Just A Minute
Just A Minute

Making a career is what we all have in mind. Some start by a business and some try to get a job. Starting a business is not as easy as it sounds; neither is getting a job. As starting a business is just not about funding, getting a job is also not about qualification. You need to be confident when you are going for an interview. You have been ready for any kind of questions. That is why Just a minute topics or JAM Sessions questions are essential. You must make a  good impression during this process. Here are some examples of questions that you might get asked on in an interview. But, before that, let us start with what JAM sessions are.

What is a JAM session?

Just A Minute sessions are the presentations that we are asked for during an interview process. It is during this process that we are expected to deliver a clear, fluent and convincing presentation in just a minute. The interviewers judge us on the way we speak, body language, language, gestures and more. The interviewer will give you any topic, and you will not be given any time to think., and answer in just a minute. Many of the Multi-National Companies use this technique to choose their prospective employees. You have to prepare to speak on any topic given to you.

Now, let us start with the questions.

Global Warming

The problem due to global warming is increasing day by day as the rate of global warming is reaching new levels. It is due to deforestation, the effects of greenhouse gases, and more. As we burn the fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and other gases to run vehicles, factories the chemicals emitted from their reaches the layers of the atmosphere. As the substances reach the atmosphere, it depletes the ozone layer creating holes in it, and the sunlight directly hits the surface of the earth. Some of the problems that people are facing are –

  • Change in the pattern of Rainfall.
  • Fires and droughts.
  • Hurricanes and floods.
  • Skin cancer and other diseases.

Things we can do to Protect the environment –

  • Plant more and more trees.
  • Create awareness amongst people.
  • Reduce the usage of water, electricity, fossil fuels, and plastic.
  • Use solar energy more often.

Women’s Status in India

There is not a place that can be found without the dominance of male over their female counterpart. The superiority of men is seen in every corner of our society. Women always have to be dependent on men for any reason or the other. But, now, women are becoming more and more independent. We can see women in the highest post and aspects of our society. But, there are still increasing atrocities against women. From unequal pay, fewer opportunities to abuses women are facing different problems every day. Some bright side on the status of the women are –

  • They have become independent.
  • The literacy rate among women has increased.
  • The age of marriage has increased.
  • Women are taking up the responsibility of their families.

Atrocities against women.

  • Female Foeticide.
  • Dowery
  • Sexual harassments and rapes.
  • Inequality in society and the workplace.

And More.


It is the total market value or monetary of every finished goods and service that is produced within the border of a country in a given time. It is a broad measuring scale of the overall domestic products. It also works as the scorecard of the economic health of a country.

Key takeaways of GDP –

  • Well-being Indicator – GDP of a country indicates the overall economy rate of the country. A high GDP means high production, which means people are buying more and more goods. High GPD also means that employment rate is too high.
  • Simplicity – Simplicity breaks the economy down in a single number. It makes it more comfortable to understand people. It may not show as many details, but it is easy to understand.

You can have a rough idea on the topic from the points above.


Goods and Service Tax is the full form of GST. It is an indirect tax that has replaced much other indirect tax in India. It was passed in 2017. GST is an Indirect Tax that was implied on the supplies of goods and services. The main motto to levies this tax is to replace various other indirect taxes.

Advantages of GST –

  • Removed all Cascading tax effects.
  • Lesser compliances.
  • The online, more straightforward procedure under GST.
  • The higher threshold in registration.
  • Regulated unorganized sectors.
  • Better for e-commerce.

Disadvantages of GST –

  • GST-compliant goods.
  • Software purchases resulted in increased costs.
  • SMEs have a higher tax burden.
  • GST has increased the operational cost
  • It has only online taxation method.

Terrorism Worldwide

Terrorism is the most extensive kind of intentional violence against civilians for any political or business purpose. And it is unfortunate to say that many countries are severely affected by it. Countries that are profoundly affected by terrorism is Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Yemen, Pakistan. The rate of terrorism is increasing day by day. The worst part is that the innocents get most affected by this. The United Nations General Assembly introduced the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy on September 8th, 2006. This has helped to combat and prevent the chance s and incidents of terrorism in some level. But, war zones like Syria still is at stake; millions of people even die.

India and Corruption

Corruption is a huge problem. There is no place, no corner in India that is not affected by corruption. It has severely affected the economic rate of India. In 2005 the Transparency International conducted a survey that stated that 62% of Indians are experienced in giving bribes. It has also been seen that the most cases of corruption are in government sectors. Trucking Industry is a massive source of corruption in India. The main industries that are known to be corrupted are licensing systems. This is mostly because of some of the reasons that include- complicated taxes, excessive strictness, unclear laws and much more. However, the government has implemented some laws to get rid of corruption.

Female Foeticide in India

The preference of son over a daughter has given rise to this hideous crime across the nation. Around 10 million female fetus get aborted on a yearly basis. Due to ro sex-selective abortion, around 117 million girls go missing. The government have taken serious steps to stop this crime. The Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (prohibits sex selection) Act prohibits the disclosure of the sex of the foetus. The Act also prohibits the sale of ‘any ultrasound machine or any other equipment capable of detecting the sex of the foetus’. Despite strict laws, people still keep engaging in this hideous crime in remote areas of the country. Haryana is infamous for this. The saddest part is that some women allow this to happen in rural areas.

Demonetisation in India

Demonetisation is a situation in a country where the central bank, here the Reserve Bank of India withdraws old currencies to introduce the new ones. On November 8th 2016 Narendra Modi announced that the old 500 and 1000 Rupees notes would be withdrawn and new notes of 500 and 2000 would be introduced. It was majorly implemented o take out the black money, stop the funding of illegal issues, to put an end to corruption and to cure the problem of counterfeit currency. However, according to the reports of RBI, demonetization was not much of help to India and its economy. The withdrawal of the 1000 and 500 notes has resulted in a shortage of cash in India. Many businesses were badly effected, people lost their jobs, and it also failed to take out the black currency out of the country.

Ideas to help you prepare for your JAM session –

  • Words of Wisdom – You have to share the most effective and practical concepts of wisdom you have ever received.
  • Starting a New Business – You can express your ideas of becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Becoming a 10-year-old again – What would you do if you had the chance to become a ten-year-old again.
  • Stand up and speak – You would need to stand up and talk about any topic that you want.
  • Before any idol was famous – You can pick up any of your favourite idols and speak how they were before they got famous.
  • Life – an object – You would have to describe life when it is viewed as an object.
  • Getting Published – What would be the name of your book if a publisher invites you to publish a book?
  • Change in Life – You might be asked whether you would like to change anything in your life if you are given a second chance.
Do’s in a JAM session.
  • Put on a smile.
  • Be calm; it is not the end of the world.
  • Speak in a clear voice.
  • Use correct grammar.
  • End with a thanking note.
  • Be positive throughout.
Don’t’s in a JAM session
  • Don’t blabber
  • Don’t get tensed or nervous.
  • Try to avoid long pause.
  • Don’t use clichés.
  • Don’t make grammatical mistakes.
  • Don’t use mother tongue in the middle of your speech.

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