it is more convenient for students to get benefited by it.

Here, we are providing complete detailed information regarding the scholarship.

Eligibility and Requirement For José Marti Scholarship

The student is required to-

  1. Submit an application called Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) to the official website of the Florida Department of Education completely and without any errors by April 1, 2020. The application is available since October 2019.
  2. Be of Spanish culture and born in a Hispanic country of the Central America, South America, Caribbean or Mexico or have a parent who is born in one of these countries.
  3. Demonstrate a minimum financial need of $2000 at the time of submission of the error-free form.
  4. Be a resident of Florida and a U.S. citizen. Post secondary institutions determine the residency and citizenship status of the applicants.
  5. Have scored a minimum cumulative aggregate of 3.0-grade points in GPA on subject credible towards a high school diploma for undergraduate applicants or an institutional commutative of 3.0 for undergraduate college work, if applying for a graduate-level scholarship.
  6. Enroll as a degree-seeking student for at least of 12 credits each semester.

Besides, students are required NOT to:

  1. Have a previously earned baccalaureate degree.
  2. Owe a repayment or be under any type of default in federal grant, loan or scholarship programme.

How to apply For José Marti Scholarship

Students have to submit a filled error-free Application provided by the Florida Financial Aid Application.

It must be done as soon as possible because students may get ranked by their date of application submission.

Students are advised to carefully read all the instructions available on the website to be sure to qualify this scholarship of financial aid because a sponsored organization might have changed some of their policies or requirements.

Priority order of applicants:

As determined by FAFSA, priority will be given to applicants according to the following order:

  • Firstly, according to the highest needed applicants.
  • Secondly, according to the highest GPA.
  • Thirdly, by the application submission date

Along with these, priority will be given to renewal applications followed by initial applicants, reinstatement, restoration and graduate applicants.

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For undergraduates- Those undergraduate students who have enrolled in a five-year degree programme are eligible to get financial aid for 10 semesters or 15 quarters at most.

For graduates- An eligible graduate student can receive financial aid in the form of scholarship for a maximum of 4 semesters or 6 quarters.


The number of awards awarded under the scholarship varies every year depending on the number of qualified applicants and funding available.

These awards are renewable automatically if you are qualifying the GPA requirements mentioned above (3.0 or higher).

Process of Renewal:

The renewal process is automatic for the José Marti Scholarship. Every recipient is considered for renewal without any renewal application.

However, the student must have obtained a minimum unweighted institutional cumulative GPA which is 3.0. (On a 4.0 scale).

Along with that, a minimum of 12 credit hours per term is also required. Credits earned in previous summer can also be used for the renewal.

About Florida Department of Education:

It is a state education agency of Florida which looks after public education and manages funding for its local educational institutions and agencies.

The current department executive is Richard Corcoran, Florida Commissioner of Education.

This department has a state scholarship and grant programme which finances many scholarship programmes for providing financial aid to the eligible students in need.

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Contact Information

Florida Department of Education

State Scholarship and Grant Programme

Suite 1314

325, West Gaines Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400

Phone- 888-827-2004

Email- [email protected]

José Marti

José Marti was a Cuban poet considered as Cuban national hero due to his contribution to the freedom struggle of his country (Cuba) against Spain. Probably, this is the reason why Spain students are excluded from the José Marti Scholarship.

He also played an important role in Latin American literature. Born on 28 January 1853 in Havana, Cuba. His notable works include ‘Versos Libres’ and he was the founder of ‘Patria Libre, La’ newspaper and ‘Revista Venezolana’ journal.

His journals and essays are considered as his greatest contribution under Spanish. His writings have always reflected his kindness and his love for liberalism and justice. Some of his famous writings are – Inside the Monster: Writings on the United States and American Imperialism, On Education etc.

José Marti Foundation

This is the sponsor of the José Marti Scholarship which provides financial aid to students of Hispanic descents. This foundation was founded in 1989 to help students overcome their financial crisis to pursue studies in the college of their choice.

This scholarship is self renewable and students are informed at the end of every June about their eligibility for the scholarship.

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In short

José Marti Scholarship is sponsored by José Marti foundation under the Florida Department of Education to financially help the students.

It is a need-based merit scholarship for Hispanic origin students to help them attend Florida public or any other private institutions.

Interested students of senior high-school classes or even graduates can get financial aid for their studies if applied properly. Portuguese culture students of Brazil are not eligible for this Scholarship.



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