Merchant Navy Courses And Exams
Merchant Navy Courses And Exams

The shipping and port management field is increased rapidly with the extending of globalization and industrial scenario. This increase creates vast opportunities and career options in the merchant navy field.

With the development of sea routes and time-saving policies of different Industries and nations, sea trade and transportation has now become an inevitable field of jobs and opportunities.

It is also a dream job for many travel lovers and adventure seekers due to its long voyages and sea route. Many youngsters who want to travel to different places and experience different cultures choose merchant navy as a career option.

Its uniqueness as a profession and lifestyle is inspiring as well as soothing for many people. Therefore, one must know all career options and courses available to him if he/she chooses the merchant navy as a career.

When it comes to joining the merchant navy, one basic question that arrives in student’s minds is when to start preparing for it.

There are two ways to enter the merchant navy which further includes many sub-options and courses. These ways are – After 10th and after 12th.

Let’s discuss these ways to understand the courses and exams available to join merchant navy:

Merchant Navy Courses and Exams- After 10th

If you want to join merchant navy after 10th, your options are a bit limited and your job salary would not be that rewarding.

But still, if you can’t want to join the profession of your choice and you believe in yourself then you can go for this way by pursuing the following courses;

GP Rating Course

General Purpose Rating is a very trending course in those who want to join the merchant navy after the 10th.

With six month duration, the main aim of this course is to train cadets for deck and engine crew.

Eye-sight requirements for this course in 6/6 for both eyes and no color blindness issues should be related to the candidate.

The age limit lies between 18-25 years of age and unmarried is the status required for the same.

The fee for this course as an average is 2820 USD.

If we talked about the salary package, the starting salary will be between 240 USD to 380 USD for the beginning months.

However, after getting experience and certificates, it can increase with time.

After 2-3 years of servicing, a cadet can appear for a 2nd mate examination clearing which can promote him to officer post.

Examples of topics covered in this course are Safety technology, first-aids, ship familiarization, machinery, and swimming, etc.

Overall, it is an excellent course to join the merchant navy after the 10th. With a short duration and a good starting salary, this is an excellent option.

Commercial Diving Course

For merchant navy enthusiasts, commercial diving is also an option to join after the 10th.The duration of this course in two months and it is a kind of training program.

The main purpose of this training program is teaching underwater welding, underwater surveying, and spots, etc.

To learn these practices, one must possess excellent diving and swimming abilities. This training includes underwater services, diving tactics, etc. which will be required in the job.

NCV Deck Cadet Course

NCV stands for Near Coastal Voyage and the minimum duration of this course is six months.

This is another gateway to enter the merchant navy and it is a certificate course. Its syllabus covers Deck operations for OSVs, Dredgers, and Tugs.

Minimum 40 % as an aggregate is required in Science, English, and Maths for Class 10th from a recognized board and the age limit is 17.5 to 25 years.

The average fee is 3520 USD approximately. It includes the six-month course duration and 2-year training offshore or 1.5 years in Distance Learning Programmes.

A 2nd mate exam for NCV is the next step to cross for this course.

Eyesight requirements for both eyes are 6/6 without any visual issue.

An examination is conducted at the end of this course to get the certificate and join the merchant navy as an NCV Cadet.

Merchant Navy Courses and Exams- After 12th

If you join merchant navy after 12th, vast opportunities will be available to you and an officer post is what you will get at the end.

If you want a reputed post when you join the merchant navy as your career, it is highly recommended to join the merchant navy after 12th.

Here, we’ll be discussing the courses, their salary scale and other important factors one must know before choosing any course.

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Here, is the list of courses you can pursue to join Merchant Navy line:

  • BSc Nautical science
  • E. Petroleum Engineering
  • BSc Marine Catering
  • Electro technical Officer Course
  • E. Marine Engineering
  • E. Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
  • E. Mechanical engineering
  • E. Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS): Apart from these Bachelor degree courses, a Diploma course in nautical science is also available to pursue after 12th.

One has to clear IMU CET for entry in this course. It is a one year diploma course with two semesters which trains cadet for the role of Navigation officer after completing training period of 18 months in sea service and clearing 2nd Mate exam. The starting salary for such candidates is 420 USD to 550 USD.

However, it increases with your experience and period in sea service.

There are certain eligibility you must satisfy to be able to pursue these:

  • One should finish Class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) with 60% minimum.
  • One should be unmarried and Indian
  • An entrance has to be cleared by the student.
  • After the clearance of the Entrance, a written test and an interview should also be cleared.
  • After that, a medical course and a Shipping Course are to be pursued before employment.

Pay Packages for Merchant Navy

Officer post in merchant navy ranges from 845 USD to 11275 USD per month. Free Boarding and lodging are also provided to every cadet. The pay scale varies from company to company. Chevron, Mobil of USA, Wallen ship, Kline, D’Amico are some top companies in this field.

Income for seafarers in tax-free in India in case his source of income is foreign and salary packages depend on the rank of the officer.

For example: For Deck Cadet -112 USD to 211 USD and it depends on Companies.

Third Officer Post: This post is rewarded with a salary of 1970USD to 3950USD which also depends on the Company you are recruited in.

Second Officer: Salary for this course is 3030 USD to 4930 USD per month which is considered excellent.

Captain (Marine): 1920 USD to 18322 USD is the range of salary for this post.

Entrance Exams for Merchant Navy

  1. All India Merchant Navy Entrance Test (AIMNET)

This Entrance test is conducted by AIMNET Examination Board and it is conducted for admission into B.Sc. Nautical Science, Diploma in Applied, MBA in Shipping and Logistic Management, etc.

To reach website Check here

2. India Maritime University Common Entrance Test (IMU CET)

For admission in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Merchant Navy, this is another exam conducted by the Indian Maritime University. The registration process for this course starts in March and the exam is conducted in May.

For more details click here

Merchant Navy Institutes

Indian Maritime University (Chennai)

International Maritime Institute (Greater Noida)

Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies and Research (Mumbai)

AMET University (Chennai)

Chidambaram Institute of Maritime Technology (Chennai)

C.V. Raman College of Engineering (Bhubaneswar)


A career in the merchant navy is rewarding and worthy if you are a real navy enthusiast and willing to go for long voyages and adventurous routine life.

The job opportunities in merchant navy are increasing day by day because almost 90 % of trade and transportation of goods is done by sea route these days.

There are various courses to choose from to join merchant navy after 10th and 12th but it is advisory to choose to join after 12th.

Entrance exams followed by interviews and physical tests are compulsory to join these courses for reputed colleges.

After joining these courses, the next step is to pursue a training program to get ready for employment in the ship. Unmarried is the basic requirement to join the merchant navy.

If you have the potential and will power to face home-sickness, long sea voyages and you want to enjoy long vacations, tax-free salary, free lodging, etc. sea career is waiting for you.




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