What does it mean When We see Teeth in Our Dreams? 1

We dream when we are not really sleeping. Yes, you read right! The only time when we are not deep in sleep that is when we start to dream about multiple things. Probably this is what you may call as the power of subconscious mind.

There is an amazing fact related to dreams. You dream at least four to six times while asleep. Surprised, do not be so!

The dreams are directly proportional to REM (Rapid Eye Movement). When you see a person moving the eyes constantly while sleeping, you may easily understand that he/she is dreaming. The duration of dreams can be from 5 to 45 minutes.

Freud, the famously known name, is the one who tried defining the concept of a dream in one way. He said that dreams are nothing but unfulfilled desires. These are the thoughts that we try and figure out while sleeping and take the motivation through it. Some even refer to it as the energy you reflect for your own self for the coming times or maybe protecting yourself.

Now we will discuss different meanings of dreaming about teeth:

Losing Your Teeth in Dreams

The loss is never a good feeling. None of us would ever like to lose anything, even in our dreams. With teeth being the strongest bones, it is tougher for us to even imagine losing our oral strength. Feeling anxious is natural. Have you ever been to a dentist for a simple cavity check!? If your answer is yes, you can surely connect with what is being meant here.

While you ponder over what you saw in your dream, it is recommended, kindly focus on the below-mentioned aspects to help yourself:-

  • At times when making a new partner does make you feel apprehensive about everything around. It is almost like joining a new school.
  • At times we switch jobs for money, but that should not be the only reason, such factors affect our dreams
  • Purchasing latest version of I-Phone is not buying apples the fruit. The investment is too much
  • Pregnancy and the result day of your bachelor’s program may be the possible reasons.
  • Post finishing academics we focus on grabbing a job, well, be a little slow, do not buy more than you can chew, probably you yourself know you are not ready yet.

Other factors related to losing teeth in dreams:

  • Anxiety or fear – You might be going through a transition period in your life!
  • Death! or- Ageing – It is the 21st century, avoid reading about Chinese and American interpretations.
  • Personal loss – You probably broke your favorite cup or a flower vase.
  • New start – You have taken up a new job or have just found a new partner
  • Life changes – You have joined a hostel or have taken admission in new course

Pulling Your Teeth in Dreams

If you have such a dream in which your teeth are pulled then sit and relax. Answer a couple of questions listed below:-

  • Did you pull it yourself?
  • Did someone known to you, did it?
  • While you saw this, did you see anybody else around?
  • Did you see your teeth coming out?

Well easy! Chill! These are the questions you need to answer for your own self, that too just to fetch some clarity of mind.

If you see yourself pulling your own teeth then it is connected to the speech issue you might have. Probably your pronunciation is different than others. For instance- You are English but due to work you are in Japan, then this may happen.

If you witness someone else pulling your teeth, then this may simply mean that you have issues with some people or probably only one person.

Rotten Teeth in Dreams

Simply have a cool head and think about it- rotating means losing hygiene, correct? Now ask yourself, have you recently said bad words for someone or have heard bad words for yourself? Rotten teeth may symbolize this only. Rest you know the best.

At times, dreams are the representation of what we are going through in real life. It is very much possible; you are probably having a phase in which you are not really at peace with your own self. Remember, there are times when it is right decision to help own self rather than seeking help from others.

Broken Teeth/ Crooked Teeth in Dreams

There are times when someone tries to malign our image in the society and tries to vilify us. This is surely directly linked to the dream you see about crooked or chipped teeth. If you are upset about someone’s demise or the economic condition of your own country, for instance, the refugees from Syria, all this when connected properly, will help you realize, what you actually saw in your dreams.

Same can be applied to the immigration policy in America. Detaining illegal immigrants is also one of the reasons you may get post interpretation. Have a cool head and answer your own self.

Crumbled Teeth in Dreams

If you read the conventional notes about teeth falling in dreams, you may come across either the Chinese analysis or The American one. In both these theories, it is said, the dreamer is fearful and cautious as he/she ages. But remember, this was in primitive times. It is 21st century now.

Instance to consider– If you go through the details of Chinese face reading, you will see that mole on right cheek means having bad parents, whereas in Hinduism it is considered good. The derivation is different in different perspectives and beliefs. One belief is not the final destination.

Points to ponder– Does Donald Trump have such dream? Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister is one of the youngest leaders of his country, probably around the globe, such is the case. If Donald Trump has such dreams, it is totally comprehensible.

False Teeth in Dreams

There are times when you must look at others, to know what they feel like you being around them. See their expression and now try to think of the dream you saw last night in sleep. Did you have false teeth?

At times we behave differently than what we truly are. Yes, it is right. It happens the most at the place of our work. We are not really who we truly are. It is not tough to judge as well. You can analyze it yourself.

Spitting Your Own Teeth in Dreams

Teeth are the strongest bones you have in your body. Losing it in dreams means losing something- but for good! It could be an abusive relationship or something that was bothering you and it is good for you to lose it now.

For instance- you broke your own favorite cup/ lost your favorite pair of socks/ missed your lipstick somewhere/ lost a good friend. Interpretations are many. But remember, you cannot gain something till the time you are ready to lose something.



Now come to the most exaggerated interpretation of losing teeth in dreams that mean Death!

There are several interpretations which say, if you lose your teeth you lose someone close, to death. But! In the times today, this is just not applicable. In the primitive times, there were no smartphone and no airplanes, but today, you have both.

For instance- In Chinese face reading, having a mole on the forehead, closer to your hairlines means, you are sexually active. Whereas as per Hinduism, this means you are intelligent and have a different perspective towards various walks of life.

Case Studies

Case study IChristina from Forks, New York

(PS- Terri is a known dream interpreter)

Christina wrote to Terri about the dream that she had, in which her tooth kept falling off and while she tried to fix it in, she just could not. She got up scared and apprehensive about her oral health. She even thought that she might have to visit a dentist.

Terri never refers to Freud or Jungian interpretations. She does it her own way i.e. under no shadow. According to her, watching teeth in your dreams symbolizes something connected to nutrition or your internal health. Logic is simple- you eat, chew and swallow, with the help of your teeth. If there aren’t teeth how nutritional intake will be possible. Christina’s letter helped connect Terri with something the young lady was feeling to be missing in her life.

While interacting with Christina, she discovered that Christina is a mother of two toddlers. She used to be very religious and did not find time to pray or visit the church. She was missing this in her life a lot. Probably that is why she had a dream of this kind.

According to Terri, Christina’s dream had nothing to do with the loss of someone close due to death and it definitely did not mean that she may have dental issues.

Terri’s words – Through dreams, you communicate with your own selves. You are the best judge of what is going on in your life. Post having a dream, it is best to sit with one own self and ponder over what is going on in your life. This shall help you analyze and interpret things in much better and practical way.

Case Study II – Jolene – Brazil

She dreamt about brushing her teeth. She was really happy after she woke up. Since happiness was the emotion, she was really keen on knowing the interpretation of her dream.

While seeking guidance around the world, she came across real simple and easy analysis. It was, brushing your teeth means you are hygiene cautious and like to keep things neat and clean. It seems Jolene was somebody who is very cautious about hygiene when she cooks or works. Isn’t it good!

Be the King of your Own Castle – Interpret your Dreams Yourself!

Interpreting your dreams is not a big deal. There are times when we are going through something tough and only we ourselves know what is happening to us. For instance, there are times when our colleagues are better than us at a task, and they are getting appreciated by our team members of the same department. You may either feel motivated or demotivated. The emotion is quite natural and happens with all of us. So if you dream about your teeth being pulled out by someone else, it doesn’t mean you are going to die. It is a simple communication you have with your own self, in which you speak the truth.

While you sit, relax and ponder, you will yourself realize what you actually saw and what it meant. This is because, while you seek help from an expert, they may not be able to understand your whole dream and issue as you cannot really tell them the whole story. So, it is best to sit with one own self. When was the last time you did it by the way!?

To interpret your own dream, you need not be a qualified interpreter. Anyone may do it. Psychotherapists and psychiatrists are qualified technically but they lack the basic information about the patient they treat. There are times when you see certain symbols in your dreams, it is possible that you have started to establish a connection with those symbols. For instance, watching teeth constantly in your dreams may communicate different circumstances in your life.

Example to Consider – A man from Lahore was seeking an interpretation of his own dream in which he saw that he lost his upper teeth. The interpretation is easy and simple, it meant prolonged life (in Islam) and this clearly meant that he is going to have happier times ahead. He was born to do good deeds to others and spread happiness (what a beautiful interpretation it is!)

Christian Belief – General Analysis

Teeth, be it rotten, broken, falling or brushing of teeth you see in a dream, it signifies important life changes. Upper and lower teeth have different messages to communicate. Falling teeth could mean relief from pain or some challenges coming your way in times ahead. Accordingly, brushing your teeth means hygiene cautiousness. There are different interpretations for different dreamers- yes gender bias does exist.

Upper teeth, breaking, rotting or falling in ones hand-this directly means profit or happy moments in coming times. Are you smiling! Profit could be of any type. Refer to the aspects listed here:-

  • You will change your job and leave the one you do not like much – did you hate your boss!?
  • You will pay your long pending debts – what a relief!
  • You will free yourself from a difficult situation – we all must help ourselves.
  • You will be set free from a painful situation – Congrats!

Hinduism and Teeth in Dreams

Many religious believers believe that having a dream at the dawn is the dream which is bound to come true. Teeth symbolize health, wealth, and prosperity. Yes, there are different interpretations for upper or lower teeth, but it is best if you interpret your own dreams.

Vedas- Vedas have a simple logic to give. Post having any dream, not just related to teeth, think about it and see what all you remember from it. Now sit with a practical mind and check how you are feeling then. If the emotion felt is happy then it is good but if it is giving you stress, sit and try to find a solution. Best is to recite ‘Gayatri Mantra’ irrespective of happy or sad feelings.

Teeth and Dreams- the Interconnection

Losing something in your dreams does not really mean that you are bound to experience pain and grief in the future course of time. This may also mean happiness and tranquillity. Just because someone reacts negatively about your dream that certainly does not mean that your dream is bad. Do not get carried away by what ‘uneducated tongues’ say.

Teeth, the significance could be all happy and positive. You may find a good job, a real good partner, free yourself from any debt or free yourself from a painful situation or many other such things. There are some common questions which may trigger in your mind post you experience a dream about teeth/tooth, for example:-

  • Do you need some time altogether or minute adjustments shall do the needful to bring positivity in your relationship?
  • If the interpretation is certain and will fetch you pain- how long shall you be able to bear the pain and how will you sail through it?
  • What all changes do you need to make in your own self to welcome the changes coming by?

Speak to Yourself

Time to do soliloquy- do you feel any type of questions coming in your mind at all?

While you sit and think about dreams; their significance and logic, you will yourself realize, it is no one else but you who is helping and protecting your own self. You cannot share all your secret with everyone, same goes for your dreams as well.





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