A year passed and you saw many ups and downs last year. Now the sun has clocked a new year for you so make yourself ready to face and feed the newness. This time upgrade yourself and avoid the mistakes you had already committed, achieve an extra goal, bring smiles on other’s faces, offer love and make someone feel special because. People change as the time changes but still, take an oath or start something this new year. In this post I’m featuring top 50+ New Year Resolution Ideas for you, take the one that suits you the best.

Best 52 Ney Year Resolution Ideas For Every One In 2017

We recommend taking new resolutions especially to those people who failed to start or achieve their goals in 2016, and we are pretty sure you’ll find this list useful. So read the folks below:-

1. Exercise & Yoga

Our health is the utmost important thing and as we all know a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Fitness should be your priority this year and for that start a habit of exercising or doing yoga. In yoga, it’s all about stretches, postures, and movements. So you do not need to do all asanas, just perform few well-known asanas regularly and make yourself fit.

2. Healthy Food Consumption

Guys, let’s just avoid too much fast food this year. Shift to more organic and nutrient-rich items. Develop a habit of eating fresh salad and ignore items like noodles. Eat more proteins and vitamin rich fruits & vegetables and meat too.

3. Stop Procrastinating

No more delay or procrastinating this year. If you plan it, execute it now, just don’t leave it for tomorrow. You have already wasted too much time by procrastinating your schedule. Remember the right time is now or never.

4. Improve Your Memory Power And Concentration

Well, that sounds difficult but you can do this if you are concerned about it. The students must play mind games, solves sudokus, solve puzzles because that improves our thinking ability and concentration power. If not then play some tricky video games, solve maths or aptitude questions.

5. Make New Friends 

Grow your friends network by making new friends or meet new people. Studies show that people with a lot of friends have better negotiation and interpretation skills. Start with your facebook or twitter account to find new friends.

6. Be Proactive

Nothing come to us without doing any thing so start doing things proactively by yourself, Just don’t depend on others for things to be done. If you have some works pending, do it practically now.

7. Confident

Be more confident this year, have faith in yourself. First of all whatever you do, do it by heart, that small belief will boost up your confidence and let you achieve greater heights.

8. Make More Money

Having or making more money is always a great idea and a great resolution too. It depends upon your hard work and how you make more money.

9. Be Polite

You can convince the rudest person of the world by being polite. A polite man is accepted by everyone at everywhere. Politeness is a great virtue, and if you can’t be polite enough then at least pretend to be polite. Sometimes when you start pretending being polite then you will actually feel the differences.

10. Learn To Tackle Stress

Nothing in this world is permanent but your problems are. So why take stress so much just avoid worrying too much about any issue, Remember what has been plotted can’t be blotted, just do your best and god will take care of the rest. It’s not the problem that is big, it’s your thinking that’s making it bigger.

11. Learn To Be Happier

Happiness is the state of mind and necessity of the body. True happiness comes to those who are contented with what they have. Lord buddha says, kill your desires and you’ll be happier. Well, I know that’s practically impossible but yes at least you can be happy for what you already have, as I said forgot the rest and do your best.

12. This Time Sleep More

Your body and mind need rest and sleeping is the best way to charge up your body. Stop late night parties, studies, hangouts and start sleeping more. Studies show less sleep can affect your body function and sooner or letter you will notice the adverse effect.

13. Give Up Cigarettes

Well, that’s actually a rocket science for a cigarette addicted guy but if tried by heart you will succeed in giving up. Start by minimizing the rate of cigarette consumption that is, if you consume 5 cigarettes a day then first bring it to 4, then 3 then 2 and 1. So this way you can start giving up because addiction is something that needs a slow treatment in a homeopathy speed.

14. Watch less T.V

Avoid Watching all T.V shows, believe me, all of them are not that useful. However, you can continue watching informative and sometimes entertaining stuffs like the Discovery Channel or the latest news discussion etc.

15. Start Reading

Remember world’s most successful people are and were an avid reader. People say when your best friends are good books then you have the greatest company in the world. Books unfold a new perspective and you get to see things differently. So if think reading books is damn boring them give up this thought. To get some newness you can start reading digital books or e-books on Amazon Kindle.

16. Have Better Sex Life

Sex isn’t for pleasure only, there are numerous benefits of having sex and if you’ve great terms with your partner then you should think over if. Experts say, the amalgam of sex and friendship make a longest and strongest relationship. So Guys, it’s time to welcome the new year with a bang.

17. Start Living A Clean and Tider Life

Stop living in a bad surrounding, stop making a mess around and stop wearing dirty clothes. Wash out your dress and keep your rooms clean, who knows your bad room can send Santa clause back!! Think twice Guys!

18. Dress Up Well

You don’t need to imitate those Fashion T.V models, but yes at least dress up well and behave well before others. Dressing is the most important aspect of your personality because without stating anything verbally it leaves a long impactful impression upon others.

19. Spend Quality Time With Your Parents

Well, this busy professional life sucks! But still we can’t manage our life schedule and take some time out for our beloved ones, our parents and friends. Believe me, they will be touched and their blessings and wishes you’ll get, would be priceless.

20. Quit Drinking

Like Cigarettes, drinking is another addiction that affects your body, brain and social life. If you’re hanging out with your buddies then also try to drink a little lesser than usual times. You can quit drinking by shifting your interest to other things, so start small and eventually you’ll get rid of this bad habbit.

21. Clear Your Debt

Take an oath that this year you’ll get out of debtby hook or crook. Once you’ve decided in your mind, move ahead and do something to clear it. If you’ll remain dedicated throughout the year, one day you’ll make it for sure.

22. Save Money This Time

How much you spend per month is actually a mentality, and the moment you learn to change it, you’ll see the differences. We can live happily in life with little expenses too so why spend too much for unnecessary things and why not start saving money.

23. Learn A New Language

Learn a new language and surprise your family members. Who knows that will be beneficial to you in future one day. As I always say learning never goes in vain. You can make use of some learning websites too or join a professional class. Learn French, Spanish, Chinese or Russian and this will open new gates for you.

24. Do Some Charity This Year

Do charity work this year and this would be the most wonderful new year resolution. Associate yourself with any NGO involved in doing such works and volunteer your team. Doing charity is a humble deed and some day you will definitely get its result.

25. Learn A New Skill

Be skillful, the world is changing every moment and new technologies arrive with every morning news and it’s always beneficial to keep yourself updated with new skills and concepts. Learn or master a skill, you can also join any part time crash course or professional certification program at any institute.

26. Kick Off Depression

Stop being depressed over situations you can not handle and move on. You can’t control everything and everyone at every moment. Sometimes you need to let things go to make yourself feel comfortable.

27. Adopt A Pretty Kitten Or Cool Pet

Everyone needs love and care, then why not adopt a new pet this year. A faithful pet is better than a faithful man, sorry that’s the old saying. Actually, it would be a great new year resolution to adopt a beautiful pet and give him a new home.

28. Be Organised

Being organized means managing your things and routine in a better way. A well-organized study table, well-organized rooms and well-organized routine will ultimately organize your entire life.

29. Travel More

This year go out and discover new places. Traveling with your best friend is always a great fun so take some time out of your busy life and go on holiday spend quality time there.

30. Cooking

Well, how about learning new recipes, cooking new dishes and surprising your family members. Cooking is an art, actually the best art I would say. Buy a recipe book or google it, gather the essential ingredients and start cooking.

31. Consult Your doctor Weekly Or Monthly

Go and see your doctor at a regular interval, prevention is always better than cure and sometimes advice by a wise man is even better than prevention. Fix a schedule and jot down your issues (if any) and see the doctor.

32. Introspection

Develop a habit of introspection, the moment you realize your shortcomings and mistakes you start working on yourself. So this would be a great new year resolution that must be followed.

33. Stop Being Late All The Time

It’s time to change your habit of coming late and making others late. If you will not value time, one day time will not value you. Time is the real player guys, so start being punctual.

34. Learn To Be Reliable, Reasonable And Responsible

This is a great ideology that I personally follow in my life. This principal will help you in all walks of your life. Do anything and do it for a reason, that’s being reasonable. Do everything by yourself, never depend upon others, that’s being reliable. And take the complete responsibility of whatever you’ve done, that’s being responsible.


35. Time To Change Your Hobby Into Passion

What’s your hobby? Dance, Writing, Playing an instrument, Reading, Teaching, or Filming? This new year, give shape to your hidden talent and think over making it your future. Stop being a stereotype, it’s time for change how, chang in mindset, change in perspective and chang in life.

36. Get Over Your Past

Either our thoughts dwell in past or we start dreaming our future, and forget to live now in present. Take a new year resolution that you will not think too much about your ex, about past mistakes, or similar misery.

37. Control Your Emotions

Don’t let your desires and wishes overtake your talent and ruin our plan. Sometimes you need to kill your emotions to do something better and praiseworthy.

38. Take Responsibility

It’s time to be serious, and accept your responsibility towards your parents, family and yourself. You have to achieve heights and create history and for that, you need to be a responsible person. And this new year is the perfect time to start with.

39. Learn Something Creative (Art and Music)

Well, Creativity comes by birth but yes you can learn and acquire some specific artistic skills by learning some technique or taking classes at any institute. I am not asking you to change your profession but at least you can learn some form of art and its fundamentals.

40. Spend Less Time On Facebook And Twitter

If you spend too much time on social media platforms and somewhere if it’s affecting your studies or work then take a resolution that you will now spend less or no time on facebook or twitter.

41. Learn Defending Art (Boxing Or Judo)

I urge all women and girls to learn some defending skill this year, the best defense is the best offense. Join a boxing or karate club and develop a fighting skill.

42. Become More Romantic

Why not do some special thing to make your partner feel special and lucky. Present a new gift, take your partner to candle light dinner, take a day off and visit any romantic place, spend some quality time. A little romance can sweeten your relationship.

43. Join A Sports Club And Play Games

Healthy for your mind, the body and life. Sports and games are a great way to move out of you depression zone. The moment you engage yourself in doing/playing some physical task, the mind starts feeling fresh and revived.

44. Become More Social

If you are an introvert and don’t like to talk to people then it’s the right time to break your silence and start being more social. Being friendly and socially active will earn you great benefits later on.

45. Start Diary Writing

Diary writing is the most amazing way to boost up your overall development. When you start writing/jotting down your thoughts you will feel the difference. Moreover, your writing ability improves too.

46. Face Your Fear And Insecurity

Everyone has some sort of fear and insecurity regarding anything. This new year, take an oath that you will overcome that fear and insecurity. Go and watch the Bollywood movie Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara, you well learn how to overcome your biggest fear.

47. Recycling and Eco-friendly

Take a new year resolution to be eco-friendly this time. Care about your environment, and you can do the various thing to achieve this goal. Use recycled product, organic materials, avoid the use of plastic, plant trees substances anymore.

48. Offer Free Hugs, Wishes, Thankyou And Show Gratitude

It won’t cost you a penny but the beneficiary will get the priceless gift. Show your gratitude to that old watchman, the taximen, your relatives and friends and to all those people who is in some way or other connected with you. the ones who are closer to you, gift them occasionally and make them feel great.

49. Help To Needy

There are millions out there seeking your support, either emotionally or financially. Go help them and give meaning to your life.

50. Make Wise Investments

For all those guys who don’t want to work hard to earn money, it’s wiser to make some good investments that can give a higher return. You can also think of being an investment banker this year.

51. Spread Awareness

The world needs people with a social approach and charitable mind. If you are educated enough then take a serious issue like breast cancer, polio or swine flue and spread awareness in your community.

52. Teach Someone For Free

The biggest charity is delivering knowledge and wisdom. This year, teach someone who cannot afford his/her study, gift them books, pen, and notebooks. Enlighten someone’s life and god will do it for you.
So these are some great new year resolution that you should take, in 2017. All you need is a little courage to stand by your oath and follow what is needed. The new year is waiting for you so prepare yourself well with these new year resolutions and oath.