Dreaming can be of anything and it is interpreted differently by the different religions and different methodologist. ‘Flying in dreams’ is very common for dreamers. It indicates feeling high, happy, hopeful, liberal etc. etc. The commonly accepted meaning of flying in dreams is ‘running good’ or ‘feeling good’ with something specific in life. Different depicters are having some common and some different conclusions regarding the meaning of flying in dreams.

Interpretation of the flying dreams according to different perspectives: 

There are different perceptions regarding the dreams of flying according to the different dreamers and the interpreters. Flying in dreams has been interpreted in various ways depending on the context of the dream. As a coin has two sides, people are also having dual side perception regarding the hovering in the dreams; they have their positive and negative perspective as well.

 According to the Positive Perspective, airborne in dreams indicates the hopes and the happiness in the life and elimination of the de-motivating factors in achieving the goals of life. A flying dream is an indication of having freedom from any indecisive situation. It is also having a sign of enhancement of the carrier and the achievement of morals of the life as well.

 According to the Negative Perspective, it also indicates that you are overlooking or avoiding something in your life. It can also mean that while you are flying, you are looking down and it is the sign of the negativity and downfalls in your life.

According to Psychology, Mythologies and Various Religions What is the Interpretation of Flying in Dreams?

  1. According to Psychology:  According to psychology, dreaming is natural. Dreaming about falling from heights indicatesfear of heights. Flying in dreams may be a symbol of being free from the troubles, from which we have been suffering in our life.  Airborne in dreams also indicates the freedom from problems which have been previously letting you down and demotivating you. Now it is the time to feel like a bird in the sky with wings.  Flying in the sky in the dreams depicts the situation of consciousness and spirituality and it depicts the increased awareness. A negative perspective of flying in dreams is also there that you are over ambitious about your dreams. There is a saying that not to fly too high, it will harm you. Fly within certain, decided or up to a limit which suits your carrier and personality too.
  2. Mystical Interpretation of Flying Dreams: Flying in dreams is considered as the dreamer has entered the realm of the memorable goods. What we think before sleeping will become the context of our dreams. Many religions like Hindu, Islam and the Native American etc., have a belief that we have a light body that can leave physical body while sleeping if we are having a dream of flying in the sky. It has also been said that we can travel to a different world as well and it has been proved by the scientists as well. That world is called as the third level.
  3. Christian Interpretation of Flying in Dreams: According to the Christian interpretation of flying in dreams is the symbol of the swift progress which means current progress. It has been assumed that dreamer will currently get any specific advancement in his/her life. Airborne in dreams is also the sign of feeling freedom over the obstacles of the life. It has also been assumed that if dreamer is hovering in the dreams, than he/she will get sudden freedom from the hindrances which he/she has been facing previously.
  4. Astrologic Interpretation of Airborne in the Dreams: If the dreamers had the dream about flying like a bird then they will soon going to accomplish his goals by their own. If the dreamer is dreaming about flying via any airways, it is interpreted as the dreamer will need some assistance. If the weather was stormy while travelling, then the path of the success will be very rocky. If the weather was clear, then the path toward the success will be very straight forward and easy to achieve. If the dreamer was in a group of flyers, then he will need the support of others in order to get success or achieve the goals or standards.
  5. Islamic Interpretation of Hovering in Dreams:  Flying in dreams indicates the travels. If someone had dreamt of flying by lying on his back then it will indicate the level of comfort. Flying but not being a traveller indicates joblessness. If a girl is dreaming about flying from her house to another man’s house, it indicates the marriage of that girl.

If a prisoner had a dream of flying, it means he/she will get released soon from the jail. If a traveller saw himself/herself as flying in the dreams, it means he will get back to his home town or he will travel excessively. There are other meanings as well like hallucination can be there. Hovering high in the dreams with wings means the benefits in the near future, but without wings, it indicates the fears and the hardship as well. Flying near by the groups of the birds will refer as the working with lots of unknown people in the future.  If anyone flies from a bad to the good place, it is referred as the growth and the benefits.


Interpretation of Soaring in the Dreams by Hinduism: According to Hindu Interpretation, this is found to be very positive when a dreamer had a dream of flying in the sky with the wings like a bird. It indicates the growth and upcoming success of life and dreamer will accomplish his goals by his/her own. The dreamers will achieve some advancement in their life, because floating in dreams is the symbol of progress and advancement in life. Hovering in dreams will cause the feeling of freedom over the obstacles of life which has been playing the stones’ role towards the success of the dreamer.


Overall Interpreted Meanings Regarding Soaring in Dreams:


Hopes: Soaring in dreams is having a commonly accepted meaning by different depicters that is being hopeful. Hope will going to be increased in the near future if dreamer dreamt of hovering. It can be a consequence of the flying free from earth to sky in the dream. It will be increased as a result of hovering in dreams.

Happiness: Winged in dreams indicates the future happiness due to any specific reason in the life of the dreamer. Happiness is the positive sign of the hovering dream. If someone is flying like a bird in the dream, it indicates that, he/she will goanna feel the happiness in near future. Reason for happiness will happen eventually.

Growth: Future growth is also being assumed by the different religions when some starts flying in the dreams. Growth is also a positive result of the dream of flying in the sky. Growth can happen in business, carrier, and relationship or in respect to any other part of life. Chances of growth will increase and it will be achieved by the dreamer in future.

Benefits: Flying in dreams indicates the future benefits in terms of health and profit in business etc. Benefits can be monetary or non-monetary. There is no perfect or confined area for them, they can be for anything. It has been assumed by the different interpreters that benefits will be achieved eventually if the dreamer is hovering in the dreams.

Travelling:  According to different religions, it is assumed that if the dreamer is having the dream of flying in the sky, it is a sign of travelling excessively all around the world in the near future. Trips will be planned for the dreamers because of the hovering in the dreams.

Freedom:  Flying in the dreams commonly means being free and feel liberty. Freedom will be enjoyed when there are birds seen in the dreams or the dreamer is flying like a bird in the sky. Like the birds are free to fly in the sky, dreamer will also get the freedom like the birds and feel happy. Freedom will be achieved in terms of problems or political cases etc.

Overcoming of Obstacles: There is a saying that, if a dreamer was flying in the dream, then he will overcome the obstacles in his/her life that the dreamer has been facing in life. Dreamer will get over from the problems of his/her life. The dreamer will be free from barriers and it will be good for his/her future.

Future Path: If there is a clear weather around the dreamer where he is flying in the dream, then the path of the success will be straight forward and easy. On the other hand, when there is a stormy weather around the dreams, it also indicates the success but the path will be full of hardships.

Death: Astrology has assumed that if the dreamer is soaring in the dreams and if he/she is flying from one known place to any unknown place that is far way, it can be a sign of death of the dreamer. Depicters assume that the dreamer will die soon. Long time sickness also becomes a reason for dreaming about flying in the air without having wings.

Marriage:  If a girl is having a dream of flying from her place to other man’s place will indicate her marriage. She will get her life partner and get married in near future.

Joblessness: If the dreamer is dreaming not as the traveller but other than that, this is assign of joblessness. It is the negative aspect of the assumptions that can cause hallucination.

Feeling High: Flying dreams are indication of feeling high with pride, happiness and achieving the success in the future by his/her own. This assumption is commonly accepted by many religions.

Release from Prison: If any prisoner has the dream of being airborne in the dreams then it is a good indication for him, that he/she will get released soon from the jail.

Sexual Release: this assumption is common in all the religions. According to this assumption, flying in dreams is a clue of sexual release.

Achievement of Goals: Flying in dreams will cause achieving of the goals of the life of the dreamer by his/her own. There will be no problem regarding the achievement of set benchmark of the life of the dreamer. It is assumed that troubles shall be discarded soon.

Success: Success is also indicated by flying dreams.  If someone is dreaming about flying with the wings, the wings will indicate success in future without any hindrances on the path.

Need of Assistance: If anyone is flying alone in the group of the birds and with the unknown people as well, it indicates that dreamer will require the assistance or he/she is feeling alone.

Foreigner: If a foreigner has a dream about flying, it will indicate that the dreamer will return back to his homeland soon or he/she will never get back to his homeland. It can also be said that he will travel excessively.

Elimination of Demotivational factors: Being winged in the dream is a sign of new start of life. Now there won’t be any demotivational factors which have been earlier letting the dreamer down to achieve life goals. As those factors have been eliminated from the life, dreamer will easily achieve the standards of his/her life.

Overconfidence: If the dreamer is flying in the dreams, then sometimes he/she starts to have pride which ultimately leads to overconfidence in him/her and being overambitious may result in failures in life.

Escape: Some studies state that our body is very light and can travel from one place to another when we are sleeping. We will go to another world termed as the third level.


From the above study of the interpretations of hovering in dreams, it can be concluded that the dreamer will have hopes, happiness and freedom etc. Though some negative aspects are also there but positive ones dominate when it comes to flying dreams.


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