Liaison Scholarship
Liaison Scholarship

If you have any idea or any invention which could change or in any way improve quality of life then congratulations you are already worthy. There many hackathons or idea presenting fests going all over the world.

It is completely up to you that where you want to present your innovation or idea and get rewarded. If you don’t have any idea then sit tight we still got something for you.

Liaison Technologies provides scholarship to young and promising students with high calibre and potential.

Liaison Technologies is a leader in cloud-based data solutions. It deals with challenges of data management and big data.

The company is a big name in the field of Information Technology and services. It currently has more than 7400 clients in over 46 countries.

It promises seamless flow of data to all its clients and to build robust foundation for tomorrow’s growth.

Liaison’s state-of-the-art cloud ALLOY® Platform transcends the restrictions of legacy integration instrument won various awards and is considered as a future transforming invention.

Built from the bottom and has largest generation disruptors in today’s generation. ALLOY solves endeavor utility integration and records control demanding situations in a basically different means.

The Liaison’s data inspired scholarship takes place twice every year to seek career in today’s digital generation.

Scholarships are rewarded to two students every year before fall and spring semesters.

Eligibility Criteria for Liaison Scholarship

  1. The student must either be a citizen of United States of America or of Canada.
  2. There must be no criminal charge against the student.
  3. The student can either be a high school senior or a college student.
  4. The student whose first language is not English has to provide some proof of his English language capabilities at higher level of the scholarship process.
  5. The student who needs to pursue careers in data can only apply.

Rules and Requirements to apply for Liaison Scholarship

  1. The Student is required to provide details of the college he or she wants to join along with the subjects he is taking that is major and minor.
  2. The student receiving scholarship has no legal responsibilities towards the Liaison Technologies.
  3. The student is not required to submit the bank card or SSN (Social Security Number) at any stage of the competition, so be aware of any type of fraudulent
  4. The student’s school must be in United States of America or in Canada. However exceptions can be made for international schools, but student has to submit detailed info well before the scholarship process.

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Liaison Scholarship- How to Apply 

  1. To apply for this scholarship the student has to publish his resume.
  2. The student has to create a 30 to 60 seconds video in 2D format and in that video the student has to explain, discuss or demonstrate crucial side of knowledge lately or in the following day’s society.
  3. It must also contain some attracting or attention grabbing reality about the student and the college with you want to do your major or minor.
  4. Upload the video on any video sharing website such as YouTube or Vimeo and save its link with you and make sure the privacy setting of the video must give access to the public.
  5. After doing the above things the student has to send an email at with the things listed below:
  6. The URL of the video you uploaded on either YouTube or Vimeo.
  7. The student’s resume.
  8. Also include the name of college you want to join along with the major or minor. This must be included in the email as well as in the resume and this needs to be done smartly.

Liaison Scholarship Deadline

As of now Liaison Technologies has been accepting scholarship applications and has not declared any date of deadline. The scholarship although will be offered prior to autumn and spring semesters.

Number of Scholarships

Liaison Technologies offers scholarship to two students every year. That is one student gets scholarship every semester.

Liaison Scholarship Reward

The scholarship winner will be announced just a month after the scholarship deadline. The winning student will be given a price of 5000 USD which needs to be spent on their further education where they are opting.

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