Merchant Navy Salary- Benefits, Duties & Holidays
Merchant Navy Salary- Benefits, Duties & Holidays

Merchant Navy needs employees with a variety of professional skills. Broadly, they recruit people for three departments – deck, engineering and logistics & support. Therefore, most of the employment opportunities arise from the needs of these departments.

 Vijay Kr Pandit- Merchant Navy Salary and benefits

Vijay Kr Pandit – Merchant Navy Oficer

2 kinds of jobs are there in the Merchant Navy

Unlicensed Crew: This is a multi-crew needed for the most important tasks as assistants in each department. They are not required to possess special qualifications but require certificates from national/international authorities to operate sea transport vessels traveling between countries.

Licensed Crew: People with sufficient experience and certification from national or international organizations can hold licensed positions.

Salaries in the navy for all the posts:

The Merchant Navy Salaries for all posts mentioned in this article are purely indicative and come from various international maritime trade sources. These salaries can vary depending on the employer, type of duty and type of merchant ship.

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Merchant Navy Salary For Engineers

  1. Salary For Chief Engineer: 5 lakh to 12 lakh Rs. per month

The chief engineer is answerable for all the functions of the ship. This includes maintenance of engine and fuel parts, giving instructions to the captain to increase or decrease the ship’s speed based on the monitoring of the entire network and propulsion system and the radar readings.

In addition, he/she is also responsible for ensuring proper navigation, communication and entertainment options onboard, proper generation and supply of energy for all areas of the ship, and air conditioning system maintenance.

All the issues related to mechanical or electrical engineering are handled by them. First engineers are first introduced onboard. The first obligation for engineers is to assign work to a suitable crew to solve all problems related to offshore technology.

He/she is also given the right of declaring that the ship cannot be used while in the middle of the sea. It can be because of any technical problem. He/she can give the captain the suggestion to get help from the closest ship.

  1. Salary For Second Engineer: 4 lakh to 8 lakh Rs. per month

The second engineer leads another team of engineers to ensure the daily functions of the ship while sailing. This position includes tasks as navigation, daily engine monitoring, fuel position, and all equipment safety on board.

He/she directly hires a team of young engineers on board for carrying out certain tasks such as maintenance and repairing of the devices.

He/she is responsible for all safety training carried out while coordinating with the first engineer and the captain. While operating in territorial and international waters, the second engineer is also answerable to ensure environmental safety and to ensure that the ship does not emit pollution.

The second engineer also has the duty to ensure that all emergency systems onboard are navigated and ready for operation. He/she reports to the captain and chief engineer.

He/she informs the first engineer about any problems that may occur in the ship’s propulsion system, as well as information about speed and other parameters related to navigation.

  1. Salary For Third Engineer: 2.5 lakh to 4 lakh Rs. per month

The third engineer must work in ship propulsion systems, power plants, maintenance of communications and navigation equipment, and all other work that the captain, first engineer and second engineer assign him/her.

He/she has the responsibility to maintain the overall cleanliness of the ship and ensure the proper supply of water in laundry and sanitation facilities.

He/she is expected to carry out routine inspections of the ship’s structure and framework to avoid leakage.

  1. Salary For Fourth Engineer: 1.5 lakh to 3 lakh Rs. per month

The fourth engineer is responsible for logistics. He/she supplies the required essentials for the trip.

He/she bears the logistics responsibilities, including the daily inventory of fuel, spare parts, engine oil and other important elements for smooth sailing. They support the second and third engineers in maintaining electrical, communication and navigation systems.

He/she also controls the water supply and ensures that the water supply works on the ship. He/she manages the ship’s air conditioning and ventilation systems and takes the required steps to save fuel and energy.

In addition, he/she must assist the second and third engineers in complying with hygiene and safety standards on board, both during port calls and at sea.

He/she receives instructions directly from the second engineer and supports the third engineer in fulfilling their duties. This is also a practical work that requires a lot of attention and additional effort.

  1. Salary For Cadet Engineer/Junior Engineer: 45 thousand to 70 thousand

Cadet engineers or junior engineers are freshers and usually have a university degree with a marine institute course.

In general, cadet engineers are given tasks related to engine repairs, oil and refill controls, fuel logging, sewerage support and ship cleaning in accordance with internationally recognized environmental standards as well as the maintenance and inspection of sensitive electrical, communication and navigation equipment.

People having mechanical and electrical engineering degrees who have qualified marine training institutions are hired as cadets.

They need to do a lot of hard work to prepare for higher positions like fourth and third engineers.

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Merchant Navy Salary For Deck Jobs

  1. Salary For Captain:  5 lakh to 12 lakh Rs. per month

The captains have many complex tasks, such as being assured of the safety on the ship, shipping, managing the crew and the ship and proper navigation.

Their order on the ship is final. As per the old maritime tradition, the captain should not leave the damaged ship and evacuate the entire crew and go down at last.

Because of these obligations and the risks involved, he/she is given the highest wages in the merchant navy. He/she reports to the ship-owner directly.

The names of captain profiles vary as the Skipper, Master, Chief Officer and Chief Mate. The captain is the most qualified person on a merchant navy ship.

  1. Salary For Chief Officer: 4 lakh to 8 lakh Rs. Per month

This is the second most reputed post that comes after the post of a Captain. He is the in-charge of the execution of the higher orders and he is regarded as an executive head of the deck department.

It is a managerial position in a Merchant ship. He is the supervisor for the crew and looks after the daily ongoing of the deck.

He also carries out cargo operations of the ports and is responsible for the safety and welfare of the crew and passengers. Navigation is also monitored by him.

Stability of the ship, accommodation, ballasting and deballasting operations on the board also comes in his leadership and duties.

  1. Salary For Second Officer:  2.5 lakh to 4 lakh Rs. Per month

The second officer also called the second mat is involved in complicated activities while supporting the captain’s duties. He/she gives report to the captain directly.

This includes decrypting complicated satellite data, keeping an eye on the routes of the ships, assisting the captain in managing the ship every day and compiling alternative courses.

They have one main task to help resolve disputes or problems that might arise between the crew on the ship. Such disputes can endanger the cargo or the welfare of the crew members.

In addition, they are responsible to ensure the safety of the ship, send messages to the owner of the ship or shipping company, coordinate with the captain, visit members of the crew being treated at the sickbay and ensure the welfare of the crew.

While trivial matters were handled by various department team leaders, the main issues are discussed with the second officer and he/she resolves it kindly.

They usually interact directly with other crew team leaders and assign them certain tasks.

  1. Salary For Third officer: 1.5 lakh to 3 lakh Rs. per month

The third officer must oversee the ship’s technical operations including speed and fuel position. He/she needs to get the technical or mechanical problems resolved by engineers. Other duties include maintaining work records at day’s end, and ensuring all safety standards are met on board.

He/she keeps an inventory of many things such as tools, fuel, motor oil and food and ensures smooth communication between ships and ports and other ships in the region.

In addition, a third officer has to ensure that all safety and rescue facilities onboard are properly maintained for emergencies.

He/she coordinates with the navigation crew to ensure smooth sailing.

    1. Salary For Deckhands: 25 thousand to 45 thousand Rs. per month

Deck workers are also known as deck cadets or deckhands. They are new graduates from the Maritime Academy. They need to execute all required tasks on the desk of the ship.

This introduces them to the responsibilities and duties of experienced deck officers such as the third mate, the second mate and the captain.

Other duties include ensuring complete documents to berth at ports, landing and loading, container monitoring, other crew safety, the safety of equipment and giving first aid to the crew members when required.

They assist the second mate, third mate, and captain in reading weather reports navigating, anchoring and moorings, safety, coordinating with other members of the crew, establishing communications and helping the seniors in their work, if necessary.

This diversity of tasks prepares him/her to take on future tasks such as the third mate and above.

Logistics and Support

This team on Merchant Navy ships consists of unlicensed employees. They perform all the varied and simple tasks that support the Deck and Technical section.

They also carry out all the necessary tasks on board.

Unlicensed crew: 75 thousand to 1.25 lakh Rs. per month

  • Ordinary Seaman
  • Able Seaman
  • Seaman Cadet
  • Motorman
  • Bosun
  • Oiler

Benefits of working with the merchant navy

Another important attraction to join the Merchant Navy is the added benefits. They are somewhat similar for all crew members.

  • Free food and drinks when sailing
  • Complete medical care
  • Special apartment for sailors
  • Seafarers clubs membership
  • Financial assistance abroad
  • Annual vacation with paid plane tickets to your destination
  • Leaves up to 90 days per nine months
  • Risk compensation by several shipping companies that must sail in pirated waters
  • Life insurance
  • Accident insurance

Merchant Navy crews also receive discounts on alcohol and other duty-free items when they are at the port or at home after a long journey. They are subject to the rules and conditions that apply in various Indian states.

Wages and benefits can be higher if your trip takes you to distant countries for a long time.

It is important to note that Merchant Navy salaries and bonuses depend on the employer and the type of ship you are using.

As we have seen, the salaries of Merchant Navy employees are one of the best among all professions in India. In fact, the Merchant Navy’s salary is much higher than the airline crew’s salary, despite the glamour associated with flying.

However, working with Merchant Navy is not easy. Many special skills are needed and the salaries and benefits are worth the efforts.

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